List of multimedia schools in Ghana

List of multimedia schools in Ghana

Are you passionate about media and are eager to become part of the team of the growing journalists in Ghana? If this is your desire then you probably know that you are expected to study in an accredited institution if you want to stand a chance. Knowing which multimedia schools in Ghana to attend to is a first step in the right direction. As an aspiring student of journalism you need to understand that the industry is competitive and only picks the very best among the numerous competition out there. You need therefore to know that you can only study in a school that will help you further your career goals. Consider the following schools by weighing their pros and cons and settle for the most appropriate according to your needs and preference. The bottom line though is that if you choose to study in any of the mentioned media colleges in this article, then you improve your chances of succeeding in Ghana’s mainstream media industry by a higher margin. Check these schools out.

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List of Multimedia Schools in Ghana
Source:Al-Rayan International School

The school you join before starting out your career is important as it is responsible for the basic skills you will be acquiring to help you excel in your job. It is especially crucial if you are going to enter into an industry that is as competitive as the media. Choose the right school if you want to stand out. Consider the following schools.

Accredited multimedia schools in Ghana- start right

When scouting for a school to join in Accra make sure that you are settling for one that is accredited and recognized in Ghana and beyond. The goal is to ensure that your skills will not be questioned when you finally get to practice as a journalist. The school you attend should be able to mold you into a world class journalist that can handle tasks on the ground quite effectively. Fortunately these schools are all over in Ghana meaning that if you are really looking for a school in which to study media then you will always find one to suit your needs. Consider the following.

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Multimedia schools in Accra Ghana

Ghana media school

This makes first on the list of media schools in Ghana and especially in Accra. The school specializes in offering a diversity of media courses meaning that any person within the region desiring to take up a course in mass media or journalism can start their search here. Its exact location is in Chimota, Abofu junction. Whether you are looking to join film, radio, production or reporting, anchoring or even TV, all you need to do is to check in at the Ghana media school for more information. Make a point to visit their offices any time of day to get further clarity and detailed info concerning the depth and variety of their courses. You can be sure that you will find something to help you grow into a relevant journalist especially in the current changing modern society.

Abro Media Institute Accra

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This is another of Accra’s finest as far as media students are concerned. The institute is situated in Dansoman. If you are the kind of person that only wants the best the industry has to offer in terms of training then Abro is your go-to college. It specializes in high class training in media related courses. If your focus is on attaining top notch training on broadcast media and newspaper among others then you must visit Abro for more inquires. This may be a decision that you will never regret. It is the right catapult towards success in a highly competitive media world. The institute approaches its training from an angle that emphasizes on practical training with a merge of interactive theory education as long as it can be practiced. This hands on approach makes the quality of education in Abro one of the very best.

Multimedia Institute Ghana

Another of Ghana’s gem located at the heart of Accra is the multimedia institute. The location of multimedia institute of Ghana is near the opera square in Accra. The exact position is between Pagan Street and Asafoatse Nettey. Going by its past successes it is easy to see why this should be a school of your choice. The school has nurtured some of the best journalist in the industry. It boasts of outstanding performances based on the number of professionals that have been churned from the institute. You can choose any of the courses offered at MIG and you will be on the right track.

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Ghana institute of journalism

Also found in Accra, at Gamel Abdul Nasser Ave. It is a public university that specializes in offering training and imparting media skills on student interested in journalism. It was first established by Ghana’s first president, Kwame Nkurumah in 1959. Its association to the University of Ghana makes it possible for the institute to offer degree programs. In fact the institute is recognized as one of the best multimedia colleges in the whole of Ghana. If you want to choose a school that will teach media studies effectively within Accra then this is institute is worth your search. The school offers a variety of courses ranging from short courses, certificates, diplomas and even degree courses.

National film and television institute

This is one of the earlier multimedia college establishments in Ghana. It was started in 1978 and is situated in Kakramadu road in Accra. It is considered one of the best schools offering media studies in Accra Ghana. It is in fact one of the schools one would easily recommend to anyone searching for good quality media education. If your goal is to find an all rounded institution that offers media studies then the national film and television institute offers all the guidance you need.

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Ghana Technology university college

This school was founded in 2005. It’s an establishment of the national telecommunications company. It is located in greater Accra and boost of a good number of students averaging to 7000 students. Its focus is mainly technology courses related to multimedia which makes it stand out.

Accra film school

The Accra film school is also another establishment in Accra whose focus is on TV and film production courses. It is a great recommendation for any person that desires to attend a school that would teach them to become great journalist in Ghana.

