12 best Canadian universities for people from Ghana

12 best Canadian universities for people from Ghana

Moving abroad to learn is a big decision to make. Once you have made up your mind to study in Canada, the next obvious step would be to choose which school you will be sending your application. Coming up with the right selection can be a daunting task bearing in mind there are tons of world class schools in Canada. You don’t want to be accepted to a school only to find it does not offer the particular course you want or the climate is not favorable. In this article we will give details of 12 best Canadian universities for people from Ghana.

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What are your study interests? If you do not know what you want to study you should probably seek advice from academicians or people whose opinion you trust. Knowing the subject you want to pursue is not only the first but perhaps the most important as well. If your interest is in a specialized field you may find few schools offering that program. The best way to find out if a school is offering a program you want is by checking its online course catalog or website.

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When choosing a Canadian university, you may want to consider some factors including the type of school, type of degree offered, its location, mode of study, size of the school, its reputation, quality of facilities, fees, financial aid, accommodation and recreation facilities. Students who are straining financially need not worry because there are Canadian universities with scholarships.

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Applying to schools in Canada

High grades are a must have if your application process is to proceed. Most of the top universities demand grades of 70% above the average ones. It means you have to score excellent points because you are competing for limited chances in prestigious universities. For those above 25 years and finished two or more years since their last graduation, some universities require information on the theoretical and practical skills developed in the employment period. The easiest way to apply is to fill a form on the website of the university you prefer and submit the relevant documents as directed. It is also advisable to look out for Canadian universities scholarships to help reduce tuition.

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Which are the best 12 universities for people from Ghana?

The list below is provided in order of Canadian universities by ranking.

1. McGill University

The stakes are really high for those wishing to join this university which tops the Canadian universities list. McGill University is one of the top-ranked universities both in Canada and all over the world. The school came first among Canadian universities in the 2016 QS World University Rankings and was 24th on the overall ranking. It is located in a very diverse city making it the perfect destination for students keen on experiencing different cultures without having to travel far. Its international student bodies is one of the highest in Canada making sure that their interests are well represented. The schools is also relatively cheap for international students as compared to other Canadian universities.

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2. University of British Columbia

UBC, as it is commonly referred, ranks 50th globally based on the QS World University Rankings. The school is quite popular around the world thanks to the international stature of the city. It is also second in the ranking of Canadian universities. In one part of the city there are more than 50% residents who are migrants. This university makes it to the list only because of its ranking. Apart from that, you should know that its tuition rates are higher as compared to the Canadian average hence making it a preferred candidate in the list of Canadian universities. The city in which the school is found is also not the best when it comes to the cost of living.

3. University of Alberta

This school is a popular destination for international students admitting over 6,500 from as many as 147 countries. To ensure international students have the best stay at the university, it provides support services meant to ensure students adjust we and as soon as possible. Although the school is small in size, it means students do not have a lot of trouble moving around. The cost of living is a bit high and the weather unfavorable at times but the tuitions for international students are lower.

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4. University of Toronto

This is another top university for students from Ghana. Found in a city that prides itself for being multicultural, the school is unrivalled when it comes to the quality of education it offers. About 15,000 international students go through this school. The main campus is located right in the middle of the city which makes it an attraction for other activities apart from learning.

5. Dalhousie University

Dalhousie is one of the oldest universities found in Canada. The school’s population comprises more than 18,200 international students. The tuition rates and cost of living in the city are quite bearable as compared to most cities. Having students from 110 different countries, the school could be a good choice for students from Ghana.

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6. University of Montreal

In the world the university ranks 90th according to the Times Higher Education ranking. It tops the list when it comes to Francophone universities in the country. The school is also a top employer in Montreal. This means international students can easily work at the school while they pursue their studies. The school also attracts students owing to the fact that it is very committed to research having used more than half a billion dollars for the same.

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7. McMaster University

This is yet another prestigious university in Canada. In the world ranking of universities it comes at number 140. The Hamilton-based school is known for its more than 70 research centers and institutes. It has also established itself as a leader in the training of medical students.

8. University of Waterloo

Ranking number 152 in the world, university of Waterloo is another university that puts Canada on the map for international students. It is the number one comprehensive research university for the 10th consecutive year. Although it is a relatively modern university having been started in 1957, the school has a population of 36,670 students. A whopping 37% of the school’s graduate students come from other countries.

9. University of Calgary

In 2018, the university has been ranked as number 196 in the world according to the center for world university rankings. This ranking books it a spot as a top 12 university in Canada. Among its five campuses is one in Qatar making it a good choice for exchange programs. In addition to that, the university has given rise to many inventions including the neurochip.

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10. Queen’s University

Apart from ranking at number 224 in the world, the university has a rich heritage. The school was founded in the year 1841, 24 years before Canada was founded. It is a good choice for students who wish to be part of its rich history.

11. Simon Fraser University

This is a leading public research university found in Burnaby, British Columbia. With a student population of about 30,000, the school has appeared regularly as a top university in Canada. The school is very active in giving students exchange programs from various parts of the world. The school is also the only Canadian member of the National Collegiate Athletic association.

12. University of Ottawa

The University of Ottawa is the largest bilingual (English-French) university in the whole world. The school is situated in the Canadian capital city, Ottawa. The school has an employment rate that is 97% for its more than 40,000 students after graduation. The school has more than 450 programmes in diverse fields.

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Students from Ghana are encouraged to send applications to any of the above universities to pursue their education in Canada. They are the top Canadian universities based on their performance and facilities. Do not forget to check the tuition and weather conditions before sending your application.

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