Free scholarship for Ghanaian students to study abroad 2018-2019

Free scholarship for Ghanaian students to study abroad 2018-2019

In a world that rewards skills and precise information, studying is very important. Apparently, every nation in the world seems to appreciate the need for good quality education. Ghana a country in West Africa falls not short, of this ideology. The Ghanaian government has put systems in place, including collaborating with foreign communities, so as to provide free scholarship for Ghanaian students to study abroad, in a field in which they best understand. In addition to this, the government also provides local scholarships to students who show academic excellence but are limited by resources and finances. This scholarship helps underprivileged Ghanaian students, with a passion to learn and master a trade that makes them better and reliable individuals in the community, thus make the community better.

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Opportunity to study abroad, in internationally recognized institutions, that reward excellence with exposure and more opportunities, is coveted by Ghanaian students who understand the true meaning of education. Luckily, the process of getting admission to these institutions is based purely on merit and is conducted in a very transparent manner. These international universities and colleges, work closely with local institutions to provide funding i.e., accommodation and tuition, to students, wrapped in a colorful package in the name of scholarship, thus eliminating all your problem of paying tuition and accommodation fee.

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Ghana as an education destination, attracts a lot of students through a scholarship to study in Ghana program, between Ghana and other African or international countries. The West African country of Ghana, has many attributes that make it a preferred destination by students from different parts of the world. For starters, Ghana boasts a two-decade record of peace and growth, which makes it easy for anyone to thrive in the country. Given that most international students are new to a country, it is important that they find a peaceable people, in the country that they go for scholarship, and an environment that promotes students’ growth.

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Scholarship to study in Ghana

Ghana is a peaceful country whose people are very hospitable. Stability of her government makes it easy for almost anyone to yearn to study there. The political stability in Ghana is reflected in most systems and areas in the country including education, making it a preferred education destination by international students, and the locals.

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West African Research Association (WARA)

Ghanaian government provides scholarships to students, who wish to study in Ghana, through the West African Research Association (WARA). Funding to this institution (WARA) comes from state departments of various West African countries, to contribute towards education of post graduate students who wish to pursue their masters projects and doctorates in countries in West Africa. The WARA scholarship is classified into two; that is WARA pre-doctoral fellowship and WARA post-doctoral fellowship. The pre-doctoral fellowship is allocated to students who are preparing themselves for doctorates project or those seeking to finish their degrees in masters. The WARA post-doctoral fellowship seeks to fund doctorate students pursuing different forms and levels of research in the West African countries, including Ghana. Students seeking WARA scholarship will be needed to learn one of the West African languages, so that they can communicate easily with the locals, while conducting their research.

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international study abroad scholarships

Boren Awards

Ghana is one of the countries listed in the Boren awards scholarship, as a preferred education destination. Boren gives opportunity to both undergraduate and postgraduate fellowships to students, wishing to study in Ghana. However, all the students applying for Boren scholarships to study in Ghana, are expected to study at least one of Ghana’s language, with much emphasis on Akan, which has different dialects. This will make it easy for the foreign students to interact with hospitable Ghanaian people and fast track their research and other educational related activities in Ghana. Boren scholarship and fellowship, funds its awardees sufficiently, up to a maximum of $30,000, to ensure that their stay in Ghana is fruitful and easy.

Ghana Scholarship Fund Inc

Students from the rural poor communities of Ghana are awarded scholarships to study both high school and university or college education through the Ghana scholarship fund Inc. Most of these students come from families where the parents are not in a position to raise their school fees, to pay for their high school and college education. Ghana scholarship fund Inc. grows the number of students they sponsor for further studies. The responsibility of running this organization is bestowed upon board of directors who are not paid, therefore guarantee that all the funds given, in form of donations, is channeled towards educating Ghanaian children from poor families.

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Ghana Scholarship fund Inc. is objectively driven by the need to improve the learning conditions of students from rural areas of Ghana, which will in turn improve their skills and purpose in the society, exposing them to the same opportunities like the privileged students. This helps in bringing change to the rural poor communities.

GETFund scholarship application

Among the initiatives set by the Ghanaian government to support education is Ghana Education Trust Fund (GETFund). This is a public trust established through an Act of Parliament.

Act 581,2000, Section 2(2b) states: “to provide supplementary funding to the Scholarship Secretariat for the grant of scholarships of gifted but needy students for studies in the second-cycle and accredited tertiary institutions in Ghana“

GETFund is released by the government and is received by the scholarship secretariat of Ghana, who later oversees its redistribution to help students who need it the most. GETFund not only supports students in high school and the university by paying their tuition fee, but also supplementing the education sector by providing learning resources.

