Scholarship for Ghanaians to study in Russia

Scholarship for Ghanaians to study in Russia

Acquiring scholarships for Ghanaians to study in Russia may just be your way out especially if you want to increase your value as far as employability is concerned. Studying abroad has a way of enhancing one’s CV and making them more attractive to employers probably because they have faith in the education systems of other countries especially those that are known to be experts and industry leaders in some of the fields that they offer training in. As such, most people will jump at the opportunity of getting a prestigious scholarship especially if it comes fully catered for. To make this happen however, you need to stand out among the many applicants. The opportunity is lucrative and will definitely be one that many people will be rushing for. You need to be in a position that will guarantee you a position. This article is meant to be a guide on how Ghanainas can tap into the scholarship opportunities i Russia in the 2018-2019 academic year.

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Russian scholarships
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Scholarship in Russia 2018

It would be great if one can get a full scholarship for Ghanaians to study abroad as this would mean that such individuals only have to worry about their studies since everything else is sorted out. In such cases, students will jump at the opportunity considering that such offers come rarely and are very difficult to get especially with stiff competition. However, in the event that a partial scholarship is available, it is still advisable to take up the offer and work your way through the rest of your needs. You can apply for part time jobs to foot some of your most pressing needs and request support from your family.

The bottom line is that you should not turn down a good opportunity especially one that offers better education leads just because you are short of funds. After all, you can always apply for more grants and assistance when you are already taking up the classes. Sometimes when the opportunity slips it is close to impossible to get another one.

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Every year the Russian government offers state scholarships for Russians living abroad and foreigners to come into universities in Russia under similar terms as the citizens. The government funded slots for international students are given each year and 2018 is no different. In 2017, 15000 slots were accorded these students.

International students who are university graduates completing their internships for programs of vocational training receive no maintenance allowance. All these students get is a dormitory accommodation in the university dorms. It is advisable to always call the University of your Choice in Russia to find out how best to go about the application process. Generally though the university international sponsorship office will respond to your detailed application letter once you have passed your entry exams.

Russian scholarships for international students 2018- How to apply

For you to apply and qualify for a Russian government sponsorship, you have to do things right. Start by visiting the official sponsorship application website on This is where you are likely to find the announcement inviting people to apply for the scholarship positions being offered by the government. Alternatively you can check on the website of the Russian embassy to find out when the invites have been slotted for.

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Once you have some basic information about the existence of the scholarship, you next move would be to contact the united operator in your country. This is crucial since you need to get specific details on applying for a scholarship for the specific course you want to pursue in Russia. This correspondent will help you with all the info needed to apply for a scholarship in your interested field of study.

The number of scholarships funded by the Russian government allocated to a country depends on the relationship that Russia has with that country. This means that your country may be allocated fewer scholarships than you imagine hence speed will be of utmost importance if you want to secure one of the few opportunities availed.

Russian scholarships

Apart from this, some of the countries have agreements with Russia concerning the number of scholarships and fields of study. Find out who the operator for your country is. It could be the Russian embassy, a representative office of Rossotrudnichestvo or even a representative office of Rossotrudnichestvo at the Russian embassy.

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After your contact with the united operator and especially when you have all the comprehensive information regarding the field of study you are interested in, your next step would be to proceed to the to register and fill out an electronic application form. Once the application is completed you then submit it. The form should have the following details:

  • Your personal information which will include your name, country of residence, date of birth, contact details especially the phone number and email address. These are important since you will receive details and updates concerning the progress of the application
  • Indicate your current profession or field of specialization for which you are applying the scholarship. This information is subject to change as you will as long as it is before your relevant tests are done
  • Indicate the level of your current education status
  • Choose up to 6 universities that you can study at. However you need to note that you cannot choose more than three in one federal constituency. Also note that for the cities of Moscow and St. Petersburg you cannot choose more than two universities in the same city. You should always indicate the university you love the most first and list the others in descending order of your preference.
  • You will also need a passport copy or copy of your birth certificate. If you go for the passport make sure it is valid at least 18 months from the date of your arrival in Russia.
  • You also need copies of education documents that can prove your current education level is what it says it is.

