Ghana School of Aviation: requirements

Ghana School of Aviation: requirements

Air travel is better than traveling on the road based on factors like traffic and speed, and it is also highly convenient, especially when travelling for long distances. Even as it is so, it is the most expensive means of transport. The high air tickets costs should be no surprise because air cabin crew and pilots go through extensive and thorough training to be accredited. These professionals can perform air operations after getting licensed. Aviation education and training are both demanding and costly. However, if you are aspiring to work in air travel, then you need to be familiar with the Ghana School of Aviation admission requirements, qualifications and the entire procedure.

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The Ghana International School of Aviation is among the reliable learning institutions offering aviation courses with knowledgeable teachers, a favorable learning environment, and essential learning facilities to ensure that their graduate experts are qualified, reliable, independent, and ready for the market. The school is guided by a very strong mission statement which is, ‘To produce highly disciplined and well trained first class graduates who can perfectly fit into the ever growing complexities of the modern day aviation, shipping and allied sectors.’ And true to their word, the school has been consistent in doing so.

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There are many questions any student who desires to make a career in aviation might be asking right now:

  • How do you apply to be enrolled in an aviation school?
  • What are the cut off marks?
  • What are qualification requirements?
  • What is the application procedure?
  • Who do I address my applications to?
  • From where do I get the application forms?
  • Is the application done online or can I submit hard copies?
  • What courses do aviation schools offer?
  • When are their intakes?

Read on to find the answers to the above questions and know why the school of aviation in Ghana offers competitive and current aviation courses.

To be a student at the Ghana International School of Aviation, one needs to meet the requirements for the school. The admission requirements are the most important points you should check before you apply for the admission. Knowing all the requirements will allow you to gauge your chances for a successful admission. Applying without knowing all the requirements will leave you with uncertainty of whether your application will go through or not.

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Here are all the details regarding the requirements, admission, courses offered, invitation, enrollment, orientation, and study.

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Ghana School of Aviation qualifications

An applicant who is presumably qualified for the Ghana School of Aviation courses must meet certain requirements as stipulated by the Ghana Civil Aviation Authority. The requirements form the basis of whether one is qualified for an admission or not. The following are the qualifications:

  • Ability to write and speak English language since it is the primary language of communication at the institution and the language used during teaching. Applicants who do not have Ghanaian nationality should observe this requirement.
  • Pass in their WASSCE examination with more focus on Mathematics and English.
  • The applicant should be of the appropriate age since there are access areas with age limits
  • Applicants with Information Technology, NVTI and DBS qualifications are invited and given a priority
  • Diploma, degree and post graduate diploma holders in other fields are also qualified for the Ghana School of Aviation admission
  • Applicants who desire to advance their education. For instance, a diploma holder who wants to pursue a degree course in the same line. The only consideration is if they have the recommended pass to further their education or upgrade his or her professional qualification.
  • A person who has several years of working experience in the aviation field but did not go through the related course may also register for the program.

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It is worthwhile noting that aviation or air travel courses offered at School of Aviation Ghana are just part of what the school offers. There are other courses but this school has a reputation and a proven record for unparalleled training in their aviation courses.

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Ghana School of Aviation requirements

ghana school of aviation admission, school of aviation in ghana, ghana school of aviation requirements
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Just like in any other school, there are requirements that one needs to apply for a course and be admitted. Ordinarily, failure to meet all the requirements is one way of filtering large numbers of applications to keep the number within the required capacity. It is, therefore, important to have met the requirements to increase your chances of admission. The following are some of the Ghana School of Aviation admission requirements:

  • Application form – should only be obtained from the Ghana International School of Aviation’s Admissions office or downloaded from the official website of the school.
  • An application letter indicating the course you are interested to pursue, and why you should be considered for the course. Primarily, this letter is an expression of interest and should be concise but comprehensive.
  • Four recent passport-sized photographs. The school has embraced the use of technology and the photos will be used to develop your records as well as identify you.
  • Academic testimonials - as mentioned above, the school needs to know that you are qualified for the course you desire to be enrolled in. The qualification can well be assessed after going through the academic profile of each applicant to establish their eligibility. The WASSCE will ascertain that indeed the academic documents are original and forgery is prosecuted by law if noted.

