Top 10 scholarships to study in Ghana

Top 10 scholarships to study in Ghana

With the current harsh economic conditions, it has become harder for deserving and qualified students to achieve their potential in education. But with the introduction of scholarships to study in Ghana, many of the learners have been able to successfully finish their careers in the most of the higher learning institutions in Ghana.

Top 10 scholarships to study in Ghana in 2018
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The scholarships to study in Ghana are hard to come by but with the right directions and insight, you will realize there are many chances to fulfill your dreams and kick start your careers. Many students fail to look into these opportunities and end up passing them. However, we have compiled a list of the free scholarships to study in Ghana that are handed by some of the higher learning institutions in Ghana and the rest of the world.

How to get a scholarship to study in Ghana

The list of scholarships for Ghanaian to study in Ghana include opportunities in foreign countries and most of the leading institutions in Ghana. The scholarships also cover different fields of study. We have gone a step further to indicate the qualifications and the criteria of applying the scholarships and the best places to get it.

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1. KNUST and Mastercard undergraduate scholarships

The MasterCard Foundation recently formed a Scholars program in conjunction with the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology. The scholarships targets students living in economically disadvantaged backgrounds. Applicants must also have exemplary performance in the just concluded WASCCE national examination.

Top 10 scholarships to study in Ghana in 2018
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The scholarship seeks consideration for all subjects undertaken by the students in the different fields of interest. Although, preference is made for learners in the field of science. The scholarships provide full coverage for tuition, accommodation, learning materials, transport and stipend.

Applicants have the chance to study in the leading Higher Education University in Ghana in the fields of their interest. Successful applicants are expected to go through the ‘Go Back Give Back’ initiative carried by the foundation. The selection process for successful candidates includes review of individuals achievement, commitment to program, involvement in activities in the community and leadership qualities.

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2. Scholarship to study in University of Ghana (educational pathways international scholarship scheme)

Individuals interested in the scholarships are instructed to send their applications to the Student Financial Aid Office at the institution. The scholarship to study in Ghana University is designed for gifted students with exemplary performance in their field of study.

Top 10 scholarships to study in Ghana in 2018
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The scholarship provides coverage for tuition, learning materials, transport, accommodation all throughout the four academic years as long as the applicants meets the high academic standards. Qualifications include Level 100 students who reside in poverty-stricken areas of Ghana. Applicants are required to provide proof of limited income of the family or they’re in capabilities to settle most of the insufficient education related funds. The University Scholarship Application forms are to be submitted at the Student Financial Aid office.

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3. University of Westminster undergraduate scholarship

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The scholarship targets qualified students with exemplary performances from developing countries with challenges in funding their education. The scholarship to study masters in Ghana gives opportunities to academically endowed students with full time degree at the institution.

The scholarship covers full tuition fees, accommodation, transport, living expenses, flights to and from London. The scholarship is not limited to a specific field of study or interest. It covers all undergraduate programs offered at the university. The institution was Britain’s first polytechnic university. It is one of the leading institution in Britain offering quality education to learners.

Top 10 scholarships to study in Ghana in 2018
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Upon completion of the course, learners are required to return to Ghana to implement the skills and techniques learnt to help boost the economy of Ghana. Recipients of the scholarship go through a thorough selection stage where their academic performance, code of conduct, working experience and dedications are put to the test. The scholarships cover the four-year academic years.

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4. The Tertiary Education Scholarship Trust

This aims to offer opportunities for economically disadvantaged students with exemplary performance to scholarships to study in Ghana 2018. It provides both full time and partial scholarships for undergraduate study with no limitation in the field of study for the students. It aims to provide bright Ghanaian who are financially challenged to get higher education and in future to make significant contributions to the social and economic development with their communities.

Top 10 scholarships to study in Ghana in 2018
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The fund is the first step towards bringing together sponsorship and mentorship for students in the pursuit of academic and professional excellence. Applicants are required to download the newsletter and the application form at the official website The TEST program provides 100% donations to disbursed to the accounts of the students in the various learning institutions recognized in Ghana.

During the selection process not only will be academic performance tested and considered but also their individual achievements, leadership qualities and community service. Applicants must also declare to use the opportunity to use the skills and techniques to better their communities and the Ghana at large.

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5. The Joint Japan World Bank graduate scholarships program

The scholarship is open for men and women in developing countries with professional experience and a known history of supporting Ghana’s development efforts who are applying for a master degree program in a development related subject.

