Most popular Sinach songs ever

Most popular Sinach songs ever

Osinachi Kalu, popularly known by her stage name Sinach, is a hugely successful Nigerian gospel singer and song writer with multiple award winning records. She has written over 500 songs for herself and other artists as well and many of these have gone on to be amazing hits that consistently take the gospel music industry by storm, from the wildly popular and very catchy, ‘I know Who I am’ to the spiritual and inspiring ‘This Is my Season’, ‘Awesome God’, ‘For This’, ‘I stand Amazed’, ‘Simply Devoted’, ‘Jesus is Alive’. Songs by Sinach have undoubtedly made their mark on the gospel music of our generation.

Sinach Songs

Sinach is married to a pastor of her church, Christ Embassy Church, Pastor Joseph Egbu. The amazing couple had their nuptials in a beautiful white church wedding and have since been blessed with one child. Sinach regularly posts happy pictures of herself and Pastor Joe together with their little child on her social media pages. The singer-songwriter has written a number of different songs for different seasons, needless to say all Sinach gospel songs are inspiring and spiritually uplifting.

Sinach Christmas songs are a joy to listen to over the holiday season and those are part of the list we will run down in this countdown. It goes without saying that around the world and especially in Africa you are bound to hear churches and homes playing music from a Sinach album. She has so far released seven albums including;

  1. Chapter one
  2. I’m blessed
  3. Shout It Loud
  4. From glory To glory
  5. Sinach At Christmas
  6. Sinach Live in Concert – The Name Of Jesus
  7. Waymaker – Live

Every great musician has a collection of amazing hits and even among those there are some that stand out, here are some of the most popular Sinach songs.

1. Sinach – Way Maker

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Sinach Way maker is a slow and peaceful song. It starts off with a soothing piano piece coupled with violins and cymbals that blend well with the music video. Set in the outdoors at a calm and serene landscape by the water with the violinists in suits playing us up to a slow and powerful vocal entry by Sinach. She picks us up from the slow start and builds up slowly to a high as she stretches her vocals to cover a very moving lyrical masterpiece.

Sinach Way maker is a perfect showcase of her vocal ability and is a wonderful song for a truly spiritual worship experience so good she speaks in tongues at the end of the song. Sinach Way maker is by far her most successful hit as YouTube views go with over 54 million views.

2. Sinach – I Know who I am

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This song needs no introduction and is one of her more popular songs. The song was an enormous hit as far as global reach goes and garnered a whopping 35,858,596 vies on her YouTube channel. The song was uploaded by multiple YouTube channels that garnered equally impressive numbers. It is hard not to get up and dance and sing along when the song plays. Its lyrics speak of how we all manifest as God’s wonderful works and taking pride in knowing who we are and our place in the world.

She sings, “I know who I am…Everyday…I know who I am…Take a look at me am a wonder”. Sinach’s Amazing vocal style and use of back ground singers is used here to take us to the next level of worship. Sinach I know who I am is a musical masterpiece as far as invoking emotion in her audience goes and the instrumentals are a perfect match with Sinach’s voice. The production quality of the music video is top notch and it looks like no cost was spared in the making of the video.

3. Sinach – The name of Jesus

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Sinach In the name of Jesus is an amazing worship song from her album Sinach Live in Concert. Its video is a recording of a worship session with Sinach leading the worship. The piano and guitar instrumentals are accompanied by a violin piece that weaves together with the vocals to create a truly uplifting experience as the song rises to a drum ensemble as the worship carries on. The choral vocals unique to church praise and worship experience are perfect and moving. The video for Sinach the name of Jesus has a little over 21 million views on YouTube at the moment and the number continues to rise. In a countdown of Sinach songs the name of Jesus is one song that cannot be left out.

4. Sinach – He did it again

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The song starts off fast paced with the drums which make it perfect for praise and worship evidenced by the lyrics in the very catchy hook in the middle of the song, “…I shout and praise the Lord…I shout it loud from the mountain top… give Him praise”. Sinach comes in with vibrant vocals that make the experience very energetic. The backup vocals then give the song a very unique Sinach signature of being relaxed yet very uplifting at the same time. Sinach he did it again is indeed one to make you count your blessings as you get carried away with the amazing vocals and great instrumentals that really blends with her vocals for the an amazing worship experience. The song has a little over 18 million views on YouTube.