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How to apply for GETFund scholarship

When applying for government scholarship, you have to follow a detailed procedure, which you have to answer all the questions and fill all the forms appropriately to get the scholarship. Nonetheless, below are some of the important consideration you need to be aware of when applying for GETFund scholarship by the government:

  • You should fill the application form in threes,
  • Submit it to Registrar of scholarships, via,
  • Registrar of applicant’s institution.

These should be accompanied with the following documents:

  • 3 passport pictures, standard passport size, having the name of the applicant on the backside.
  • A legitimate or certified duplicate admission letter of the applicant.
  • Medical certificate obtained from a Government Medical Officer of Health.
  • A synopsis or brief description of the research topic showing your subject.

With this in mind, you can follow the steps below to ensure a seamless application process:

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  • Go to,
  • Register using the form given on the display screen, which you will fill in your details, truthfully.
  • Download the application form to the registrar of scholarships in Ghana, by clicking the “click to download form” highlighted at the top of the page. Ensure that the details you provide is truthful and reliable.
  • Print the forms and submit to the registrar of applications in your institution.

International study abroad scholarships

International scholarships are by far the most liked scholarships among Ghanaians. In most cases, these scholarships are an opportunity to study in the developed world, where you get unlimited access to learning resources and professionals, who best understand your field of study. This gives you a good perspective on the subject you are studying, allowing you to be critical, resourceful, and competitive in the market. In addition to this, these scholarships come free for African students, including Ghanaians, and are awarded based on merit.

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Below are some of the fully or partly paid international scholarships, that Ghanaians can apply:

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Scholarship for Ghanaians to study in Russia

According to QS University Rankings: Brics 2016, 55 universities in Russia were ranked among the best 250. Russia offers learning opportunities to international students, both Russian living abroad and immigrants who are seeking education opportunities in Russia. For the immigrants, the Russian government only accepts those students who excel in their entry exams. This allows all the international students, including Ghanaians, follow the same application process to gain admission into Russian universities. To add on this, the government of Russia, offer annual state-funded spots at her universities to encourage international students apply for chances in her universities.

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Rossotrudnichestvo is a Russian body in charge of assigning quotas, via their effective network internationally, and also Russian embassies. To apply for international scholarships in Russia, you need to visit and follow the instruction provided.

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Commonwealth scholarship Ghana

Commonwealth Scholarship and Fellowship Plan (CSFP), allows member countries to give fellowships and other forms of scholarships to citizens of fellow member countries, through a program that promotes growth in education among member states. Ghanaians enjoy this privilege by going for free and fully paid scholarships and fellowships through the CSFP in various developed common wealth countries, like the U.K.

Common wealth scholarships for Ghanaian target the very intelligent students who will have positive effects to the Ghanaian society when they complete their studies and return to the country. Commonwealth scholarship for Ghanaian students 2018/2019 was opened for those seeking to advance their studies in: masters level for one year and PhD level. All the applicants should satisfy the following:

  • Must be citizen and a resident of Ghana.
  • Those applying for masters level need to be second-upper or first class graduates.
  • All those applying need to be receive admission from one of the U.K Universities.
  • Doctorate students have to be below 45 years old while those applying for masters classes have to be below 35years old.
  • All students seeking to pursue a doctorate have to provide their master certificate and have attained a minimum of second class upper in their undergraduate.

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scholarship to study in ghana, scholarship for ghanaians to study in russia, commonwealth scholarship ghana

Japanese scholarships for Ghanaians

Japan is among the Asian giants with an economy worth the status of a developed world. Japan has been able to maintain its status in the world by improving its education sector and adjusting to the modern worlds standards. The country extends its educational resources to international community admitting students across the world for research, i.e., masters and PhD, undergraduate and those interested in learning about technology.

Japanese scholarships for Ghanaians, seeks to equip qualified students with the right research skills and knowledge in technology. However, there are minimum requirements that all students have to attain o gain admission into Japanese institutions of learning, through the scholarship program. Below are some of the basic requirements that all Ghanaian applicants have to meet:

  • The applicant should come from a country with a diplomatic understanding with Japan, unless you have a dual citizenship, be at you country of residence and surrender your Japanese nationality on arrival.
  • All those applying have to learn Japanese and the student applying has to be ready to take his studies in Japanese language.
  • The applicant has to be of sound mind and good physical state, so that he or she can focus on studies.

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