100+ Happy Easter greetings and quotes to share with friends and family

100+ Happy Easter greetings and quotes to share with friends and family

Easter offers the opportunity to share goodwill and gratitude with friends and family or colleagues and clients. While it is a sacred religious festival for Christians, people of many faiths embrace the ancient celebration that welcomes spring. What better way to commemorate the day than by sending Easter greetings and quotes to spread joy and happiness?

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Happy Easter
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The Easter holiday is a monumental part of Christianity. It is when Christians celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ after his crucifixion. This holiday reminds people of the sacrifices that Jesus made for human beings. During this period, people normally send thoughtful and fun messages to their loved ones.

Happy Easter greetings

Easter comes at such a hopeful time of year. And such a time, optimism is a great feeling to share in a card or note to someone you care about. Here are some of the best happy Easter greetings and quotes to share with your friends and family.

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Easter card messages

During Easter celebrations, you might want to send an Easter message of hope to a friend who is struggling. You might also need to share an Easter card message to share the promise of this meaningful Christian holiday.

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  • This special day is not only for us to share kindness and love, but also for candies and chocolates. Have a lovely Easter.
  • Did you see that bunny just cross over to the side of the road? Yes, but it is an off day for the chicken. Have yourself a wonderful and lovely day.
  • May you have a cracking day.
  • Here is the special Easter; hope you have your eggs so that we can put them in one basket. Have the best day.
  • Between my chocolate bunny and your chocolate bunny, which one is bigger? Of course, mine, have a lovely day ahead and better ones for the rest of your life.
  • I wish bunnies could lay chocolate rather than eggs. A happy, lovely, and blessed Easter is all I wish for you.
  • I am greatly waiting for this Easter season so that I can find chicks for myself. May you have a joyful Easter.
  • Allow your kids to enjoy as much as they want for Easter treats. From candies to sweets, but once the Easter time is over. Have yourself a day full of fun and happiness.
  • Stand up, sing, and cheer from anywhere that you are because the special Easter that we as Christians have eagerly awaited is here. May you enjoy your day.
  • I am in love with biting chocolate Easter bunnies' heads. I wish you an amazing day.
  • Kids do appreciate Easter because of the hunts they enjoy. Wishing you a wonderful and fantastic day.
  • I wish the Easter bunnies could be laying plastic eggs rather than the chocolate ones. May you have a fantastic day.
  • Are you in love with candies? Well, here is the only holiday that candies miraculously get into one basket just for you. Wishing you the best of luck today, tomorrow and in the coming years ahead.
  • Yesterday I was busy wondering why and how only colourful eggs are laid by Easter Bunny.
  • Happy Easter! May you be surrounded with spirituality, inspiration, and devotion!
  • Happy Easter to you and your family. May you enjoy a joyful and lovely Easter holiday.
  • Happy Easter Sunday. May the miracle of Easter brighten your life with love, happiness, and joy!
  • Wishing you a happy Easter holiday. May God bless you with the immense happiness of the world upon you and your family for now and always!
  • May Jesus bless you with everything you desire and everything good for you. Celebrate the life and its blessings with your family this Easter.
  • Sending heartiest wishes on Easter. May you have the happiest Easter holiday filled with joy, peace, and many Easter eggs.
  • Wishing you a blessed Easter, my friend! May God fill your Easter basket with happiness and joy for always!
  • Wish you a blessed Easter, honey! May the light of God shine on your way always, and His wisdom helps you in your way!
  • Happy Easter to you, mom and dad! Your love and support are the best of all the gifts I have this Easter.
  • May the lesson of Easter lighten your heart, and the blessings of the Lord bestowed in your life always! Happy Easter holiday.

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Happy Easter
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  • The great signs of springtime bring the true spirit of Easter. Enjoy this happy time of cheerfulness and hope. Have a great Easter.
  • May the chocolates taste sweeter today as you become surrounded with love! Happy Easter!
  • Wishing you and your family an Easter season filled with peace, joy, and the spirit of renewal.
  • Happy Easter, my love! You filled my life with every good thing in the world, and my heart loves you so much.
  • Have a luscious bunny easter this year, my favourite bunny. You are the cutest, cuddliest, and most awesome bunny ever.
  • May the endless blessings of God be with you throughout the spring. Best wishes for Easter and the season ahead.
  • Sending wishes for a happy Easter weekend. May God bless you and your family.
  • Spread the joy and warmth in your hearts to everyone this Easter. I hope this Easter brings promotion and success to your life. Wishing you a very happy and blessed Easter.
  • Sending my heartiest wishes on the holy Easter morning. May this Easter make your dreams come true and bring a lot of love, happiness, and health to your family!

