Scholarships for Ghanaian students: Top 20 in 2020

Scholarships for Ghanaian students: Top 20 in 2020

What other best way to kick start your career than applying for scholarships for Ghanaian students to study, either abroad or in Ghana! Little do people know that there are numerous opportunities to better their studies in different fields through the scholarships for Ghanaian students to study abroad. What's more, you will make new friends, travel to new places, it a whole new experience.

20 best scholarships for Ghanaian students in 2018
Source: HESS

If you are a qualified scholar needing help to realize your dreams, don’t miss out on the following scholarships in Ghana.

Scholarship for Ghanaian students to study in Ghana

We have provided you with the scholarships in Ghana for tertiary students, offered by some of the major learning institutions in Ghana, and other learning institutions from across the world that are ready to give a helping hand to the Ghanaian scholars. We have also highlighted the requirements needed for each scholarship and the process required to send the application forms. Most of the scholarships are open, so take advantage of these chances that come once in a lifetime.

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1 The GE SFAO scholarship for Ghanaian students

General Electric is an affiliate of the General Electric Company that is involved in the infrastructure development in Ghana in the sectors of supply of technology, services, training initiatives, investments and supply chain development in the power and transportation industry. The company formed an alliance with the University of Ghana to offer scholarship for undergraduate programs in the fields of Computer Sciences and Applied Sciences.

The scholarship covers the tuition fees, learning materials, accommodation and out of pocket allowances. It also guarantees leadership training and internship in the firm on scholars who maintain exemplary academic performance of at least 2.5 CGPA. The scholarship is renewed annually if the scholars continue to show exemplary academic performance of a Grade Point Average of 2.5 and better.

Application requirements includes a level 100 scholar with an aggregate of 15 or better at the WASSCE. They must also have a good conduct and proof of their family’s incapabilities to meet the academic related expenses. They must also attach a letter showing their determination and other successful pursuits. All application forms are to be submitted at the Student Financial Aid Office.

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Applicants are to attach a copy of the official pay slip of the parents or guardians. Also, the recent school’s receipts and tax return receipts, birth certificates of siblings and death certificate or burial permits in case of death of a parent. The form shall be accompanied with High School transcripts, West African Senior School Certificate Exam Results, University acceptance letter and records regarding achievement tests, academic awards, honors and substantive assessments. Applicants must also confirm that they are not currently receiving support from another program.

20 best scholarships for Ghanaian students in 2018
Source: Africa Scholarships

Scholarships in Ghana for SHS students

Any SHS student can apply for the scholarships below, but they have to be good in their studies and in some cases, co-curricular activities.

2. KNUST/ Mastercard Undergraduate Scholarships

The Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology in partnership with the Mastercard foundation Scholars Program provides scholarships for students from economically disadvantaged backgrounds with high and exemplary performance at the WASSCE exam results. The scholarship covers undergraduate programs in the scholar's related field of interest. KNUST is one of the leading universities in Ghana in terms of innovation and producing skilled experts in different sectors of the economy.

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The scholarship covers tuition fees, accommodation, learning materials, uniform, transport, and stipend. As part from the scholarship deal, successful and selected scholars are supposed to engage in the ‘Go-Back Give-Back’ initiative which aims to give back to the society. The scholarship covers the full four years of the scholar. Scholars can renew the scholarship annually provided they maintain the high academic performance.

Applicants are supposed to attach their parent’s pay slips, birth certificates of siblings, receipts of tax return, WASSCE exam results and the University acceptance letter. Scholar must also not be enrolled in any other scholarship program before applying. The leadership qualities, personal achievements, dreams and aspirations will also be tested. All application forms are to be submitted at the KNUST Financial Aid office for further review.

Scholarships in Ghana for tertiary students

People who want to further their education and specialize in certain careers can apply for the following scholarships:

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3. The Tertiary Education Scholarship Trust

The scholarship was founded by a group of graduates to cater for Ghanaian scholars from economically disadvantaged areas with high academic potential to pursue different courses in tertiary institutions in Ghana. The scholarships are also open for scholars seeking admission for undergraduate course in universities and Polytechnics. The course aims to eradicate poverty in Ghana by educating the scholars to gain skills and knowledge to apply to better their communities.

All application forms are to be acquired at the official website. Scholars must provide evidence of academic performance by attaching WASSCE exam results, pay slips and tax returns of parents, birth certificate, High School results, death certificate or burial permit in case of death of parent. For beneficiaries of the program, they are also required to access their renewal forms through the official website.

