Shatta Bandle bio: wife, house, cars, education, life story

Shatta Bandle bio: wife, house, cars, education, life story

Firdaus Iddrisu, popularly known as Shatta Bandle is one internet sensation that has been trending in Ghana after he made some very controversial remarks. Bandle claimed in a video that went viral that he was richer than the richest man in Africa, Aliko Dangote. The video circulated widely and his fame grew and spread to the whole continent. He is now a popular face due to the battle that ensued on social media with people debating whether his claims were true.

Shatta Bandle
Image:, @shatta_bandle
Source: Instagram

One look at Bandle’s Instagram account and you will be blown away by how extravagant the man is. All in all, Shatta Bandle’s lifestyle is the type of lifestyle almost everyone longs for. He named himself Bandle after the bundles of money that he always seems to have on hand. Another alias that he uses a lot is “young, young rich nigga.” His unique sense of humour also endears him to the crowds and has made him a favourite interviewee on very many radio and T.V stations.

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Profile summary

  • Name: Firdaus Iddrisu
  • Alias: Shatta Bandle
  • Gender: Male
  • Age: Unknown
  • Nationality: Ghanaian
  • Net worth: Unknown

Shatta Bandle history

Bandle was born and raised in Karaga district in the northern region of Ghana. He then moved to Accra to pursue his dreams. He stated in an interview that being rich has always been his main goal.

In pursuit of this, he quit school as he did not believe that formal education was fundamental in his journey to get to live the life he wanted. Due to his lack of formal education, Shatta is not very fluent in English. He is, however, very articulate in his mother tongue Hausa.

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Shatta Bandle
Image:, @shatta_bandle
Source: Instagram

One of the main mysteries that surround Bandle is how old he is. Whenever he is asked this question, he always finds a way to weasel out of answering it. In one interview, he claimed that he was only two months old, which was met with hilarious laughter.

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In another interview, he said that he was twenty years old. This is still up for debate with most people claiming that he looks older than that, regardless of his stature.

Shatta Bandle net worth

Shatta Bandle is a rich man. The extent of his wealth is what is still up for debate. One would expect that he would follow up his bold claims that he is richer than Aliko Dangote and even Bill Gates with facts.

He did not, so sadly his net worth is still unknown. Bandle also once bragged that his net worth was $70 million at a party once, but this statement also can’t be proven. He once said in an interview that he could not calculate his net worth as he can’t track his streams of income.

Although it is unclear whether he was serious or if we should put this down as his sense of humour, we do know some of his sources of income. His business is in the oil and gas sector, which is a very profitable one. He is a bit hesitant about disclosing the details of his business, only saying that he works with oil companies in Ghana, Nigeria and even in the United Arab Emirates.

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Shatta Bandle lifestyle

Shatta Bandle
Image:, @shatta_bandle
Source: Instagram

Another huge controversy about Shatta is whether the property that he shows off is his. There are several claims that he has a sponsor who supports his lavish lifestyle. Nana Kojo Boateng is the man who is reportedly cashing Shatta Bandle house and his cars. I

n the numerous photos that he posts on his Instagram, Shatta Bandle cars make a lot of appearances. These are still rumours, though as no one can prove whether this mystery sponsor exists or not.

Is Shatta Bandle married?

A lot of people wonder who Shatta Bandle wife is. However, he is not married. He has been spotted in the company of several women, but it is unclear whether any of them is the lucky girl. He is a huge celebrity these days and attends a lot of social events, so this is to be expected.

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Shatta Bandle shot to fame after he claimed to be richer than the richest man in Africa. Although he has a good sense of humour, Shatta insists that he is not a comedian and is free to do anything he wants. He has remained in the spotlight due to the numerous questions that surround him. However, fans love a good mystery so he will be in the spotlight for a long time.

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