Tuition free universities in Norway for international students

Tuition free universities in Norway for international students

If you think education is expensive then try ignorance. Tuition free universities in Norway are giving students that would otherwise miss an opportunity to pursue their dreams a chance to further their studies. While education may be a right for all, not many have had the privilege to reach heights they desire because of financial constraints. Fortunately, the news of institutions of higher learning, willing to offer support to bright students is a major relief. While it is true that anyone can learn from anywhere, there are certain environments and conditions that make it conducive to attain skills that will mold any person into a great professional. Knowing how to get to these institutions despite the challenges can give you the good breaks you may be seeking. This comprehensive guide to institutions within Norway which do not charge tuition fees is a good place to start. These institutions offer free tuition and scholarships for deserving international students.

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Information is power. So accessibility to useful information transforms your life for the better. If you are the kind of an academic enthusiast but the stumbling block is finance then this article presents you with viable options to choose from.

Top Norwegian universities that are free

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If you are an international student searching for a study destination, Norway sounds like a great place especially if you consider the free education. Norway is well known for its quality education. As a country, Norway finances education with money from taxes. Tuition free universities in Norway are not only open to the native students but also to foreign or international students. With the education fees covered, all you have to worry about are your living expenses.

It’s also important to understand that not all universities offer free tuition. It is important to note that there are certain courses in Norwegian universities offered at a fee. This way, you will be informed about the right courses and universities to attend. While majority are free, not all are. Making the right choice from the beginning is thus crucial. Start y picking an institution that suits you best. You need to understand that the living standards in Norway are too high. Inasmuch as you get a scholarship, it is important that you prove your ability to sustain yourself . With the basics in mind, check out the following free universities in Norway.

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1. Norwegian university of life sciences

Norwegian University of life sciences is impacting the world greatly through the professional programs they offer. The university tackles the following areas of concern.

  • Sustainable development
  • Human and animal health improvement
  • Sources of renewable energy
  • Food production
  • Land and resource management.

The faculties offered in this facility include the following:

  • Science and technology
  • Bioscience
  • Chemistry
  • Biotechnology
  • Food sciences
  • Environmental sciences
  • Natural resource management
  • Landscape and society
  • Economics and business
  • Veterinary medicine

If you want to study for free in Norway this is one of the universities you can opt for. It has campuses located in Adamstuen and Ås. You can check out their offical website for more comprehensive info.

2. Norwegian university of science and technology (NTNU)

Norwegian university of science and technology is a university in Norway with an international focus. The university has its main campus in Trondheim and other campuses in Gjøvik and Ålesund. The university offers professional studies in a number of programs. The university has its focus majorly on science and technology. However, the following programs are also offered.

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  • Health sciences
  • Medicine
  • Education science
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Social sciences
  • Humanities
  • Architecture
  • Art disciplines
  • Economics
  • Artistic activities

The university has its focus mainly ion the following areas:

  • Energy
  • Sustainability
  • Health
  • Oceans.

These are summarized as the ‘four strategic areas of research’. Norwegian university of science and technology offers students study advantage over the other universities in the larger Europe continent. It is one of the most reputed free tuition Universities in Norway. Students however, cover their own living expenditures. It is also to be noted that students who are not citizens of EU/EFTA/EEA can only be granted a visa if they document that they have sufficient funding to reside in the country. The university is also available in Tokyo and Brussel. If you have got what it takes for you to study for free in Norway in this university, then you can make an online application. The requirements for this include:

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  1. Birth certificate
  2. English language proficiency certificate
  3. International passport and
  4. Certificates and diplomas

3. University of Bergen

Whenever you think about Norway public universities free tuition programs then this is a public university that should come to mind. This university of Bergen does not charge tuition fees for its courses. The only money you part with is NOK 480. This money is paid as a semester fee and goes straight to the student welfare organization (SiB). The above fee is to enable you access several services among them medical expenses, subsidized accommodation and cultural activities. The University of Bergen is open to all. Whether native or international you are entitled to free tuition.

The faculties offered in the University of Bergen include:

  • Faculty of Law
  • Faculty of Social sciences
  • Faculty of Psychology
  • Faculty of Medicine
  • Faculty of Mathematics and Natural sciences

This university is located in Bergen.

