How to write a motivational letter for employment in Ghana

How to write a motivational letter for employment in Ghana

Other than technological advancements, there are other wonders, thanks to some of the revolutions taking place in the world today. Ordinarily, a job seeker, a student or one seeking an internship position would only submit their testimonials with a curriculum vitae and resume attached. However, today there is an increasing demand for motivation letter for employment among other areas where it is applicable and demanded.

How to write a motivational letter for employment
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A motivation letter for job application is an introductory letter that tells in detail more about you. In actual sense, it’s a self-presentation to others for them to deem you fit for what you are expressing interest for. A motivation letter is often confused for a cover letter. Well, it is pretty difficult to tell them apart but the two clearly has distinct coverage and elements. A cover letter is commonly used when applying for a job position or making inquiry in regards to something of interest to you. It is brief; normally one page where you are expected to note down your academic life and job profile and align the two for the position in order for you to be considered.

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The similarity in these documents is in the fact that they are both letters of introduction and tell more about the applicant. Nonetheless, a motivational letter is more detailed covering many facets of the life of the applicant including interests, qualifications, unique abilities and other standout insights about yourself proving why you are suitable. It is actually the basis for consideration when enrolling for institutions of higher learning or when applying for a job opening.

How to write the best motivational letter for job application

Since a motivation letter for job sample is an individualized document, it should capture all the strong point about the professional and academic life of the applicant without appearing like an exaggeration or outright praise document. Before you embark on the actual writing of a motivation letter for job application, here is what you should factor into account:

1. Do a thorough background check – motivation letter for internship

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Regardless of the purpose of writing a motivation letter, it is important to do a thorough background check. This helps you know the organization or reference their expectations, qualities and if its for employment, the requirements and qualifications for the said position.

Candidates who have full knowledge of their reference stand an upper hand in even writing a motivation letter for job application that is eye-catching, convincing and persuasive. This helps you structure the letter as per what is required for their projects and activities and align the same with your interests. The recipient is able you filter serious applicant from those doing ordinary applicant or show little interest to the organization.

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2. Know the basic standard format for motivation letter for employment

Well, you may have done your homework well, put down the key points; in short, basically know what is expected of you yet fail to get the attention you deserve for use of the wrong format. Motivational letter for job application come use extreme scrutiny considering the volume of application that may be received. With this knowledge in mind, you need to avoid anything that may make your application be trashed.

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Ideally, the motivational letter should be in block format, with an address well written just like in letter of inquiry. Due to the formality, use the recommended writing style and font if typing the letter which is recommended as most are received as soft copy documents. The tone and language should equally be formal.

3. Include all chief points - Motivation letter for employees

The main ideas as far as the information you have gathered from your research should come out as your areas of strength. For instance, if you know of the projects, activities, prospects, requirements among other things about the organization you are interested in, this will enable you to link your bio with the organization. It will then be interpreted positively and may help your get that which you long desire.

Along with these, ensure all the main ideas are captured in your motivation letter for job application. Factor in tips such as; why the organization is esteemed or reputable, why you interested in, your suitability, professional and academic qualifications, other inherent or learned abilities, show appreciation if offered a chance and the value you would bring on board. Last but not the least retaliate the purpose and interests.

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4. Make the document individualized and original – Best motivational letter for job application

In instances where you crystal clear have no idea of how to write a motivational letter, it may be tempting to copy one. I would recommend, you get sample online on some of the best motivational letters for job application, understand how they should be like and then write an original one from what you have gathered.

It is worthwhile noting that motivational letters are a personal document and should represent who you are and not what you want to be to the world. This calls for neutrality while telling of your achievements and qualifications so that the reader knows it’s the actual reality and not just for the job or internship targeted.

5. Best motivational letter for job application tip – Professionalism

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Professionalism is stemmed down from how you address issues, language use and your way of dispelling issues. The best motivational letter for job application should be formal in approach and tell of the high integrity of the applicant. As much as talking about you may heavily lies of the praise side, the recipient wants practicality, smartness, realistic and measurable performance. There should be no manipulation or attempts from the same to lead into getting the internship, enrollment or job placing. It should come purely on merit after you have proved to be suitable for the position.

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Additionally, small mistakes may render one to be judge as incompetent or unprofessional. The motivation letter for employment should be flawless. Proof read to ensure there are no grammatical errors, spelling mistakes, inappropriate punctuation among other things. The format and style of writing should also be professional and of the recommended style based on the demands of the organization.

