5 most rewarding short courses in Ghana in 2018

5 most rewarding short courses in Ghana in 2018

Have you ever been in that point of your life where you wonder what to do? That period when you have graduated or just finished your diploma or degree and you want to learn something extra that will boost your career. This is the answer for you.You can study Short courses in Ghana In the modern world, the years you spend in school do not matter, the experience and the extra courses and the value hat you possess which makes you a professional is what makes you an asset. Many youths in Ghana are still jobless despite the efforts of the government to have youth development projects that can boost the young people. People spend their time avoiding blue collar jobs and aiming for white collar.

5 most rewarding short courses in Ghana in 2018
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Sitting at the office and working 8 hours every day is not profitable as an individual who does something extra. Starting a business or doing something you truly love is really important. An individual is more productive in what they do if only they are passionate about it.

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Short professional courses in Ghana

Settling for less has been a major problem because a majority of people age not passionate about gaining more knowledge. They want short cuts, and still they want plate of food on their tables every day. It does not work that way. People need to learn to be marketable, going an extra mile stretching a little bit further and being very enthusiastic and aggressive in achieving their goals. This is what short courses provide. They provide a platform for more knowledge and more experience. For example, a student who did agriculture in the university might be passionate about hairdressing or sports. This student can still do a professional course and start a hairdressing business or even do sports part time. Short courses are often very convenient because some classes are available on part-time basis while others are on full time basis. Below are various short professional courses in Ghana that someone can comfortably do;

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1. Banking and finance short courses in Ghana

If you have just finished your finance degree and would like more knowledge on banking, you can do a professional course professional course of the chartered institute of bankers. This curse is done in 4 levels. in each level, you learn more on management and financial system.One is able to understand how banks operate and their systems. A student is well equipped for the job market. The students get conversant with how mortgages work international finance and also trustee businesses. This level is eye opening and students can choose what to specialize in.

5 most rewarding short courses in Ghana in 2018
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If an individual who has not done banking and finance before, he/she can start with doing a certificate in banking and finance. The certificate gives an outline of banking and finance I general. Many colleges and also universities including University of Ghana offer.

Short course in university of Ghana

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2. Computer courses

The technology is evolving at a very fast rate. For you to survive in the modern world, you have got to learn computer. Nowadays, most jobs require people who have computer skills because the business world has also revolutionized. The computer packages equip and individual withheld general basics of a computer, and also help an individual to operate one. In this case, the knowledge of computer is very necessary. It is one of the best short training courses in Ghana.

The department of computer science in the University of Ghana offers an 8-week program. This program includes knowledge on Microsoft packages such as word, excel and PowerPoint. The students also get to learn about other computer packages like sage. This is rocket science to an individual who does not computer. After completing the basic education, get your child or yourself to study computer. It is never too late to learn a thing or two.

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5 most rewarding short courses in Ghana in 2018
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3. Human Resource short courses in Ghana.

Human resources are one of the most sought for curses especially for people who want to possess managerial skills. Human resource is wide and people can get adequate knowledge on. Hr strategy, data and analytics. This program gives knowledge on strategies required to be a good human resource manager. That aside, an individual learns how to input business related data and how to analyze it for the productivity of a given business. It is one of short business courses in Ghana. Below are some of the main units that an individual can specialize in HR.

5 most rewarding short courses in Ghana in 2018
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Job analysis and benefits structures

This basically equips student knowledge on the different structures, like salaries and also other benefits. With this knowledge an individual is well equipped to manage human resources.

Career development

Career development is very necessary for any course. It gives knowledge on doing the right career and also improving the picked career. With career development, one could never go wrong. In some instances people choose the wrong careers. They end up devastated and extremely unhappy. It is therefore necessary to do what someone loves and with this course, career development comes in handy.

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Human resource information systems.

As stated earlier, almost every course needs computer because the world is evolving at a fast rate. In human resource management, knowledge on information systems is very important. The students are equipped with knowledge on the information systems that control employee performance.

Employment laws and regulations

Every company has specific rules and regulations to be followed. The human resource is in charge of ensuring that these laws are followed. In the constitution, there are also employee laws and also rights. The human resource department has to be conversant with these laws in order to ensure that they manage the employees well. Students who do the short course also get to be conversant with ethics and moral conduct in the workplace.