5. Sinach – Great are You Lord

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Sinach "Great are you Lord'' is from her 2009 album Loveworld. The video for this song is a recording of an actual worship experience led by Sinach. It is an opposite of the energy filled praise and worship songs by Kirk Franklin, Sinach shows us how it is done - slow and calm - with amazing vocals and a brilliant congregation with a professional band that carries the choir with great instrumentals without overshadowing the vocals. The congregation can be heard cheering as the song goes on. The song has over 10 million views on YouTube and it guarantees over 11 minutes of wonderful singing in praise and worship.

6. Sinach - You are the same featuring assent tweed

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You are the same is definitely not one of Sinach new songs and was released way back in 2012. It was part of her Shout It Loud album and is one of her early releases that went unnoticed for the most part despite being a highly uplifting song. The song features Assent Tweed and is a fulfilling worship song. The comment section below the YouTube video is full of admiring fans who applaud her wonderful singing. The slow singing and use of a choir is a signature Sinach musical style and it does not disappoint in this song either.

7. Sinach – Rejoice

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Sinach rejoice was released in 2014 in her album Sinach Live In Concert. Rejoice is an upbeat praise song that is excellent for a dancing worship session going by the first line, “I’m gonna dance and praise him, it doesn’t matter what comes my way”. Sinach once again moves a live audience through an empowering vocal odyssey with Rejoice. The song is littered with bible verses in the lyrics as well, “…no weapon formed against me, shall ever prosper… for a greater one lives inside me…” Sinach rejoice is an energetic song that is sure to get you off your feet to rejoice and sing in praise no matter where you are. The song peaks as Sinach and the backup singers have a back and forth with the backup singers clad in purple echo her singing in perfect synchrony.

8. Sinach – I stand amazed

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Once again Sinach leads a wonderful worship experience in this song from her album Sinach Live in Concert. This song is a slow starter with the band and smooth vocal accompaniment from Sinach and her background singers. She carries us through a worship experience like no other singing beautifully as the audience follow her lead, amazed. The song is very relaxing and is ideal for the times when you need to worship with a slow and peaceful song.

9. Sinach – Nothing is impossible

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This is yet another gripping song from her live album. Sinach nothing is impossible has the same message in the lyrics as its name. Sinach’s mastery of gospel song writing is in full display and her vocals are sure to lead you a level higher as you worship with this song. Sinach nothing is impossible is a call to believe that with God everything is possible and for He is able. It is a benchmark if not already the gold standard for how a live gospel worship experience should be done. The band, the singer ad Sinach’s lead all come together perfectly creating a warm and pure worship experience.

10. Sinach – I fly featuring KI and NOLLY

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The song is based on Isaiah 40:31, “But those who wait upon God get fresh strength. They spread their wings and soar like eagles, they run and don’t get tired, they walk and don’t lag behind.” From the Way Maker live album, I fly is one of Sinach new songs released in 2016 and the video dropping in March 2017, it is a powerful worship experience that lifts your spirits. The song’s message is to anchor yourself in the Lord and use his strength to soar above your troubles and fly like an eagle. The beat is excellent and you are in for a treat as Sinach held off the choir from joining in till much further into the song - their powerful entry is an unexpected and pleasant surprise. KI and NOLLY use their strong voices and clever wordplay to set up the ending making I Fly a new direction in Sinach songs that we hope to hear more of.

11. Sinach – You are so good

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There is an abundance of good songs for worship but among Sinach worship songs ‘You are so good’ stands out. It is especially different as Sinach takes her vocals to the limit with a solo performance with plenty of high notes that many would only dream of hitting which are followed by really calm parts with the choir singing the chorus and the change from high to low notes is very relaxing and fun. The song is a journey of worship and is sure to get any audience or congregation singing and seeking to connect with God at a deeper level.

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Sinach songs 2017

Sinach’s music style has evolved over the years and she continues to stretch her skills to diversify the experience of her music as her new songs offer more calming instrumentals and soothing vocals. Sinach new songs feature more minutes of her solo singing before a choir joins in and the perfect example of this style is in her music in 2017.

1. Sinach – I adore You featuring CASEY ED

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Sinach starts this wonderful experience with inspiration from the book of John 14:21,”But the comforter, which is the Holy Ghost, whom the Father will send in my name, he shall teach you all things, and bring to your remembrance, whatsoever I have said unto you.” Clad in white, Sinach and Casey Ed take us on a wonderful worship journey of worship as they sing in adoration of the Holy Spirit. The violins carry you through the experience in an emotional melody that melts into the vocals very well.

2. Sinach – I Live for You

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Released in the August of 2017, I live for you is a song that professes the anointing Christians have from God to go forth with faith and spread the gospel. The choir echo after Sinach and this makes the melody of the song soothing. The song is about the love and grace of God, the reasons why our lives should be dedicated to his service.