List of Multimedia Schools in Ghana
Source: UGC

Cystall galaxy college

This Accra based college specializes in media business and aviation. It is a great school for any person who has deep interest in matters media especially if you are in love with the business aspect of it. It is one of the highly esteem and accredited media colleges in Ghana.

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J-prompt professional institute of technology

This is an accredited higher education institute with full mandate from the Ghana education services. It is one of the institutes located at Limomo walk asylum in Accra. It specializes in offering courses on journalism and media with a focus on high quality education to all students that attend the school. With a focus on channeling reputed professionals in the media world, this school’s aim is to stand out and be counted. It definitely meets the cut of one of the best multimedia schools in Ghana.

This college is well known for its focus on three aspects of multimedia training. These are video editing, sound engineering and character animation all of which are exciting area so career advancement in addition to being massive income earners. In case you are the kind of person who passion and ambition are in either of these three lines then J-prompt is ready and willing to assist you make your move towards a successful career path that would otherwise be only a dream. The school focuses on raising professionals through its different courses. These include diploma courses in :

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  • Video editing
  • Sound engineering
  • Character animation

Topman multimedia institute

This college specializes in different media productions including TV and radio. It also has specialty training in other media areas indulging Djying, The college hopes to make its contribution in the media by communicating, developing and being a major part of nation building through appropriate training of its students who will end up in the job market. The institute teaches a number of things including:

  • Television production
  • Radio presentation
  • Disc jokey
  • Acting
  • Script writing
  • Sound engineering
  • Professional video editing
  • News reporting
  • Camera handling
  • TV presenting

These three courses are further divided into departments that then focus on the details of each course. For instance, video editing has capturing, editing itself and effecting and achieving. As for sound engineering the department deals with sound programming, recording and editing as well as mastering and achieving. The last category of character animation focuses of web animation and video animation.

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Multimedia schools in Kumasi

Even though most of the multimedia schools are in Accra, there are some that are in Kumasi. Some of those in Accra have branches in Kumasi a good example being the multimedia institute of Ghana Kumasi. The following are a few media schools in Kumasi that are worth noting.

Royal media communication institute

This is a private institute that trains journalists in broadcasting. The school offers three month long training with the aim of improving the skills of already practicing professionals. It was inaugurated in 2004

Oxford institute of acting and journalism

This is a Kumasi based private media school established in 2005 with only 11 students. It has grown over the years because of its focus on offering quality training in media subjects. It offers courses that include journalism, film acting as well as business.

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P&C Media college

This media college is located at Adrepo highways junction in Kumasi. Its main focus is on radio broadcasting. The owner, one Mr. Ohene Clement and his wife took it upon themselves to set up the college in a bid to save the diminishing standards of radio broadcasting in the country. It also focuses on other aspects of journalism including TV broadcasting.

Even with the list of journalism schools discussed above, there are still some that you can checkout for 2018 entries. When all is said and done it comes down to the school that someone prefers over others. This means that you should be in a position to compare and contrast. Some of these institutes to consider include:

  • Ghana Institute Of Journalism
  • University Of Ghana School Of Communication Studies
  • University Of Education Department Of Communication And Media Studies
  • Islamic University College Ghana Department Of Communication Studies
  • Bluecrest University College School Of Journalism And Mass Communication
  • Jayee University College Faculty Of Communication Science
  • African International University College
  • Christian service University College Department Of Communication
  • Crystal Galaxy College
  • All Stars Media College
  • Media professional institute

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Multimedia design schools in Ghana

AiSAD is the only portfolio multimedia design school in West Africa. It deals with different disciplines of communication designs. It is a course that focuses on media that uses different combinations of media forms including text, audio, video and animation just to mention a few. Students get to experience different competencies that will come in handy in the media field. Some of the lessons will cover the following:

  • Drawing and illustration
  • Art direction
  • Creative communication
  • Copy writing
  • Advertising design
  • Motion graphics and
  • Typography among others

With this media course students can turn out as a professional in different areas within the media industry. These include:

  • Animator
  • 3D modellor
  • Graphic designer
  • Film maker
  • Advertising designer
  • Digital photographer
  • Motion graphic artist

Seeing from the different skills that one can acquire in media colleges, it is possible to break the myth that most media courses end up in traditional roles either as a presenter or reporter. As the market changes and the media platform diversifies, there is a lot more to gain from taking up a media course. The secret is to choose a college or institute that has a higher chances of helping you actualize your goals and dreams. This article only serves to kick start your decision. Take a look at the different colleges and follow up by contacting the few that pick your interest. Within no time you will be on your way to starting off an exciting career in the media.

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