Top newspapers in Ghana and their editors

Top newspapers in Ghana and their editors

The roles of newspapers in Ghana cannot be underestimated. Offices, homes and other establishments sometimes rely on newspapers to get authentic information. Newspaper reports are not only useful in passing information about a current ongoing in the country but are also used as educational pieces to discuss issues that affect the community. This is probably why the old newspaper reporting culture will never die down regardless of the fact that there has been a lot of shift in the media world. Even with the new upcoming techniques there is still need for the newspaper. For this reason knowing the different newspapers available in Ghana is important. This article gives a list of the newspapers that may be of interest to you on a day to day basis.

Newspapers in Ghana

Before you pick any newspaper in Ghana you may want to know what your other options are. The newspaper you settle for may depend on the kind of news genre you are looking for. This includes sports, entertainment, local content and even international news written for the local people. Different newspapers focus on different things and this is something that you may want to bear in mind when settling for a newspaper in Ghana. To better know what you can go for consider the following list.

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List of newspapers in Ghana

Like every other product, the ranking of newspapers may depend on one’s preference. However, when people decide that a certain newspaper is top then there is a good reason for it. Here is a list of top newspapers in Ghana you may want to check out. You can sample a few of the newspapers before you finally settle for one that you believe gives you comprehensive news. You may be inclined to like a certain style of writing in a newspaper and this may confirm your decision to choose it. However, before getting to a point where you have a favorite newspaper read knowing which ones are available will help. While there are over 100 newspapers in Ghana, this list will focus on the most famous one. The top 12 according to most people’s read.

1. All Ghana news

This is one of the leading national newspapers in Ghana today. The newspaper has been able to scoop and maintain this position over the years because it has consistently been able to present current issues regardless of the repercussions that it could attract. The fearlessness has made the newspaper rise into a respectable and reliable source of news for Ghanaians and anyone else interested in local Ghana news. It is edited by Sonny Y.

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2. Daily Guide Ghana

This is one of the newspapers in Ghana that has been able to breech the taboo and expectation that comes with commercialization of news for profit. Ghanaians have been able to accept that this is one newspaper that is reliable and useful hence the over 22,000 copies sales every day. In fact, it is one of the newspapers that is easily available all over Ghana. It has put in place reliable distribution channels that one would rarely believe that the newspaper is a private outlet. It is easy to see that this is one of the most preferred newspapers when it comes to Ghanaians requiring daily dosage of news. Its editor is Fortune Alimi.

3. The Evening News

Being state-owned does not hinder this newspaper from being a famous and sought after paper. While there have been allegations of influences and government manipulation, the newspaper has stayed above all of these claims and rumors and true to what it stands for, it is one of the most reliable sources of info in Ghana. The fact that it is state owned does not compromise it in any way.

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4. Ghanaian Chronicles

This paper has been around from 1996. With time it has risen to become one of the most circulated papers in Ghana despite being private. This English paper boosts of over 45,000 copies being circulated daily. Despite this financial challenges the newspaper has managed to continue bringing quality news to the locals making it one of the best major newspapers in Ghana, at least going by the statistics of sales. It is has a team of regional editors.

newspapers in Ghana
Source:African Arguments

5. Ghanaian Times

If there is one state owned newspaper that has managed to break the option that people have concerning these types of newspapers then it must be the Ghanaian times. The newspaper has continuously gone against people’s expectations by reporting matters as they happen especially when the political heat and wave continues to rise. This newspaper has a daily circulation of about 80,000 copies making it a giant in the industry. It is indisputably the most popular newspaper in Ghana. Its main editor is known as Dave Agbenu.

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6. Ghana Palaver

There is a general tendency to overlook weekly publications probably because of the fact that they are not available frequently. However, this is a different story for the Palaver. Despite being a weekly publication, it is has won the hearts of many Ghanaians because of the trait of reporting happenings fearlessly without worry of getting compromised. This is something that citizens of nay nation appreciate as it means that they get to access useful information. Its editor is Jojo Bruce.

7. Business Guide

This newspaper falls under the business genre of reporting. Even so, this does not make it any less significant or popular. In fact, if anything, it is one of the most sought after paper as eager Ghanaians looking to understand the business world in Ghana rush to buy it. It is comprehensive enough as it brings weekly wrappings of the happenings while at the same time providing deep insights of the same business world. Its editor is

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8. The Finder Newspaper

This may just be your go-to daily read newspaper. It is especially excellent for a person seeking to find a balanced newspaper that offers local news content, entertainment, sports, politics and business in reasonable proportions. In case you want to get a piece of the entire Ghana then choose the finder newspaper. The editor is Darkos Elvis.

9. Junior Graphic

The reading culture is one that we all need to cultivate regardless of our age. If you are looking to find a great newspaper read for your kids then start them out with the junior graphic. This paper focuses on bring relevant educative news to kids that can grasp the content therein. This is probably why it is crossing borders to become internationally soug after.