Health, safety, privacy and security

Health is very important in any company. The ministry of health makes visits periodically to see if the public institutions are clean and that they maintain hygiene. Most companies have cleaners who clean and the human resource ensures that the staff does their job well. Maintaining hygiene especially in the washrooms is mandatory.

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The human resource ensures that the employees are in a safe workplace. You can imagine being in a workplace whose building has cracked walls and unpleasant conditions. It is very ha rot work comfortably in such conditions. The human resource is in charge of ensuring that the employees are comfortable and that there are no barriers towards achievement of a business goals and objectives. The human resource takes care of the employees because without them, work cannot move smoothly.


The security of the employees is also very important. That is why most companies have security personnel that ensure that there are no distractions in the workplace. The human resource is in charge of ensuring maximum security in the workplace.

Project management

The human resource is in charge of managing the projects that a company does. Businesses have projects which ensure the growth and productivity of any business. Human resource works hand in hand with the management to ensure that maximum results are obtained. It is one of the short business courses in Ghana.

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4. Safety short courses in Ghana

We can never be too safe anywhere. In fact some things happen for a reason. But some do not because some are avoidable. In a slippery floor, if someone does not dry it, definitely anyone walking through that floor might fall. The safety course however, teaches individuals to prevent bad outcomes. Learning about safety helps to open up the mind of an individual into greater dimensions.

Occupational health and safety short course

Occupational health and safety is a branch of management that incorporates the health and safety of individuals in the workplace. It is very good for a company to have good occupational health and safety measures. In this course, students get to learn about safety measures in cases of accidents. For example I cases of fire breakout, a student will be in a position to know what to do to save themselves and others. Occupational health also covers matters of hygiene in the workplace. This course takes keen attention on preventing hazards or eliminating them. It is one of the University of Ghana legon short courses.

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Construction health and safety

This entails the health and safety of individuals at the construction site. Constructions are not very safe because in some cases the buildings might be weak. Several cases have also emerged of people who die during construction. There are safety rules to void such accidents.

5. Hospitality and catering

Some people are just passionate about neatness, welcoming people and also cooking. An individual can go for a certificate in this course or he/she can choose to do short courses affiliated to hospitality. The short courses enhance your knowledge on a particular subject and change your perception bout certain things. All these courses are available at the top universities in Ghana and also other colleges like the school of hotel, restaurant and tourism. the following short courses are under hospitality and catering;

5 most rewarding short courses in Ghana in 2018
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House keeping

This is a branch of hospitality that majorly focuses on keeping things neat at the hotel. These individuals are in charge of delivering room service and also they change the sheets and the towels every day. In short, they ensure that the rooms are clean and that visitors are comfortable. House keepers have various skills that are not only necessary in a workplace but also at home.


Nowadays, people especially ladies want to know how to cook. Knowing how to cook is also marketable because the professional chefs in big hotels are paid very highly for preparing meals. Aiming at the sky is always important. An individual can take up cookery classes and learn about preparing local and traditional foods. In cookery there is also a branch of baking and pastries. Not everyone can make a good cake or pastries like biscuits and cookies. With this course you learn how to bake, and how to be creative to try new things at your home. This course widens your ability to not only make meals but to prepare delicious meals. They say the key to a man’s heart is through the stomach, but I also believe that women are also impressed by men who can really cook. Cookery is simply interesting for people that are passionate about it.


Catering is wider than cookery because it incorporates both cooking and also serving to the guests. Caterers get very good contracts especially in events like weddings. They do everything to impress the guests in food matters. Catering is also a viable short course and anyone can do it. It just depends in the commitment that an individual has towards being the person they want to be.