3. Sinach – No other name

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Sinach’s extraordinary vocal ability is in full display in this amazing solo effort reminiscent of her new style. In the music video her voice is in the background as our view moves across a breath taking landscape by the ocean. She uses choral vocals for the chorus only and sings the rest of the song herself over a peaceful piano and drums. This diversity is what continues to make Sinach worship songs a go to choice.

4. Sinach – For me

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“If God is for me, nothing can stand against me.” In this song Sinach uses the same style as “I know Who I Am” and uses the choir to inspire a powerful message. Released in January 2017 the song is one that is sure to be a long term sound in the gospel music industry.

Sinach went on to release many more amazing songs in 2017 including; “God Alone”, “Strong Faith”, “Sing Alleluia” and many more.

Sinach songs 2018

Some may say the year has flown by quite fast while others may say it is still early in the year but the reality is that we are almost half way through it. Any artist as resourceful as Sinach five months is more than enough time to write, record and release a few songs to keep the fans inspired and yearning for more. Sinach is a gift that keeps on giving us amazing music. We will take a look at a few of Sinach songs 2018;

1. Sinach – In love with You

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If someone were to write a love letter to Jesus, the lyrics of this song would be the blueprint. It is a song for Christmas and is a confession of ones love for God. A declaration of how the love of God completes you. An account of how much you love your God. An acceptance of yourself as God’s child whom He loves more than you love Him back. Sinach stirs up deep emotion with this new song and it is amazing how she manages to express such a personal relationship we all have with God in simple words. The emotions of the song are felt through her voice. To be inspired by this amazing song, take a listen here.

2. Sinach – Wonderful Father

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The theme for 2018 it seems is an appreciation of God’s work in our lives. Wonderful father is one of Sinach new songs that seeks to glorify God for his mighty works. Thanksgiving for victory. It is a song celebrating coming out the other side after spiritual warfare a victor. Spiritually uplifting and invigorating to listen to – Wonderful Father is a unique worship experience so intimate with God and prophesying your victories in the spirit of speaking your prayers into realities.

3. Sinach – I celebrate featuring Assent Tweed

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A celebration of God’s love is a celebration that has no end. Trumpets, great guitar and drum in the mix, add a little bit of piano and then the brilliant idea to have the singing interchange between the baritone voices and the altos not forgetting the energy Assent brings with his vocals prowess you are having a celebration. This song is as entertaining as it is uplifting. Sinach songs 2018 promise a new experience that is very entertaining.

Sinach Christmas songs

Sinach has given us music for praise in times of good and bad, songs of worship when we need to strengthen our spirits. Sinach at Christmas is a list of all Sinach songs she wrote especially for the season. A time when Jesus, our savior came in to the world as a manifestation. There are six songs in the holiday special, all of which you may have heard before such as the viral “I know who I Am” and the go to Christmas song – “Silent Night” – a rendition by Sinach along with “ Hark the Heralds Angels Sing” “ O Holy Night” and “Oh Come All Ye Faithful”. Sinach lends her voice to these timeless collection of songs that cut across the ages adding to the pool of diverse music she has made.

Sinach song albums

Below is a complete and comprehensive Sinach songs list arranges according to albums they are in and in the chronological order of the album releases:

1. Loveworld 2009

Great Are You Lord

All I See Is You

From Glory to Glory

Precious Jesus

I Humbly Bow

Praising in Victory

I Glorify Your Name

2. Chapter one 2010

Awesome God

The Presence of the Lord

This Is Your Season

Fire in Me

Because You Live

All Things Are Possible

3. I’m blessed 2011

You Do Mighty Things

Born to Win

Next in Line

You Deserve

I'm Blessed

My Faith

Your Ability

Never Late

4. Shout it loud 2012

Shout It Loud

You Are a Wonder

You Are the Same

I Know Who I Am

I Worship You Great I Am

You Are Wonderful

We Praise

The Presence of the Lord


Bless the Lord

5. Sinach at Christmas

I Know Who I am

Oh Holy Night

Silent Night

Awesome God

Oh Come All Ye Faithful

Hark the Herald Angels Sing

6. The name of Jesus: Sinach live in concert 2014

I Know Who I Am – Studio

I Stand Amazed

Nothing Is Impossible

Unchanging God

Dance in the Holy Ghost

The Name of Jesus


Come Home

Great Are You Lord

Trust You

All I See Is You


Mighty Is Our God

Jesus I Love You - Reprise

7. Way maker (Live)


Great and Mighty God

I Spread

No One Knows

Sinach continues to release new music through every year and has a lot of new music from 2017 ad 2018 out at the moment as well. All her music is available for download on her website

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