All applicants will go through a vetting process where all details concerning their academic and personal life will be reviewed. The scholarship caters for all related fields of interest, undertaken by the scholar. The trust issued is provided on an annual renewable basis subject to the academic performance of the applicant. All beneficiaries of the program are to remain in Ghana and contribute to the social and economic development of Ghana through a bond of five years which is excluded of national service.

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20 best scholarships for Ghanaian students in 2018
Source: My edu zone

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Scholarships for Ghanaian students to study abroad

Studying abroad opens up many opportunities and you could also discovers new talents. Here are scholarships to assists you achieve your dream:

4. The Joint Japan/World Bank Graduate Scholarship Program

The scholarship is open for men and women from developing countries including Ghana who are financially incapable of funding their education with exemplary academic performance. The scholarship covers over 200 preferred programs for scholars in their fields of interest. The scholarship caters for the scholar’s tuition fees, monthly living expenses, round-trip airfare, health insurance and travel allowance.

Applicants must not hold a dual citizenship of any developed country. They must also be a holder of a Bachelor’s degree after graduating three years prior to the application date. They must also have at least three years working experience in their related field after earning the Bachelor’s degree. They must also be employed in a related field of their study in a paid full-time position at the time of submitting the scholarship application.

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Applicants have the opportunity to choose from either the preferred or partnered programs. Applicants for the partner program scholarship must first apply for admission to one or more of the partner master’s degree programs. The application forms are to be submitted to the respective university. For preferred program, scholars are to drop their applications online for selection.

5. Berkeley College International Student Scholarships

Learners require a minimum of high school diploma with solid coursework in Mathematics, Science, English and Humanities. Applicants should also prepare for an entrance exam such as the TOEFL, SAT or ACT. Learners must attain a GPA of 3.0 grade point average on a 4.0 scale to be admitted.

For admission for scholarships for Ghanaian students in USA, they must hold an equivalent of a Bachelor’s degree or master’s degree. Learners must also submit at least three letters of recommendation where the learners take a standardized test such as the General Test of the GRE, the GMAT, MCAT, OAT or LSAT. The scholarship covers the educational costs and other forms of grants and loans. They are also accorded living expenses and early applicant receive accommodation inside the institution.

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6. University of Westminster Undergraduate Scholarship

The learning institution is one of Britain’s first polytechnic university. The scholarship covers for students who are academically endowed but from financially challenged backgrounds to pursue a full-time degree at the institution. The scholarship is not limited to any field of study. Applicants can undertake any of the courses offered at the institution.

The scholarship covers for the scholar’s tuition fees, learning materials, monthly living expenses, accommodation, round trip flights and health insurance. Applicants upon submission to the official website of the application form, will undergo a selection process. Two qualified assessors will review each application and place a score on a scale of 0 to 10. The professional experience and recommendations will add up to the score. It is suitable for those interested in scholarships for Ghanaians to study in UK.

20 best scholarships for Ghanaian students in 2018
Sources: Planet Scholarship

7. Government of Russian Federation Scholarships

The program provides Russian scholarships for Ghanaian students based on candidate’s interest in pursuing an undergraduate program or graduate levels at some of the major recognized universities. The aim of the program is to create lasting relationships between Russia and its neighbors. The scholarships include free tuition, accommodation, monthly living expenses and one round trip to and from Russia.

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The scholarship is not limited to the field of study. Scholars can choose from the variety of courses offered, provided they meet the recommendations and requirements of the departments and the universities. Learners are equipped with skills to help them impact the society back at home.

8. York University Undergraduate Scholarships

York University is ranked as one of the third largest university in Canada. The university offers scholarships for Ghanaian students in Canada with a wide range of courses to suit the various fields of interest of the learners. Learners are not limited to the field of study. The scholarship comprises of tuition fees, accommodation, monthly living expenses for a year and a round trip flight to and from Canada to Ghana. Through the International Entrance Scholarship program, the international undergraduate applicants are catered for.

The process of evaluation and selection involves the process of review of the students’ educational background and performance, personal achievements, engagement in activities of the community and leadership qualities. The scholarship can be renewed annually guaranteed the scholar maintains high academic performance throughout the semester. Applicants are also open to other international scholarships available at the University.

