The trendy wolf cut hairstyle: why you should try it in 2021

The trendy wolf cut hairstyle: why you should try it in 2021

If you have been on social media lately, then you have most certainly heard the soundtrack “I’m just thinking about it… I’m not gon do it...” Often, it accompanies most of the hair trends that have taken the world by storm since the pandemic started. One of the latest trends that looks like it's here to stay is the wolf cut. This hairstyle is a mash-up of two of the most famous hairstyles in history, the mullet and the shag.

Wolf cut
Billie Eilish. Photo: @billieeilish
Source: Instagram

The wolf cut hairstyle can be achieved on hair of whatever length with little to no risk of it looking bad. It is also a unisex hairstyle. This means that whatever gender you subscribe to, a wolf cut is a hairstyle that will look good on you. It can also be done on any hair, regardless of whether it is straight or curly.

What is the wolf cut haircut?

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The wolf cut is made up of a voluminous crown that tapers into wispy layers. As its name suggests, the cut creates a look that is untamed and wild, which resembles a wolf's fur. It has wavy gradual layers and choppy bands that frame the face. It gives off an edgy vibe that suits everyone bold enough to try it.

The Korean wolf cut originated from Korea and has spread to every corner of the globe due to social media. One of its most redeeming qualities is that it can be done at home or by a professional depending on the intricacy of the cut. The layers make it such that an uneven hairstyle is not at all noticeable.

Why should you get it?

Apart from the obvious aesthetic advantages this style has over most hairstyles, this cut can also be easily maintained. To refresh the look, all you need to do is run your fingers through it to look better immediately. This is especially the case for curly-haired individuals. Those with straight hair may need to incorporate some styling tools to get the layers just right.

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Like the mullet, anyone who gets this haircut is automatically making a statement. It communicates that you are an edgy person who is not afraid of taking risks. The hairstyle is also a statement on its own, and you are sure to turn heads whenever you in public.

It is an amazing haircut that has impressed a lot of people everywhere. For instance, the trend has also influenced a couple of big names in the entertainment industry.

Wolf cut styles

Making such a drastic change in your appearance is a daunting thought if you are unsure what you want. Although the wolf cut is pretty easy to achieve, it is essential to see some of the styles before you take the leap.

This will give you confidence that you will look good after the snip. It is important to remember that if your scissor skills are not excellent, you should get the style done by an expert. If you are looking for the style that is right for you, check out these ones:

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1. With a deep mullet

Wolf cut
Debby Ryan. Photo: @debbyryan
Source: Instagram

This fantastic style was recently debuted by the beautiful actress Debby Ryan, and it looks so good on her. This style mimics the mullet style with how far back the cut goes. However, instead of the hairstyle being short, it is layered with a fringe that goes up to her ear.

2. With light layers

Wolf cut
Masanori Sawaki. Photo: @norimasasawa
Source: Instagram

This wolf cut out looks best when the hair is styled in layers. However, if you are not going for the puffed-up look, you could opt for lighter layers. This way, you get an amazing hairstyle while keeping it how you want it. Lighter layers are also great for wolf cut short hairstyles.

3. On curly hair

Wolf cut
Cierra Nia. Photo: @simply.cie
Source: Instagram

This style is achievable for any hair. In fact, curly-haired individuals have an easier time styling the hair since it naturally falls in layers. The wolf cut hair female style also looks good regardless of the type of curls that one has.

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4. Soft cut

Wolf cut
Cathy Wolf. Photo: @cathywolf
Source: Instagram

If you are not ready to commit to such a permanent change, you could opt for this cut. The front cut isn’t as drastic as it is in the other looks. This way, if you are tired of the hairstyle, you can always grow it back out, which will not take long. This style is similar to the one that was debuted by the beautiful songstress Billie Eilish. It is one of the most preferred wolf cut hairstyle female.

How to get a wolf haircut

The process of getting this haircut is fairly straightforward. However, you will have to adjust depending on the length of your hair. To get the wolf cut Korean, you have to do the following:

  1. Part your hair into sections. It is up to you to decide how much you want to cut off for each section for that layered look.
  2. Tie each section at the length you want to cut off.
  3. Snip the hair at that spot. It is okay to trim more off until you reach the desired length.
  4. Use heat tools to style the hair into layers for that shaggy look.

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The mullet and the shag hairstyles

A mullet haircut is one where the hair is shorter at the front and long at the back. This hairstyle has proven to be time transcending as it has been around for a while. In the 70s, mullets were worn by rock stars like David Bowie, Rod Stewart, Keith Richards and Paul McCartney. The style made a comeback in the 90s and is still around to date.

Shag (short for shaggy) hairstyles are another trend that has been around for a while. The style boosts volume since the layers created offers a fuller look. The style can be implemented on hair of any length. The risk of ruining your look when trying this hairstyle is minimal.

Wolf cut vs mullet

The wolf cut is a combination of the mullet and the shag styles. It takes the distinctive look that the mullet offers and adds the layers that the shag style is known for. The shaggy wolf cut takes the best of both worlds and puts them together for a distinct look.

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Unlike the mullet, the front part of the hair isn’t very short in the wolf style. The rest of the hair is styled in layers for that voluminous effect. The wolf cut is the gen-z trend that will ensure that the mullet legacy continues.

The trendy wolf cut hairstyle is the newest spin on the mullet cut. This style combines the edginess of the mullet and the volume that the shag style brings. It has been tried worldwide, with the success stories inspiring more people to try it. recently published an article on the ten best Ghana ponytail braids styles you should rock in 2021. You can create numerous astonishing patterns, and the ponytail look is the easiest and elegant-looking.

This is a glamorous idea that will steal the limelight. The best thing about Ghana braids is that they work on all face shapes and aren't that complicated, and you can alter the ponytail as you desire.

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