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10. The Mirror

Considering that it is one of the oldest newspapers in Ghana since its inception in 1953, one can conclude that it has remained relevant over the years hence its ability to remain popular despite new entrants and competition. It continues to be considered suitable for most people because of its ability to deliver news that is unadulterated for a period that spans over 5 decades. The mirror continues to attain its goal of painting a true image of Ghana as a country.

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Newspapers in Ghana

11. People and Places

Just as the name suggests this paper will introduce you to some of the greatest people and places in Ghana. It has successfully manage to break free from the traditional newspaper formats in Ghana and the reception has been amazing. The newspaper offers a breath of fresh air to Ghanaians and brings a different source of news that many would gladly welcome especially when you want a breather form the common political news.

12. Daily Graphic

One of the oldest and most popular papers in Ghana. It was launched in 1950 and currently stands at a circulation rate of over 100,000 copies daily. It has more than 60 years of existence in the media industry making it a perfect choice for any person seeking a good read.

Registered newspapers in Ghana

Sports newspapers in Ghana

The list given above focuses on a variety of newspaper genres. However, if you are a sports fan the first thing that crosses your mind when buying a newspaper whether the paper has a good column focusing on sports. Alternatively, you may go for a paper that dedicates itself to writing about sports only. These publications include the following:

  • All Sports
  • Graphic Sports
  • Kotoko Express
  • Africa Sports
  • Final Whistle
  • The Phobian
  • Guide Sports
  • Ball

If you are a lover of sports then these should give you a headed start as you continue searching around for more print media with the type of sports content you need.

Daily newspapers in Ghana

Check out the following dailies in if you want something to be reading on a daily basis. These can be further subdivided into the different categories to get a clear picture of what you want. They include:

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  • Network Herald
  • National Democrat
  • The Gazette Newspaper
  • The independent
  • The mirror
  • News one newspaper
  • Catholic standard
  • The Christian scoop Newspaper
  • The Ghanaian Lens
  • The Herald
  • Weekly express
  • The guide


  • All Sports
  • Graphic Sports
  • Kotoko Express
  • Africa Sports
  • Final whistle
  • The Phobian
  • Guide Sports
  • Ball


  • Business and Financial Times
  • Business guide

Entertainment & Leisure

  • Graphic Showbiz
  • Funtime
  • Ebony
  • The Spectator
  • JIVE
  • People and Places

We also have publications that are released on a biweekly basis. These are


  • Public Agenda
  • The Heritage
  • Ghana Palaver
  • The Insight
  • Ghanaian Voice
  • Ghanaian Observer
  • Ashanti Pioneer
  • Gye Nyame Concord

Private newspapers in Ghana

The print media in Ghana is full of private players who are considered the better source of information as many believe that they will remain uncompromised and uninfluenced. It goes without saying that the private papers in Ghana are likely to be successful as they will register better sales. Here is a list of some of these players

  • All Ghana News
  • Business and Financial Times
  • Business Guide
  • Christian Messenger
  • Daily Ghana
  • Daily Guide
  • Daily Statesman
  • The Dispatch
  • The Entrepreneur Newspaper
  • Today Newspaper
  • Free Press
  • The Ghanaian Chronicle
  • Ghanaian Voice
  • Green Dove
  • Guide Young Blazers
  • The Guide
  • Heritage
  • Network Herald
  • News One Newspaper
  • 90 Minutes Newspaper
  • People & Places (P&P)
  • The Public Agenda
  • Catholic Standard
  • The Christian Scoop Newspaper
  • The Searchlight
  • Weekly Insight

If you are still wondering about the number of newspapers in Ghana then you can rest easy in the knowledge that you will always have something to read. For those that do not want to buy a physical paper, you can still access the content of most of these papers online. Check out if the paper you are interested in has an online link as most of these papers have websites today. There is no excuse as to why one would not access their favorite paper just because they are short of cash to buy a physical paper.

Financial newspapers in Ghana

These are the types of newspapers that will attract business oriented individuals. If you are looking for a paper that will answer all of your questions regarding the economic status of Ghana and financial performance then you need to read an authority that you can trust. These paper have to be well researched and representative of the real happenings in the country. Consider the following 2 suggestions for this type of content. Both of them are weekly publications. You can get the two for your weekly dose of financial news. It is especially crucial for business people or aspiring entrepreneurs that want to venture into unchartered waters. With the content present in these newspapers you can be sure that you will be getting quality news that you can make your decisions around.

  • Business and Financial Times
  • Business guide


The newspapers are hardly complete without the input of the editors. They are the ones that polish the papers and make them interesting and legible to the public. The following list shows a number of these editors.

List of editors

Editors' list

As far as print media is concerned in Ghana, consumers have a lot to choose from. You can always find a perfect fit for your needs. With over 130 newspapers at your disposal, find a genre that you can accommodate. You also have the freedom to choose how frequent you want to get the paper.


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