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Russian scholarships
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  • Your fourth move will then be to go back and wait for an invitation to take part in the selection process. This entails going through interviews, examinations and tests. You can get the schedule of the test, interviews and exams directly on your email or have it posted on the operator’s website. This depends on the country that you are applying from. These tests are organized by a group that works to ensure that all participants and scores are availed for all to see once the test has been done.
  • Check your name in the list of the candidates that took the test. This information will be posted on the official website of the united operator or could be sent on email. This is however subject to confirmation. You can always check with your country’s operator. If you are a successful applicant that does not understand Russian to a degree that is useful for classes you will have to be signed up for preparatory classes. These classes take a whole year where students learn Russian and other basic subjects relevant to the field of study they are interested in. If you pass your exam at the end of the class then you earn a right to proceed with your studies in the field of your choice. Students that fail at this will automatically lose their right to the sponsorship and as such free tuition.
  • In case you feature in the list of candidates you should work on preparing more documents. These include a doctor’s certificate which will in turn clear you of any medical issues that could stand in your way of being accepted in any Russian university. You will also need copies of all the documents listed on the Rossotrudnichestvo. Website. You can choose to attach the needed documents to the electronic form or take them physically to the operator in your country. This information will reach the head office in Moscow after which it goes to the ministry of education which will then add it to the website. The students that complete their registration successfully will receive an ID that allows them to access the information from the site. This is useful as it enables easy tracking of the application status.
  • The final step will be to wait for the notification or letter that confirms your acceptance to a university in Russia. This confirmation of enrollment will contain all the other useful steps you need to follow to complete the process. This information will be relayed to you by a representative of the united operator in your country. You need to note that you may be asked to sit for additional examinations in the respective universities especially when taking up certain causes such as arts and humanities. These tests are to measure how creative you can be. The university will decide whether to accept the candidate or not based on the additional examination contest.

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The procedure described above works even for the undergraduate scholarship Russia. If you are looking into the possibility of getting a scholarship for Ghanaian students to study in Russia then you need to equip yourself with the knowledge that you need early enough. It is possible that you pursue your dream course without having to pay a cent towards your education. As long as you are bright and aggressive, you are going to secure a scholarship for yourself.

Russian scholarship
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Scholarships in Russia for African students

Russia has advanced technology when it comes to different industries which makes it one of the best destinations for academic excellence. The government of Russia recognized the resources its educational institutions have that it has worked around having certain international students come into these institutions for learning. African students features among the list of international students whose opportunities are spared. All you have to do to gain admission to any of the universities that you have researched in Russia is to follow the appropriate procedure.

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Remember that you have to fill the Russia study application form is you are to study in Russia for free. You first have to be accepted which means that you will have to undergo a series of tests which when qualified will guarantee acceptance into the university that you prefer. Not to be fooled though, these opportunities are highly competitive and sought after that only the best will get through. You can be smart in your field but a simple Russian language scholarships test will disqualify you. The secret therefore is to ensure that you put in your best and stick to the relevant advice that you will be given by the scholarship representatives in your country.

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When you note that there are thousands fighting to get one of the limited slots that you are applying for then you will definitely bring your A game. Approach the process with caution. Take up supplementary lessons if you have to especially to enhance your basic Russian language. Even if you pass in all other tests and interviews and fail at the language test, your scholarship will be dropped and awarded to someone else.

You need to be extra cautious and keep following up on the progress of the application once you get though the tests successfully. You may be surprised when your dream to study abroad without paying a cent comes through. You can enroll for any level of education from undergraduate to Phd level since they are all available for international students under the Russian government’s scholarship program. Do not let this one pass you by when the procedure of applying for scholarship in Russia has been broken down for you.

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