Legon online application form and registration process 2018-2019

Legon online application form and registration process 2018-2019

Gone are the days when students used to spend so much time in queues just to submit their registration forms. Nowadays, most learning institutions are opting for online registration services and the University of Ghana, Legon has not been left behind. Located in Legon, this university can help jumpstart a career that will land you in a fulfilling field. Do you want to study in one of the most prestigious universities in Africa? Then start filling your Legon online application before the set deadline.

Legon Online Application Form and Registration Process 2018-2019
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What’s great about this university is that apart from having a main campus in Legon; it also has other campuses in various parts of Ghana. This means that you can choose the campus located closer to you and still get the knowledge and skills from experienced and qualified lecturers.

Who is eligible for Legon online application?

University of Ghana welcomes all qualified students from every part of the world and all backgrounds, regardless of whether they are from a small town, busy urban centers, private or public schools. The university also admits disabled students on a concessionary basis.

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University of Ghana, Legon is one of the few universities in Africa qualified to teach nuclear engineering and nuclear physics programs. Given that this learning institution is the largest public university in Ghana, it attracts some of the brightest and most talented students. Therefore, after sending your online application for Legon, the school will carefully review every submission and give admission to students who want to achieve academic excellence, stretch the limits of their talents and gain knowledge and skills that will enable them to become competent leaders in their respective fields. So what should you consider in your application?

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Legon admission requirements

When it comes to University of Ghana, Legon, admission requirements the most important considerations is the cut off points for each course. The approved cut off point works to ensure that amongst the tons of applications sent, only those who meet the set cut off points get admitted to their preferred course. It also acts as a guide for the aspirants of the University of Ghana, Legon to select courses that match with their grades.

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The cut off points for the various undergraduate courses offered at the University of Ghana are grouped on whether your preferred program is in college of basic and applied sciences, college of education, college of health science, or college of humanities. For example the cut off points for university of Ghana undergraduate admission 2018 for Bachelor of Science in biomedical engineering is 11, Bachelor of Science in Nutrition and Food Science is 20, Bachelor of Arts in Education 24 while for bachelor of laws the cut off point is 7. Before making your online application for university of Ghana Legon make sure that you meet the cut off points for the program you want. The following are some of the programs offered at this university and their cut off points.

University of Ghana, Legon cut off points 2018 for College of Health Sciences

  • Bachelor of dental surgery 7
  • Bachelor of nursing 8
  • Bachelor of Medicine & Bachelor of Surgery 6
  • Bachelor of Science Medical Laboratory Sciences 10
  • Bachelor of Pharmacy, 8

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Cut off points for programs in the college of education

  • Bachelor of Science, Information Technology, Distance Education 30
  • Bachelor of Science in Education 24
  • Bachelor of Science in Administration, Distance Education 26
  • Bachelor of Arts in Education 24
  • Bachelor of Arts, Distance Education 30

Cut off points for programs in the College of Humanities

  • Bachelor of Fine Arts 24
  • B.Sc. Administration Regular 8
  • Bachelor of Arts-Business/Science/Vocational Background 12
  • B.Sc. Administration Fee-paying 22
  • Bachelor of Laws 7

Cut off points for courses offered at College of Basic & Applied Sciences

  • Bachelor of Science, Actuarial Science 12
  • Bachelor of Science, Computer Engineering 10
  • B.Sc. Marine & Fisheries Science 24
  • B.Sc. Biochemistry, Cell & Molecular Biology 12
  • B.Sc. Nutrition & Food Science 20

If you meet the cut off points, then the next step is the Legon online registration. The introduction of online application has cut down on the time it requires for this University to review all the application. Even if you meet the stated requirements, you need to make your application as early as possible because the preferred choice of an applicant is subject to the availability of space. And, any applicant can get an admission to a course that they didn’t apply for depending on the departmental requirements during that year’s admission process.

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Application for mature entry undergraduate admission

Because of the need to avail education to all students and enhance knowledge in the society, University of Ghana offers mature entry programs. You're eligible for the mature entry program if:

  • You are 25 years and above
  • Completed high school but took some time off before joining the university
  • Have no relevant academic qualification for the last several years that can be used as a basis for admission to the university
  • You write and pass the entrance examination offered by the University of Ghana.

To write this examination you must enrol in the school’s preparatory course and pay an examination and registration fee of GHC 400. University of Ghana has 11 learning centers from which students can take their preparatory courses.

You can register for the preparatory courses at any of the learning centers of the School of Continuing and Distance Education which include Accra UG Learning Centre, Kumasi UG Learning Centre and Koforidua UG Learning Centre. After passing the entrance examination you will then have to purchase an e-voucher that will make you qualified to fill in the Legon online application form.