How so, motivational letters should reflect a person’s capabilities, personalities and qualification. This means that we cannot have two individuals with an almost comparable motivational letter even if they closely been through similar courses. One's individuality is distinct including that of twins. Here are a few tips that will guide you in writing that expert advised motivational letter for a job application;

  • Get motivational letter for job samples online and study them. Some are tailor-made for different purposes so you obviously choose one you relate with.
  • Understand all the complexity of the reference you are writing to. Ensure you capture your areas of strength and how you can turn that around in their favour.
  • Avoid exaggeration. The ‘me’ talk or presentation may contain a lot of bragging, avoid it! it is unprofessional and may lead you to be cut off from the job. Don’t display yourself and a superhuman being a lot may be expected from you whom you may not meet, be realistic.
  • Be original and maintain the text personal. Avoid generic information one sourced from other motivational letters then shaped to suit yours. It will not fit regardless of how much you force it to.
  • Although the motivational letter is an individualized thing, mention only what is relevant to the employer. Very personal details such as marital status, religion and what have you may equally be informal which you obviously avoiding.
  • When mentioning the qualifications and the achievements, give what can be supported by another document. Verbal appreciation for work done is not enough, prove to the potential employer you are the best, show that in fact you are the best and carry this with you.
  • Finally, remember first impressions matter. The first impression, in this case, will be judged from your letter outlook. Give your best foot forward and make it your best. Let it be alluring in your favour but professional and formal at the same time. First impressions are hard to change and may be the difference between being considered and your application being trashed away in the heap.

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Sample motivation letter for job application

motivational letter for job application, motivation letter for internship, motivation letter for job application example
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(Employer’s address)



Telephone number


Date (MM/DD/YY)

Dear Mr. /Mrs. (if you know the contact person address them by their name and the appropriate salutation)

Ref: (Job vacancy applying for and its reference number or code if stated)

(Introductory paragraph)

I hereby apply for the position of ……….. Advertised on………. On…….. (State the dates, the newspapers or the website where the advertisement was posted) this is my sincere expression of interest to join your team of profession in your highly reputable institution/ organization.

I am a graduate of ……… having successfully completed my undergraduate studies and obtained ….. Honors. I have worked for ……. company where I was responsible for the administrative role and stores management. During this engagement, I have accurately and consistently demonstrated a keen ability to perform my duties within tight schedules, under pressure, independently and in teams. Therein, I attended …… continuous development program which shaped me into being an excellent leader, manager and communicator. (Mention other jobs you have done, trainings, seminars or facilitations you have gone through. include even the achievement following the same and why you are good at what you do)

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I am an excellent Ms Office suite skill, who is able to work in the corporate world of technological advancement with ease. Additionally, is a quick learner who is able to adapt to the dynamic changes in the workplace environment (mention where in the past this can be proved). From my educational background and field experience I have proved that I am a performer and a goal oriented person.

Following your recent advertisement, I was please when I got information of a possible employment opening since it is in line with my professional profile. I have been working with x system/ products/ clients and I it would be my pleasure to bring on board this expertise. I am interested in joining your esteemed organization since it is a leader in the industry, have a good reputation, recorded great profit last financial year thanks to effective performance (mention the positive highlights you know about the organization at hand and why it is the best and also link the same to your suitability).

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If offered the opportunity, diligence and accountability will be my guiding principles. It will be a step towards my career advancement in the industry’s leader. Looking forward to hearing from you and further discussing the value I could bring on board as I utilize my potential and skills in optimality.

Enclosed are my resumes, curriculum vitae and other credentials which give detailed information about my academic and professional life. References are listed and more are available on request. Feel free to contact me on the telephone number ….. Or email address in case of anything.

Yours faithfully,




Telephone number

Email address

The above sample motivation letter for job application highlights the main points that should be in a motivational letter. This may not have entire encompassed all there is but it lays good grounds for those with no idea on how to write a motivational letter. With a specified employer, it is possible to get more information on what they are looking for in term s of qualifications and requirements. Besides, technology has even made it easier as one can get information about an organization with only a few clicks. Apparently, most organizations have a website or content pages from hence information about their projects, missions and vision can be found.

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Each motivational letter in retaliation should be unique and original. Do not exaggerate in praising yourself, rather you can use phrases like ‘our team emerged the best performer of the year thanks to co-operation…’ a successful motivational letter for employment should make the candidate get the job in question if it addressed the recipient well and convinced them that they are the best and most suitable.

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