MTN Nkomode registration and codes

MTN Nkomode registration and codes

MTN Nkomode has a lot of MTN customers smiling. The fact that you can get a special package for your continued browsing is something that you will definitely love especially if you are an avid internet user or even if you love to call. This special MTN package allows you to access free airtime after one. The catch is for you to subscribe and pay for the first minute of your call and you are good to go. Read more to know exactly what waits for you when you decide to join the bandwagon. After all, you can always benefit from free airtime for calls or bundles.

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MTN Ghana serves more than 50% mobile phone customers. This comes to approximately eleven million customers. With this many users the company has to come up with ways to make them happy. While it may be easy sometimes to get new customers, the trick lies in retaining them. MTN seems to be ahead of most of its competitors with the new offers and promotions it consistently comes up with. The Nkomode is a perfect example of this. Even with the largest shares in the mobile service providing industry, MTN Ghana is not relaxed. Each new day the company focuses on attracting more users. There are several strategies that were put in place as a way of retaining its spot on the market. These strategies include providing a consistent and readily available communication network, through reliable mobile banking services, through better and affordable mobile tariffs and affordable browsing rates. Another one is through offers and promotions. MTN Nkomode is one of the promotions that the company has done.

MTN free after one

MTN Nkomode, commonly known as MTN free after one is a promotion that was aimed at giving MTN customers’ free airtime every time they subscribe and pay for the first minute of the call. This means that for a customer to qualify for MTN free after one, they are first required to subscribe to the promotion. You will definitely need to know how to activate MTN Nkomode. This method of subscription is through SMS, USSD or IVR.

After subscribing, the customer is required to make a call, which is charged 25p for the one minute that they will be on the call. After the one minute has elapsed, the rest of the call is free of charge. This service is however limited to MTN calls alone. Alongside the free calls that this package comes with, the participant is also awarded 50 MB which is only applied for use on Facebook alone

The shortcode for MTN Nkomode, commonly known as Nkomode MTN code is *315#. By dialing the Nkomode MTN code, it means that the customer becameo a participant and is elegible for the competition as per the terms and conditions of the promotion. After subscribing, the participant is required to make a call for one minute before they are awarded the MTN free after one bonus. This one minute call will be charged before they are awarded the bonus. In this case, the bonus means that the participant’s calls to other MTN numbers are zeroed.

The organizer of this promotion is Scancom Limited, under the cover of the constitution of Ghana. This company is liable for the terms and conditions set for the promotion. Therefore, for any inquiries regarding the completion, participants are advised to feel free to always call the company’s customer care number which is 111. This customer care number is available at any time.

Just like any company conducting any forms of promotion, the objective of the whole promotion process is to increase sales. Promotion is a one solid marketing strategy. Therefore, MTN free after one promotion is not any different. The aim of the promotion is the same.

Rules and regulations

In addition, this promotion has rules and regulations that aim to ensure the smoothness of the process. For example, subscriptions can only be done through the MTN Nkomode code which is **315##. Another regulation is that the promotion is only valid in Ghana. Another regulation is that the bonus is only available for on-net calls. This means that this offer does not apply to bundle calls.

Another rule is that the subscription is valid until when the participant opts to unsubscribe. Therefore, for those who choose to subscribe, their current subscription will be on until when 24 hours elapse. Participants therefore cannot opt out within 24 hours of subscription.

Another rule is that a participant should first spend the 25p before they qualify for this promotion. For cases where the first call goes beyond one minute and the customer is subscribed, the only charges that will be incurred are those of the first minute of the call. The remaining part of the call will automatically be switched to the MTN free after one bonus. Isn’t this deal too sweet? Participants will however still be charged the 25p for the first minute even if they call other registered participants.

One good thing about this promotion is that it is this tariff applies to zone and non-zone subscribers. This means that once a customer becomes a participant in the MTN Nkomode promotion, their tariff automatically changes to the zone tariff. However, this promotion does not affect the participants who are registered to ‘just for you’ offer. No extra charges are incurred apart for the 25p for the first minute of the call. Also, for cases where the participant is also taking part in other promotions, the free call awarded to the participant will not be counted in other promotions.