Upon completion of the program, the scholars are to commit to return to Ghana and use the skills, knowledge, concepts and techniques to impact the society in terms of social and economic development. The scholarship covers tuition, accommodation, transport, learning materials, health insurance and travel allowances.

Applicants must not have a dual citizenship of any developed country. They must also have a Bachelor’s degree earned at least of 3 years before the application deadline date. They must also have a three-year development-related working experience in their field of interest. They must also before the deadline of the application date, be admitted for the upcoming academic year to at least one of the preferred university master’s program and located outside Ghana.

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6. GE scholarship

The scholarship is funded by the General Electric Company which is engaged in the development of infrastructure in Ghana for several years. It is involved in the supply of technology, services, investment and supply chain development in the power, transportation and health care sectors. It partnered with the University of Ghana to offer scholarships for qualified and economically disadvantaged students in the technology field.

Top 10 scholarships to study in Ghana in 2018
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The scholarship targets under-graduate students in the areas of degree in Bachelor of science in Computer Science and Bachelor of Science in Applied Sciences. All the qualified and selected students can renew the scholarship annually provided they maintain a Grade Point average of (GPA) 2.5 or better. Applicants are to download and submit the GE-FUND APPLICATION FORM at the Student’s Finance Aid Office.

Applicants must be a Level 100 student and having obtained an aggregate of 15 or better at the WASSCE. They must also be able to demonstrate their financial in capabilities to cover most or all of the educational related expenses. They must also have the will to succeed in their endeavors.

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7. Australia Awards scholarships

The scholarships were introduced to foster links between Australia and its neighbors. They were set up to promote knowledge for the development of developing skills. Applicants are given the opportunity to study in some of the most prestigious institutions in Australia. The scholarship caters for tuition fees, accommodation, transport allowances, health insurance and learning materials.

Top 10 scholarships to study in Ghana in 2018
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The scholarships targets learners with a working experience and a bachelor’s degree in a field of related study that are from an economically disadvantaged background. Scholars after completing their courses are supposed to return to Ghana to apply the skills and technologies to help develop Ghana. Learners are also able to enhance their leadership skills in order to transform their communities.

The scholarship can be renewed annually provided that the scholar maintains high academic performance in their field of study. All the scholars are expected to use the skills and techniques in the development of Ghana. Scholarships are mainly at postgraduate level. The beneficiaries of these program are among some of the most celebrated professionals in different fields of study making serious changes and empowering the community.

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8. OFID Masters scholarships

The OPEC Fund for International Development targets students from financially disadvantaged backgrounds with potential in their related field of study. The applicants are mentored and financed to achieve their dreams of pursuing higher education. Holders are also required to give back to society upon completion of their program.

Applicants are required to include their admission forms for the master’s program in the recognized university in a related field of study especially in development. The scholarship comprises of tuition fees, flights to and back, accommodation, and living expenses. The scholarship applies for courses by any recognized university in the world. Learners are required to use the skills and techniques gained to help in the development of Ghana.

9. York University undergraduate scholarships

It is the third largest and most prestigious higher learning institution in Canada. The International Entrance Scholarship was established to cater for scholars undertaking the undergraduate programs in different fields of study. They provide full sponsorship for the four academic years the scholars undertake.

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The scholarship comprises of tuition fees, transport allowances, accommodation, learning materials and living expenses. Learners can apply to undertake any of the related fields of interest offered at the higher learning institution. Recipients must go through a thorough selection process where their academic performances, community involvement, leadership qualities and individual achievement are looked into.

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10. Oxford Africa initiative, United Kingdom

Targets learners who have completed an appropriate humanities or social sciences Ph.D. They mostly prefer scholars with affiliation with ARUA associated higher learning institutions. They offer scholarship in the course of visiting fellowship program. Scholars are provided with full sponsorship through the four academic years.

Top 10 scholarships to study in Ghana in 2018
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The learners also are entitled to tuition fees, transport allowances, accommodation and learning materials. The selection process involves review of the scholar’s lifetime achievements, leadership qualities, involvement in community services and dreams. The learners are expected upon completion of the course, to return to Ghana to apply the skills and knowledge gained to create the economic development of Ghana.

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There are also other institutions that give scholarships to those students that need it. They include:

  • The University of Tsukuba, Japan – Graduate school of Humanities and Social Sciences.
  • Scholarship to study law in Ghana

Students are offered opportunity to study law in the Ghana School of Law.

  • Commonwealth Scholarship and Fellowship Plan

The program offers opportunities of scholarship to study medicine in Ghana


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