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4. University of Nordland

norway public universities free
colleges in norway for international students
tuition free online universities for international students

The University of Nordland emerged thanks to the merging of Nesna University College and Nord-Trøndelag University College in January 2016. Faculties in this university are as follows:

  • Social sciences
  • Biosciences and Aquaculture
  • Business

The following courses are taught in English

  • Master of Science in Aquaculture
  • Master of Science in Energy Management
  • Bachelor of Circumpolar Studies
  • Bachelor of English
  • Master in Social Work
  • Master of Science in Business
  • Bachelor of Science in Biology
  • Master of Science in Business
  • Master of Science in Marine Ecology
  • Master of Science in Business

The university is a public institution and is one of the free tuition Universities in Norway. However, international students are required to meet a minimum fee cost so as to meet living expenses. This university was formally known as Bodø University college. It is located in Bodø

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5. University of Oslo

The University of Oslo is also well known in Norway. Oslo and Akershus University is known for applied science courses. The university does not charge tuition fees. However, semester fee is mandatory. This fee cover for membership in the student welfare organization. The fee is NOK 660 each semester. The university is open to both international and native students. Faculties in the university are as follows:

  • Education
  • Dentistry
  • Social sciences
  • Mathematics and social sciences
  • Theology
  • Law
  • Medicine and
  • Humanities

It is located in Oslo

6. University of Stavanger

This University of Stavanger was established in 2005. Initially before it received university status, it was Høgskolen i Stavanger. The university has the following faculties:

  • Faculty of arts and education
  • Faculty of social sciences
  • Faculty of science and technology

The main campus of this university is Ullandhaug. The university is open to both native and international students. The University is well known for having a large number of its populace as foreign students. The university is one of the free tuition universities in Norway.

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7. University of Tromsø

The University is also referred to as the Arctic university of Norway. The reason being it is the world’s Northern most University. The university has the following faculties:

  • Faculty of Fine arts
  • Faculty of Law
  • Faculty of Sports, tourism and social works
  • Faculty of Biosciences, fisheries and economics
  • Faculty of Humanities, social science and education
  • Faculty of Health sciences
  • Faculty of Science and technology

The University is located in Tromsø. It has other campuses in the following places: Kirkenes, Hammerfest and Alta. It is a public University hence one of the free tuition universities in Norway.

8. University of Agder

University of Agder was formerly known as Agder College and Agder University College. It became a University college after merging with other five colleges, a nursing school and technical college included. It however became a university in 2007 making it one of the youngest Norwegian Universities today. University of Agder has two University campuses. They are located in the areas of Grimstad and Kristiansand. The university has the following faculties

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  • Faculty of Engineering and science
  • Faculty of Teacher education
  • Faculty of Humanities and education
  • Faculty of Health and sport sciences
  • Faculty of Economic and social sciences and finally
  • Faculty of Fine arts

It is a public University and therefore is one of the Universities in Norway that offers free tuition. It also important to note that the university does not offer any undergraduate degree taught in English. This info is crucial when making your decision to join.

Universities in Norway for masters programs

Currently, the number of Universities in Norway offering masters degree program is increasing.

In addition to the Universities mentioned above, the following list of Universities in Norway offer masters degrees.

1. Bergen University College

tuition free universities for masters degree
colleges in norway for international students
study in norway for free

This is one of the tuition free universities offering masters programs. The university guarantees accommodation. It is located in Bergen. The masters programs offered by the university college include the following:

  • Engineering and technology- software engineering
  • Social science- Education

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2. Norwegian school of economics

It is a member of the council of higher education in Norway. This institution does not charge any application, tuition or admission fee for international students on masters programs. Students are however required to pay the student welfare organization semester fee of 700 NOK. The university is located in Bergen. It offers masters in the following areas

  • Marketing and Brand Management
  • Financial Economics
  • Business Analysis and Performance Management
  • Economic Analysis
  • Energy, Natural Resources and the Environment (taught in English)
  • Economics
  • International Business (taught in English) and last but not least
  • Strategy and Management

3. Bergen academy of arts and design (KHiB)

The name could suggest something different but this is a public University. It is located in Bergen. Its offers also fall under the category of tuition free Universities for masters degree. It offer the following masters degrees:

  • MA in fine Arts
  • MA in Design

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The University is open to both international and native students who have an interest in pursuing design and visual arts.

4. Norwegian academy of music

This University college is a music conservatory. It is located in Oslo. It offers both graduate and undergraduate degree programs. There is absolutely not tuition fee at Norwegian academy of music. However as an international student, especially those outside EU/EEA/EFTA, you are required to document a given sum of money to enable you meet the living expenses. This comes first before you are granted a student residence permit.