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Ghana School of Aviation courses

ghana school of aviation admission, school of aviation in ghana, ghana school of aviation requirements

This institution is one of the leading aviation schools in Ghana and has several branches around the world and affiliation with some of the reputable organizations that have global recognition. It, therefore, goes without saying that the School of Aviation in Ghana offers the most suitable and market-ready courses in Ghana. The courses are classically divided into two; aviation courses and other professional courses that are not linked to air travel. They include;

  • Freight and Shipping management – This course pertains to all activities involved when exporting or importing goods that need to be transported from one country to another by air. This course trains students on how to manage the freight from packaging, load capacity, the charges all the way to shipping. Clearly, the Freight and Shipping management course is one of the most important aviation courses in Ghana.
  • Air travel operations – Is a course that aims at informing students about the technical knowledge of how to manage a plane in the skies. The course does not only involve information about steering the plane but also the operations that all the crew and staff on board should perform. As such, Air travel operations is equally a vital course for those who desire to have a career in air travel.
  • Cargo management - This course trains students about how to handle cargo or load. The cargo can either be shipped by sea or air. Basically, the details involve the logistics and transportation management. The course has interesting dimensions such as Cargo Insurance, which is a whole new dimension in cargo management. Insured cargo will give you the peace of mind you need especially if the load is valuable.
  • Cabin crew operation – Ideally, a flight will have many staff members on board. There are those who work alongside or as assistants to the pilot. There are engineers, hostesses, and many other professionals who make flights take place smoothly. This course gives the fundamental know-how of what should take place during a flight.
  • Piloting – This is the central focus in aviation. The piloting course is where learners are equipped with knowledge on how to manage a plane in the skies, how to land successfully, and how to take off. This course will allow you to get a private or commercial pilot license from the Ghana Aviation Authority.

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ghana school of aviation admission, school of aviation in ghana, ghana school of aviation requirements

It is worth noting that there are other professional courses offered at the School of Aviation Ghana and other schools including Global School of Aviation Kumasi Ghana. The boon is that the school offers market-ready courses that are very relevant in the corporate world for both white and blue collar jobs. The courses include the following;

  • Business administration (BA) – This course deals with matters of business administration, finance, accounting, and human resource management. BA is highly marketable because its graduates can fit in any organization.
  • Hotel management – Students taking this course will get knowledge of how a hotel or restaurant should be managed to ensure its operations are profitable.
  • Travel and tourism – This is yet another option among the courses at School of Aviation Ghana. The travel and tourism course is closely linked to aviation since by extension it handles passengers who require accommodation and other hospitality services. Majorly, the course deals with tourist management, tours and tour guiding roles among many other things.
  • Information Technology – This is profoundly one of the highly demanded courses offered at the School of Aviation Ghana. The reason for the high demand is the incorporation of technology in almost every other sector of the economy with automation. Aviation is among the tech services that have experienced shifts because of the use of technology. It is, therefore, necessary for aviation schools to teach Information Technology to enable graduates to apply the knowledge in many other aspects of the economy.

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Ghana International School of Aviation forms

ghana school of aviation admission, school of aviation in ghana, ghana school of aviation requirements

As aforementioned, there are application forms that an interested candidate should submit to the admissions office for considerations. The forms can be obtained from the School of Aviation Kumasi Ghana offices. Alternatively, the forms can be downloaded from this website. Afterward, you should fill the forms appropriately and submit them. Your submission should include your academic testimonials and other official stipulated documents.

Here are the steps that one should follow during the application process to get admission into the School of Aviation in Ghana.