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9. Turkey Scholarship for Ghanaian students

The 2018 Turkiye Scholarships 2nd round is open for both the undergraduate and postgraduate applications. All applications are made online through the official website. Hopeful candidates are required to upload all the required information and documents through the application system. Applicants who post through courier services, or deliver by hand are not accepted.

The submission of the applications should be done personally since there are no institutions or persons authorized to apply for Turkiye Scholarships. For candidates wishing to apply for the undergraduate program, they must not exceed the age of 21 while the age of 30 applies for postgraduate applications. Applicants must have a Bachelor’s degree or about to graduate prior to the date of submission of the application form.

Candidates must also have meet the criteria of the university or the department which they choose. Upon request by the university or department, candidates are supposed to avail documents of their SAT, TOEFL, DELF and YDF. The evaluation process involves the review of the applicant’s personal achievements, leadership qualities, engagement in community activities and academic performance.

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20 best scholarships for Ghanaian students in 2018
Source: Planet Scholarship

Masters scholarships for Ghanaian students

Here are postgraduate scholarships for Ghanaian students who have already completed their first degree:

10. OFID scholarship award for international students

The program sponsors academically endowed students from developing countries who are interested in pursuing a Master’s degree in a relevant field of study related to development from any of the recognized university in the world. Applicants must have a Bachelor’s degree in a related field of development from any accredited university around the world. Applicants are to visit the official website.

The applicant must be interested to pursue a Master’s degree in a course related to development such as poverty eradication, energy and sustainable development, environment or any other related science and technology field. The award covers the tuition fees, supplementary fees, a one round trip flight from Ghana to the learning institution, health insurance, a relocation grant to help cover additional costs of moving, and a monthly living expenses for one year.

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Candidates must be aged between 23 to 32 before the date of submission of the application. They must have also attained or on the verge of completing their undergraduate degree with a Baccalaureate from an accredited university. They must also have a minimum cumulative Grade Point Average of 3.0 or higher on a 4.0 rating system or its equivalent. They must also select a field of study to incorporates the objectives of the OFID’s core mission in reducing poverty and ensuring sustainable development.

11. The Denys Holland Scholarship at University College London

The program aims to support learners with exemplary performance from economically disadvantaged developing countries and who can demonstrate their intention to make full use of the activities offered at the learning facility and the Student Union. The postgraduate scholarship for Ghanaian students is not limited to the field of study as the scholars can choose any subject offered at the University.

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The scholarship can be renewed yearly provided that the students maintain high academic performances throughout the academic year. The scholarship covers tuition fees, supplementary fees, accommodation and one round trip light to and from Ghana. Applicants must hold an offer of admission to UCL for full time postgraduate study commencing 2108 in any department. Applicants must also show their financial need and demonstrate they have broad interests and intend to show active participation in the activities of the University.

Applicants must provide their UCL Student Number or UCAS application number for their applications to be considered valid. Applicants are urged to visit the official website. All complete applications and supporting documents should be submitted by email through the official website.

12. University Paris-Saclay International Master’s Scholarships

The institution aims to provide master’s degree to international students taught in its establishments and making it easier for highly-qualified foreign students to attend its University especially those wishing to develop an academic project through research up to the doctorate level. The scholarships are awarded based on the merit of the applicants.

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The scholarship is paid per year by the establishment where the candidate is registered in it for the duration of the academic year and for a period not exceeding 10 consecutive months per year. Applicants must be at least aged 30 years prior to the day before submission of the application form. Applicants must be admitted first to a Master’s program offered at the university. This link shows the way to get the application forms and the detailed information on how to apply for the scholarship.

20 best scholarships for Ghanaian students in 2018
Source: leral net

Scholarships for Ghanaians to study in the U.K

If you wish to study in the United Kingdom, here is your ticket:

13. Nottingham Developing Solutions Scholarships

The program is designed for students interested in pursuing a Master’s program at the learning institution and use the knowledge and skills to change the development of Ghana. The scholarship covers the tuition fees, accommodation, monthly living expenses and transport allowances.

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Applicants must have been classed as overseas students for fee purposes. They must also not have studied outside of Ghana. They must also not be studying at a Nottingham campus or be a University of Nottingham graduate. They must also have an admission for full time degree program including MRes in an area of study with the Faculty of Engineering, Medicine and Health and Social Sciences. Applicants must first have already applied and received an offer to study at Nottingham before they apply for the scholarship.