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Free happy Easter wishes

Easter is a time to spread love. On this day, He resurrected after dying for our sins. There is nothing that can measure up to this love, but happy Easter cards may get close. Here are some amazing Easter greetings verses you can share.

  • I will forever cherish you my loved one. Wishing you an awesome Easter.
  • Jesus died for our sins to be forgiven. How I wish I could express that love to you. Have yourself a happy Easter 2022.
  • As Easter symbolizes a renewal to Christians, I pray that it will be a new beginning for our love to last forever. Wishing you a day full of fun and a better tomorrow.
  • I love you so much that I can’t express it; wishing you a happy, full of joy, and God’s blessings Easter.
  • I pray that both of us remain a God’s blessing to each other forever. Have yourself a beautiful Easter.
  • It is a day that we should all be happy and enjoy the risen Christ. For this day to be complete, I need to wish you a fabulous day and always remember that you are my happiness.
  • Hello, my dear hubby, I wish you a beautiful day, and may our love continue to bloom from this special Easter to more days that we will share with you.
  • Happy Easter to you and your family! Wishing you an enjoyable and exciting Easter weekend with your loved ones! Hope the Easter eggs bring you the nicest treats!
  • I Hope the sweet treats and mysterious Easter eggs offer you a good time! Extending my Easter greetings with much warmth and love! Wishing you all an exciting weekend!
  • Easter is the time to remember the sacrifice made by Lord Christ and his unconditional love. Let us follow the right path shown by the Son of God. Happy Easter.
  • Happy Easter to you and your family! Hope you can enjoy this significant occasion amidst love, peace, and prosperity! Have a great weekend!
  • Happy Easter to you and your family! I hope you will be able to spend some meaningful time with sweet delicacies and abundant laughter!
  • Warmest Easter wishes to go to you and your family! May the spirit of Easter stay ignited in your hearts and bring you serenity!
  • Praise Christ, for He has defeated death and saved us all! Happy Easter!
  • May the blessings of Christ shower on you, and may you be surrounded with the joy and laughter of your near and dear ones on this day. Happy Easter.
  • Jesus Christ should live in our hearts. Let us invite Him to reign in our lives. Have a meaningful Easter!
  • May the spirit of Easter bring about the turning points of your lives! Have a happy Easter!
  • Happy Easter, dear! May you enjoy the occasion in good health!
  • May every bit of your life be filled with Easter blessings and the colours of spring. Happy Easter!
  • Happy Easter to a great friend. May your life receive a new light to walk in today and always!
  • May this Easter holiday bring you blooming guarantees of love and happiness and help you achieve all of your dreams. Enjoy the holiday season, mate.
  • Do not let the Easter bunny fool you; he knows his drills. Sending warm wishes to you and your dear ones. Happy Easter.
  • Many happy Easter, pal! May God shower you with all the excellent blessings of the world!
  • Happy Easter Sunday is here, my dear! I wish you weep no more and no cloud of sorrow grasp your sky.

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Happy Easter
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  • May the colours and freshness of spring fill you with renewed energy and make you all charged up for success and glory. Happy Easter, dear friend!
  • Warm Easter wishes, dear! I cherish each moment spent with you, and Easter becomes more special this way!
  • Happy Easter, my love! The sweetness you brought into my life beats the delicacies of Easter! Thank you for being my guiding force!
  • Every day is filled with enormous possibilities because of you! Wishing you an incredible Easter ahead!
  • Happy Easter, honey! I am lucky to be spending this joyful celebration with you!
  • Happy Easter, sweetheart! I can never thank you enough for all the love, support, and adoration you shower me with!
  • Happy Easter, handsome! May your day become full to the brim with love, laughter and abundant joy!
  • Warmest wishes for Easter, my love! Fill your basket with the best of everything and enjoy the holiday!

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Religious Easter greetings

Religious happy Easter greetings and wishes will make a believer's faith get stronger and find more reasons to appreciate God’s great doing. Here are the best and most sincere religious happy Easter quotes to celebrate this season.