  • Get online to the Ghana School of Aviation official website using the link.
  • If the admissions are ongoing, you will see an icon for admissions that you need to click. You will find downloadable a form. Proceed to download and print it, then fill it up and submit.
  • You will be expected to fill up personal and educational details such as your names, date of birth, citizenship, sex, marital status, city, current residence, physical address, email, medical profile; your height, weight, hearing vision among other things. Education-wise, you will be expected to fill up your profile from the highest level of education to the lowest while indicating the grades you obtained at each level.
  • Besides the above information, you will need to state the aviation course of interest and any experience if applicable.
  • Similarly, you need to prove that you are a person of a high moral standing and the step will prompt you to upload your police character report.
  • Attach all other credentials as may be requested and submit to the admissions office in Kumasi, Ghana.
  • However, if you desire to do an online application, which is preferred these days, then you need to scan the documents and submit them in a soft copy.
  • After evaluating your documents, the office in charge will get back to you via telephone or mail to inform you if you qualified for admission and then send you an invitation letter.
  • Subsequently, the candidate will go through the whole process of enrollment as guided in the invitation letter by the Ghana International School of Aviation. The orientation will then be done before commencement of study.

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It is worth mentioning that the Ghana School of Aviation admission is not done freely. When downloading an application form, you will need to pay some amount directly to the institution’s bank account. This is in excess of the Ghana School of Aviation fees that each student is expected to pay after they are issued with an admission letter.

The fee is a comprehensive summary of the accommodation, tuition, service, membership among other charges. The updated 2018/2019 fees for the aviation courses in Ghana is readily available on their website. You will need to check it out for a detailed report of the fees structure for both the entry level and continuing students.

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School of Aviation in Ghana location

Ghana School of Aviation Admission Requirements

Well, it would not be deserving if the school contacts were left unmentioned as this would directly imply there is no mean to link up with the school for any inquiry or any other thing that one may need to know. The physical location for this institution is based at the Abibman Premises, which is directly opposite the Seventh Day Adventist Hospital Kwadaso. The postal address is P. O. BOX 12145, Adum Kumasi.

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The school is located in close proximity with the town’s Central Business District and many social amenities.

However, if this information is still not enough, one can write to the school via the email address or reach out to them on this address where most of the information about the school is found. If you need the telephone numbers, here they are: +233 27 752 2528 or you can send them a message on Whats App on +233 26 251 6656 or +233 20 090 5423.

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Benefits of taking courses at School of Aviation Ghana

ghana school of aviation admission, school of aviation in ghana, ghana school of aviation requirements

The basic thing one will naturally expect from a school is learning. However, the Ghana International School of Aviation offers you learning and much more. The extra mile that this aviation school goes tells you why the school is preferred by many and why you should consider it as your institution of higher learning. Here are the other benefits;

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  • Career development – This is an institution with an undeniably smart reputation and proven track record of performance. This is a prime destination for people who want to develop their careers and move up the corporate ladder.
  • Alumni pool is more marketable – Thanks to the skills and expertise input in their students, once they successfully graduate, they are easily absorbed into the market because they have hands-on experience with the facilities and mechanical bits and the know-how.
  • Quickly adapting to the job market – The school trains its students on how the job market is transforming and, therefore, their graduates adapt effortlessly and get absorbed into the practices. The job-ready graduates show that the school is highly efficient even amidst dynamism.
  • Job diversity - The training that students get from the courses offered at School of Aviation meets international standards. As such, the graduates can work anywhere around the world and still be good to go. The ability to work from anywhere gives students from this aviation school an edge and the chance to get job placements in reputable organizations and institutions both locally and internationally.
  • Computer proficiency - The boon at the Global School of Aviation Kumasi Ghana is that the school has fully embraced the use of computer and modern information technology systems. It then goes without saying that this too has been well incorporated into the learning process where students get to practice using the state-of-art technologically based facilities. Such a learning environment is the perfect blend for what is already in use in the market.

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The school was established in 1984 and works to ensure that civil aviation is safe and that the security is guaranteed just as per the Ghana Civil Aviation Authority (GCAA) regulations. The GCAA is an oversight body that ensures international standards are observed. The school has other branches around the world such as in Nigeria, Togo, Benin, South Africa, Ghana and even in London, United Kingdom.

Comprehensively, the School of Aviation in Ghana is a viable option when it comes to offering aviation courses. You only need to meet the Ghana school of aviation admission requirements to get started. Over time, this institution has consistently proved that it releases qualified graduates into the market who have great acumen in matters of air navigation services and piloting.

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