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Legon online application for undergraduates

Legon online application undergraduate can be divided into two groups: Ghanaian applicants and international applicants including students applying from abroad.

Ghanaian online applicants

While the University of Ghana Legon fees vary depending on the course, Ghanaians can make their Legon online application using the e-voucher which cost GHC 200. Payment can be made in various banks such as fidelity bank, Ecobank, Agricultural Development Bank, Ghana Commercial Bank and Zenith Bank. At any of these banks the WASSSCE/SSSCE applicants will include their names as they appear on the Identification cards, email addresses and mobile phone numbers on the voucher.

The voucher will then be used to submit the online form. Those who want to transition from diploma to degree will need to need to buy the e-voucher, scan and attach their diploma, transcripts, and certified copies of ‘O’ and ‘A’ Level certificates in their Legon online application form.

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Legon online application for international students

Whether you are a Ghanaians applying from abroad or an international student, you can still pursue your education at University of Ghana. However, unlike WASSSCE/SSSCE applicants international students will not buy the e-voucher. These students will need to pay a non refundable processing fee of $110 and attach the payslip and your certificates to their application form.

Legon online application for international students
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When it comes to deciding your higher education studies, University of Ghana, Legon has lots of options from which you can choose from and apply through the Legon online form. Be it a diploma, degree, mature education, PhD, masters and even online education, this institution has it all. If you prefer to complete your ideal course in the comfort of your home, then opt for the distance learning education offered by university of Ghana.

The entry requirement for distance learning admission, including the aggregates will vary depending on the specific program you want to pursue. The processing fees will also vary depending on whether you are the Ghanaian or international applicants.

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Students all over the world are opting for postgraduate studies to improve their career prospects. According to research, people with postgraduate education qualifications have higher chances of getting work and tend to earn a higher wage than undergraduates. You can improve your salary and skills by enrolling in the University of Ghana. University of Ghana postgraduate admission requires a first degree with a minimum of second class lower. Some postgraduate courses require work experience so it’s best to contact the department for any inquiries. For example, one of the requirements needed to qualify for an admission for MBA in Management Information System is that applicants must have 2 years working experience in an IT environment.

In this Legon university, Masters which take one year and Master of Philosophy (MPhil) two years are full time programs while PhD takes four years as a full time or six years as a part time program. As for the University of Legon Online Application for Doctor of Philosophy (DPhil), only university of Ghana graduates of not less than 10 years are eligible for this degree. If you have a PhD in any of the medical fields and less than 5 years of service, then you are qualified for the MD degree. Students who wish to pursue a Masters degree for instance, in Actuarial science must be able to afford the university of Ghana, Legon fees which can cost up to GH¢4, 971.50 per semester. For other programs that are not related to the business, the fees per semester is GH¢4, 573.50.

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The university of Ghana Legon online application makes it easier for students to apply for postgraduate admissions. Applicants who didn’t graduate from university of Ghana but wish to pursue their postgraduate degrees can do so by submitting their scanned transcripts and bachelor degree certificate through the Legon online portal. Those who graduated from this university are required to attach their bachelor’s degree certificate only. Before your application can be processed you need to pay a non refundable fee, which will act as proof of your interest in the postgraduate studies. Also, you may be required to take an entrance examination or attend an interview to assess your eligibility.

Legon residential application online

University of Ghana has three campuses: the primary campus is located in Legon and they also have the Korlebu campus and Accra city campus. When you become a student of this university you have the option to either reside in the campuses or stay off campus. To get accommodation in Legon and Korlebu campuses, newly admitted full time students have to fill the Legon online residential application and submit it through the residential application portal.

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Legon Online Application Form and Registration Process 2018-2019
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You will need the provided student ID number and pin to access the portal and use it to fill in your residence application before the stipulated deadline. It is better to live on campus if you want to incur fewer expenses. However, if you prefer to stay off camps, then you should tick the non residence option during your Legon registration process.

How to fill the Legon residential application online

To fill your Legon residential application online first start by opening the university of Ghana website then click on the residential application link. Then key in your student ID number and pin on the login page. Click the login button and select your ideal hall of choice and room. Make sure the room is available and print out the room allocation letter. Next, go to the bank and pay both the academic and residential fees.

Finally, go to the Legon online registration system and complete your online registration process. Remember, even if there are no available rooms for you to reside in campus, you can still proceed with your online application as a non-residence student which means that you will look for accommodation and stay off campus.

Both the fees and cut off points requirements for legion online application are likely to change. Therefore, interested applicants need to check the official university of Ghana, Legon website for any recent updates or contact the relevant officials before making any fee payment.


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