14. IOE Centenary Maters Scholarships

The program aims to offer Mater’s scholarships for learners who are willing to use the knowledge and skills acquired to help develop Ghana or improve the circumstances of the disadvantaged and excluded citizens. The scholarships cover full tuition fees and a 1-year accommodation at International Students House. Applicants must have an offer to study a full-time master’s degree in London at the UCL Institute of Education.

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Students who received an offer to study at the UCL Institute of Education, will receive an email with details of how to apply for the scholarships. However, the scholarship does not cover for the scholar’s monthly living expenses, travel allowances or any other costs. Applicants are urged to visit the official website.

15. Bristol University Think Big Scholarships

The institution is dedicated in helping the brightest and best international students from all across the world. The program offers full-time undergraduate courses except in the fields of Medicine, Dentistry and Veterinary Science or Postgraduate program offered at the University. The award covers 25% and 100% of all the tuition fees for the full-time duration of the program at the University.

Applicants for the Think Big Scholarship should be classed as an overseas student for the fee purposes. Applicants must also have applied to start a full-time undergraduate degree in one of the qualifying course or one-year, full-time taught postgraduate program at the University of Bristol. Applicants are urged to complete the application form with the necessary supporting documents to

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16. Commonwealth scholarship for Ghanaian students

The program is international, under which the member governments offer scholarships and fellowships to citizens of other Commonwealth countries like Ghana. The award involves different types of scholarships like: PhD research, master’s study, shared scholarships with U.K universities in support of Master’s program, distance learning scholarships for developing country students to study for the Master’s degree at U.K while still living in Ghana.

The scholarships cover return airfares, tuition fees, maintenance costs, study and other allowances. Scholars can undertake their Master’s and PhD study at any of the UK universities affiliated with the Commonwealth scholarship. The awards are not limited to the field of study of the learner, it is open to all available course offered at the UK Universities. Scholars must be able to demonstrate their potential in their proposed study to develop leadership qualities or have an impact on Ghana.

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The program also supports candidates undertaking PhD studies at a university in Ghana to spend up to one year at a UK University as part of their academic work. It also caters for learners from Ghana who would not be able to study for a specific Master’s degree course due to a particular reason.

20 best scholarships for Ghanaian students in 2018
Source: Answers Africa

17. Scholarships for Ghanaian students to study medicine abroad

For anyone to be a skilled and credible doctor they have to study in a reputable institution. Medicine is an expensive course but these got you covered:

18. AFPHM John Snow Scholarship

The program provides medical scholarships from the Royal Australasian College of Physicians, offers opportunities for bright and academically endowed from developing countries who are financially capable of funding their education. The scholarship comprises of tuition fees, accommodation and round-trip flights to and from Ghana. However, it does not involve learning materials, monthly expenses and other allowances.

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Applicants have to go through evaluation and selection where there past achievements, leadership qualities, engagement in activities in the community and academic performance will be looked into. The applicants must be a holder of a degree in medicine or a related field with at least three years working experience. Along the application form, applicants are to attach documentation including their institution where they practiced, proof of inability to fund the education.

19. ACLS Scholarship for Healthcare Providers

The program targets learners currently engaged in undergraduate or graduate level in the field of medicine. Applicants need to submit alongside the application form an essay discussing the emergency medical care from the perspective of a medical student. The scholarship covers the tuition fees, accommodation and supplementary fees at the University. The scholarship does not cover health insurance, transport allowances and monthly expenses.

Applicants must hold a Bachelor’s degree or undertaking a graduate degree in an accredited University around the world. They must also have at least three years of professional working experience in the medical field. The course is not limited to any field of medicine, learners can choose from a variety of courses including dentistry, dental, psychology, veterinary, optometry or any other related course.

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20. Carl Duisberg Scholarship

The program offers scholarships for students currently undertaking their clinical internship or practice year in the various fields of medicine. Eligible candidates should send their application forms with their supporting documentation. The scholarship covers tuition fees, medical research, accommodation and supplementary fees. However, the scholarship does not include transport allowances, monthly living expenses and learning materials.

Scholars have to go through a vetting process where their professional working experience in the medical field, personal achievement, engagements in community activities and leadership qualities will be tested. Learners can choose from a variety of medical related fields like dentistry, surgery, optometry and so much more. Learners are expected to use the knowledge and concepts to help improve the medical conditions back home in Ghana.

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