Colleges in Norway for international students

There are quite a number of colleges in Norway which allow intakes of students fro other countries. Education in public institutions are free for all colleges in Norway. There are also private colleges that offer courses at a fee. You can commence your tertiary studies from the colleges if your qualifications do not allow you to take advantage of Norway public Universities free tuition. The following are some of the colleges in Norway for international students.

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1. Volda University College

This University college is located in the town of Volda. The University was established by the merging of Volda Teachers College and Møre og Romsdal regional college. The university college has the following faculties

  • Faculty of Humanity and education
  • Faculty of Social science and history
  • Faculty of media and journalism
  • Faculty of Fine and performing arts

The college offers masters programs as well including Master in media practices. The university college provides affordable accommodation to all students. It saves students the hustle and bustle of looking for jobs. This way, students can focus on education. If you are looking for tuition free online universities for international students then this is a starting point. The university college also offers online courses.

2. Aalesund University College

The University college is located in Aalesund, Norway. It is a public university and therefore is one of the free colleges in Norway. It is one of thee colleges in Norway that takes international and native students. The five faculties in the University college are:

  • Faculty of Engineering and Natural science
  • Faculty of Life science
  • Faculty of Health science
  • Faculty of International marketing
  • Faculty of Marine technology and operations

The university college was established in 1994. The college offers free tuition courses. One needs to fund his or her own living expenses in Norway in order to be enrolled for study in this college.

3. Vestfold University College

The university is located in Vestfold, a town between Horten and Tønsberg. It is a public University college. In 2014, Vestfold University College merged with Buskerud University College to form Buskerud and Vestfold University College. The college offers some of the courses in English and is open to both international and native student. The university college has the following faculties

  • Faculty of Maritime studies
  • Faculty of Business, management and entrepreneurship
  • Faculty of Health and Social Work
  • Faculty of Engineering, Technology and IT
  • Faculty of Law and Social Sciences
  • Faculty of Language, Culture and History

The University has the following campuses Bø, Drammen, Kongsberg, Notodden, Porsgrunn, Rauland, Ringerike and Vestfold. The students admitted for courses in this University have to fund their own living.

4. Saami University College

This is a college of applied sciences that was established in 1989. It offers courses in the following faculties

  • Faculty of Teaching
  • Faculty of Journalism

This is a state University and most of the courses offered here do not attract tuition fees. The only expenses incurred are the semester fees for the student welfare organization and living expenses.

5. Narvik University College

It is located in Narvik town. Admission in this college are acorded to anyone that has obtained an entry permit from the Norwegian Directorate of immigration. The permit allows you to study in Norway. Living expense fund of 92500 NOK is required and it is deposited at Norwegian bank. In addition to this, international students must meet all other requirements. This is one of the free colleges in Norway. If you are thinking of colleges in Norway for international students this should be put into consideration.

Tuition free online universities for international students

If you cannot afford to meet the expensive living costs in Norway there is an option of getting yourself Norwegian tuition free education through open distance learning. Tuition free online universities for international students come in the form of open distance learning. The tuition free online universities for international students offer undergraduate and post graduate degrees.

Most Universities offer this programs in Norway. Here is the list of Universities in Norway in this category.

  1. University of Bergen
  2. Arctic university of Norway
  3. University of Oslo
  4. VOX- Norwegian Institute for adult education
  5. Norwegian networked university
  6. NADE- Norwegian Association for Distance and flexible education
  7. Norwegian Ministry of Education and Research

NKI distance education

A bit of focus on NKI distance education will help in bringing understanding of what tuition free online universities for international students are. This is the largest online education provider in Norway. The university was established in 1959. It has a number of faculties including:

  • Faculty of Information technology
  • Faculty of psychology
  • Faculty of philosophy and economics
  • Faculty of education
  • Faculty of business administration

Research projects are funded by the tax payer’s money and therefore it is one of the free tuition Universities in Norway. Learning has never been easier. With the right information, you can made better decisions. Tuition free Universities in Norway provides you with a chance to further your education in the areas of your choice. Carry out your research and compare the various institutions offering free tuition in Norway. Pick out a college that offers a course you are interested in and work around sorting your upkeep. sometimes opportunities need to be grabbed as quick as they are availed. With the option of tuition free Universities in Norway, missing out on a lifetime's chance is pure ignorance that you can blame no one for.

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