The renewal of the promotion

Because this promotion is more of a subscription, when the 24 hours since the renewal of the first subscription elapses, the subscription will automatically be auto-renewed if the participant has excess money in his account. This promotion package however limits the duration of each call. Every call is awarded 45 minutes on average. For those who are beneficiaries of Free Night Calls, this promotion does not interfere with it. This means that a participant is charged the 25p once they have the free night calls offer.

One last rule is that the promotion is only valid during the stipulated dates of the promotion. Normally, promotions are intended to boost the company’s sales to a certain extent. The success of this process is measured by the amount of change that the promotion is able to bring home at the end of the stated period. The same case applies here. This Nkomode MTN free after one period is not meant to last forever. It only goes on for a specified number of months. The most recent promotion started on 17th March 2017 and ended on 31st December that same year. The details on MTN Nkomode promotion for 2018 will be communicated on the MTN website.

The 50MB data that is awarded alongside this package is only valid until midnight. The bundle is also limited to Facebook alone. Therefore participants cannot use it for other social media platforms.

For prospective customers who might experience problems during the process of subscribing or use of MTN Nkomode promotion, worry not. The customer care number is available for use at any time. Any calls made to this customer care number are free of charge. Alternatively, they can also check the MTN website for solutions on their problems.

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The availability of the promotion

The participants are advised to keep on checking the website for the available promotions. This is because the terms and conditions of the promotions are dynamic, which means they keep on changing over time. For cases where critical amendments are made, the participants will be informed with an SMS.

However, to be on the safer side, they are advised to keep themselves posted on the website of the promotion. This can help them find out information such as that of an organizer interrupting or halting the promotion process before the stipulated duration of the promotion. If such a thing happens, like the promotion being suspended before the stated dates, the promotion will be expected to award the prizes to the participants’ accounts for all the reamaining time before the promotion comes to an end.

MTN call bundle code

mtn nkomode	
how to activate mtn nkomode
mtn free after one
mtn nkomode code

In as much as MTN network is consistent and available, at times the tariffs for on-net calls tend to be a little high and customers have to seek better and cheaper means for making phone calls. That is when MTN online calls come in handy. There might also arise cases where a customer intends to make an international call, which are definitely more expensive than the normal calls. This leaves us with one option, make online calls.

With the better and cheaper internet bundle rates, internet calls are automatically going to come to our rescue. With internet bundles, one is able to make international calls without the worries of high tariffs. The most convenient package to use for this purpose is the Pay Monthly Internet Bundles.

The rates for this package are a little subsidized and pocket-friendly. They include:

  • 300MB for 10 cedis and the validity of these data bundles is a whole 30 days.
  • For 20 cedis, you qualify for 1GB data
  • 2.5GB for 40 cedis
  • 4GB for 60 cedis
  • 6GB for 80 cedis
  • 10GB for 120 cedis
  • 18GB for 200 cedis
  • 20GB for 240 cedis
  • 25GB for 300 cedis
  • 30GB for 360cedis
  • 32GB for 400 cedis
  • 35GB for 420 cedis
  • 40 GB for 480 cedis
  • 50GB for 600 cedis
  • 100GB for 800 cedis.

The rates for these bundles are lower as compared to the other bundles. The fact that the validity of these bundles is a whole thirty days makes it more convenient. Buying this package is therefore cheaper. To purchase this package, the MTN short code is *138*1#.

MTN should be appreciated for the efforts it has put in place to provide a reliable and consistent network. Not only has it made communication easier through the cheaper internet bundles, but it has also come up with better deals and packages like the SMS bundle. With the SMS bundle package, a customer is able to purchase SMSs at a lower price. This package is more convenient because the SMSs last longer than the normal ones. Imagine buying 400 SMSs for 5 cedis only. This is such a good deal.

We do not have any reason to complain. However, a plea is being made towards the company for it to launch the MTN call bundle, the same way it launched MTN SMS bundle. This will definitely mean that the MTN call bundle code will also have to be coined once the MTN call bundle package is looked into.

The competition between the mobile service providing companies is keeping the innovators on their toes, which is why MTN has offered its customers the MTN nkomode promotion. This in turn makes life easier. It also makes the country develop in all aspects. This is the main reason why we should always look back and appreciate technology.

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