  • We human beings live and later die, but Jesus Christ died and lived. He has risen from the dead and our sins are forgiven. May we live to follow his steps of love and care; wishing everyone a fabulous day.
  • We need to glorify God and be happy for his resurrection. Enjoy your day.
  • We should all celebrate Easter because God renews our lives. Wishing everybody a fabulous Easter.
  • I thank God for making us celebrate yet another Easter this year. Wishing you a happy Easter 2022.
  • I thank God for giving me you as my parent. I have a reason to smile and not despair. Wishing you an awesome Easter.
  • As a person, you should ask yourself what you love most, that special thing that tells who you are. As a Christian, you should try your best not to value worldly treasures, but desire to serve God. Wishing you a happy and full of blessed Easter.
  • I believe Christians never lose hope. Right? Even if you are going through a tough time, find a reason to glorify God for making you reach another Easter. Have a fabulous day.
  • If celebrating will make you feel that you are a renewed Christian, do it woefully. Wishing you a lovely Easter.
  • You can imagine the suffering and dying just for you to be forgiven and find favour from God. Enjoy to the fullest and have a blessed Easter.
  • May this Easter bring your family together and fill you with grand celebration, joy, chocolates, and happiness!
  • Happy Easter, sweetheart! I wish you a thrilled Easter and hope you have a basket overflowing with blessings and goodies!
  • Sending you an Easter blessing. May the resurrection day of Jesus bring a miracle to your life and fill it with His love and blessings for eternity.
  • Wishing you a joyful Easter holiday celebration. May the deep meaning of this holy occasion constantly remind you that God is always with us!
  • Sending you the heartiest wishes on this auspicious day. May God allow you a new beginning with great prosperity, happiness and success! Happy Easter.
  • Easter is a time for hope and renewal of spirit; let the spirits guide you to be a better person and make it easy for you. Happy Easter Sunday.
  • Happy Easter to my favourite human being. May God fulfil all your dreams on this holy Easter Sunday!
  • Wishing my little bunny lots of smiles and happiness this Easter holy day.
  • I hope this Easter brings you prosperity and success. May you enjoy this day surrounded by the loving company of friends and family.
  • Have a happy and blessed Easter. May God fill your Easter basket with peace, prosperity, and luck this Easter.
  • Wishing you a lovely Easter. May Jesus continues to bless you with happiness and health.
  • May His life inspire you and encourage you to join the Easter spirit. Happy Easter to you and your family.
  • You are a blessing in my life. Sending you my best wishes on Easter, my love.
  • Wishing you an Easter filled with serenity and love. May our Lord keep you safe and bless you with an abundance of happiness. Happy Easter!
  • Happy Easter to all my family and friends. Let us remember the true spirit of Easter and praise Jesus Christ.
  • While celebrating Christ's resurrection, observe how all your hopes are resurrected. Our Lord is looking out for you. Happy Easter.
  • Never forget to be thankful and glorify Jesus’s rise. Have a safe and blessed Easter.
  • Trust in God’s will like Jesus did, and you will be blessed with His kindness. Have a blissful Easter.

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Happy Easter
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  • Happy Easter to you and your family. May God continue to bless you with goodness and kindness and fill your life with peace and hope.
  • Rejoice in His rise and sing a hymn of Him. May the Easter spirit bestow good upon your year.
  • Praying your Easter is filled with all the power and glory. All hail Jesus.
  • May your faith strengthen on this day of rebirth. Happy Easter to you.
  • May Jesus Christ take away your sorrow and fill your life with joy this Easter.
  • He has risen! Praise be to the God. With a thankful heart, I wish you and your family a happy Easter.
  • Sending my Easter greetings to my family and friends. May God bless you always.
  • I pray that the Lord will guide me through every obstacle. Sending Easter blessings on your way.


  1. Do you know what to write on an Easter card? You should write encouraging and celebratory messages to honour the death and resurrection of Christ.
  2. What do you write on animated happy Easter wishes? You write simple messages that people can easily understand.
  3. Which are the best Easter greetings for handmade cards? Wish you a joyous and peaceful Easter holiday; I hope you have a beautiful Easter, and wishing you an Easter full of joy, hope and surprises are some of the best greetings to share.
  4. What is a good Bible verse for Easter? 1 Corinthians 15:21: "For since death came through a man, the resurrection of the dead also comes through a man."
  5. What does Easter Sunday mean? It represents the fulfilment of the prophecies of the Old Testament and the revelation of God's salvific plan for all of humankind.
  6. How do you explain Easter to a child? Easter is the celebration of when Jesus rose from the dead to be with God.
  7. Why is Easter different each year? Easter's exact date varies so much because it depends on the moon.

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Sending happy Easter greetings and quotes to your loved ones makes them feel special and appreciated. It will remind your loved ones that you are thinking of them during this special holiday.

Yen.com.gh shared an interesting article about religious Easter messages and wishes to write in an Easter card. Easter is unquestionably the biggest and the most imperative festival for Christian across the world. The festival can be interpreted in a lot of ways.

One of the integral aspects of the celebration is sending religious easter messages to your loved ones as well as professional relations. Your religious easter messages should be full of blessings, praising of the lord, love, and prayers.

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