Hotel management

Hotel management is a bit diverse. Learners are able to gain skills on handling the employees at the workplace, leading, and organizing activities at the work place. Hotel management is very popular and yet very interesting. For people with a passion in being hoteliers, this is the best course for you. As said earlier, it’s never too late to learn something new, who knows, you might as well find yourself in those big hotels someday. Hotel management allows an individual to understand what goes on in the hotel. An individual manages all the activities including cleaning, ensuring that the guests are received well, and controlling the activities that take place in the hotel. Every hotel has its ratings and it is up to the management to ensure that service delivery is impeccable in order to gain high ratings. Hotels with high ratings have a flow of customers, especially those with facilities like swimming pools. With hotel management course you can also get a job as a waitress or a waiter. Some people are very passionate about being waitresses and waiters. Their job is actually simple except that it takes time. A waitress serves people and also ensures that they have what they need. They are the backbone of survival of all the restaurants.

University of Ghana short courses 2018


Some courses are more marketable with an extra touch of foreign languages. Generally all the students who take up languages get to gain skills such as agenda writing speaking skills and taking minutes. Having your native language and English is not enough. Think big and explore. In some course like human nutrition, an individual with extra foreign languages is more likely to be employed in a nongovernmental institution than who does not. The non-governmental institutions have foreigners and having such an individual, helps in communication and is paid highly for it. Learning English is also very important. As much as it is taught in school, one can never learn all of it. There is still a small bit that is left especially for the literature students. Learning a language or two does not hurt at all. Most marketable foreign languages include French, German, Spanish Chinese and many more.

Development courses

The institute of statistical, social and economic research at the University of Ghana came up with new short courses that aim to solve the problems of development in Ghana. These courses equip an individual with knowledge such as;


The students are equipped with necessary tools to carry out a research in Ghana. Doing research gives clear knowledge o what an individual wants and this contributes to the general improvement of the country. Statistics on the population growth for example help to determine the economic growth.

Vocational courses

The government brought short training courses in Ghana so that everyone world have a chance to do what they love. To join vocational training, you do not have to have very high grades. Among the vocational training courses are;

Beauty and cosmetology this course is available for all the individuals who have special interest in beauty. The course entails hair dressing, make-up and also cosmetics that are used today in the modern world. This cause has gained popularity especially because of the sudden increase in number of people especially ladies in catching up with the latest trends. It is an interesting course all together.

Fashion and design

Fashion and design entails the study of designs. Especially fabrics and how to make clothing out of it. The latest trend s in Ankara, kente and smock dresses has inspired a lot of fashion designers to display their talents. Fashion is an expression of not only culture but also personality. People will always identify you by how you dress. It is therefore very important to study fashion and design and gain knowledge on how to make clothes and many more creative designs.

Building and construction

Lately, you do not have to do the full degree to gain some knowledge. There are many small courses under this field. They include;


This course encompasses the fixing of water ways and drainage systems. A building has to have a plumber to ensure good supply of water in the buildings knowledge of this course helps an individual to gain skills in construction.

Carpentry and masonry

Carpentry involves wood works. At the training institutes you get this course. It is short, and also very informative. For those with special skills in wood works and would like to improve on them, it would not hurt to do this course. masonry involves fixing bricks together to build a house. It gives skills on building and also construction and ways of doing it.

Short courses are very important in establishing the careers of individuals. They are also boosters for people who prefer doing short courses. They also favor people who do not have enough money to do the full courses. All in all we can never be equal, some prefer one thing over the other it just depends on the passion that one has. Those interested in teaching can do the diploma or the degree depending on the ability.

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Short courses give that extra knowledge on a certain topic. They are informative and also very interesting. These courses are very good for people who know what they want to be in life. For those that want to start, start small, do a certificate and progress to a diploma. It is never too late to study or learn new things. Some organizations have also come forth and educated the people who have no ability to sponsor themselves. Bursaries are also disbursed by the government to help the needy students. It is up to a person to aim high. You do not have to know everything but doing something is always important.

5 most rewarding short courses in Ghana in 2018
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The first step is to find out what you love, and what you are passionate about. Do a short course and if it pays off, go ahead and do a degree. After doing a degree some people are often stuck because they find themselves in jobs that they absolutely do not enjoy. A short course however, equips you with extra knowledge and makes you a professional. The job market does not look for how many degrees you have but how much expertise you have on a given career. Short courses give the expertise’s and widen knowledge immeasurably. Find out what you love and enroll to one or two of the many short professional courses Ghana in the colleges and universities

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