Why Sarkodie 'Brighter Day' is his best song so far?

Why Sarkodie 'Brighter Day' is his best song so far?

Sarkodie 'Brighter Day' bears all the traits of a hit song, which it is. Done by, Michael Owusu Addo, popularly known as Sarkodie, featuring Obrafour, the song promises to take Sarkodie into new heights. Sarkodie is a Ghanaian hiphop artist or rapper with a lot of awards in his name. The man has featured in most of the re-known wealth magazines as one of the most bankable artist in Africa. His skills and talents are in, but not limited to music; he is also an entrepreneur.

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In 2015, Sarkodie was placed at number 19 in the list of most influential people by ETV Ghana. This followed his MTV ranking in the previous year, 2014, where he ranked 6 as Africa’s most talented MC. In 2013, he was ranked first by Lynx TV on her list of Top 10 Ghanaian Rappers of All Time. Ever since 2010, Sarkodie has remained a HipHop sensation, not only in Ghana, but Africa as a whole. His talent coupled with hard work and mad energy, makes him a beast on the MIC. This contrasts his humble nature as a person, off-stage. He wouldn’t even hurt a fly.

Sarkodie ft Obrafour - Brighter Day

Sarkodie new track, brighter day, featuring Obrafour is a must listen/watch tune. In terms of message, Sarkodie is a man of many colors but his motivation trait,out shadows the rest. Brighter Day is yet again a song that seeks to inspire and uplift anyone who listens.

Sarkodie new track Brighter Day connects with the inner self inspiring a sense of self belief and an appreciation of oneself. This helps trigger positive motive to take action and achieve.

As of the time of this publication, getting the official video to this song has been a bit elusive, probably as a marketing strategy, so nothing will be said about it. Nonetheless, judging from this song's lyrics, it is easy to conclude this song is Sarkodie's best song so far; after all, what is better in this life than the feeling of contentment and high spirits, which 'Better Day' preaches.

Sarkodie new song, Brighter Day feat Obrafour has been the most sought after song so far. Its audio version is readily available on YouTube.

Sarkodie ft Obrafour Brighter Day – Lyrics

Tebea a woti mu biaa wow) nkwa deaa mma w'abamu mmu

Nsuo b3t) nsuo no tea a 3wia b3b) nti mensu

S3 wiase kraa b3pow abusuafo) beyiw ama aa

Tweaduampon se n'ani w)Ne mma so mma w'akoma entu

Nisuo a woosu awr3ho) aa woodie nea woofamu nyinaa

3boro woso ano)hye paa nti yaa wonni akoama aa

Y3 Nyankop)n w)ahum)br) k3se ma ne mma aa

Okristonii hont)) no deaa)daa)nna

)too me pono m'atamfo anim 3mmr3aa menni anidaso

)s)) mensa deme twaa po k)k)) wangya me kwanso

S3 saa Nyame yi)daso teasea deaa w'ani da whan so

Tetebotan way3 bi p3n)daso gyina ne nanso

3mfa w'ani nto wiase

Wo Nyankop)n no tease

Ogyidi nii b3hwease

Mpr3 aduasa w'anum b3gu ase

Nnipa b3srewo na wony33 hwee kraa na y33twe w'ase

Nyininaa muu wobu nkotodwe a kas3 Nyame medaase

S3ne3)k3se3 tumi b3d33di nti no

Ns)hw3 bebree b3tow so kae baabi a wofri no

Y3kyer33 wo dunsinii bi fie nanso wodaaan w'akyi no

Meb) mpae3 wonsa b3ka wode3 w) Yesu din mu

Obidibip)n bidi

Ns)hw3 node3 3b3ba n'emma w'abamu mmu

Gyina pin ti n'emma w'akoma entu

De3)de neho to Nana Nyame so

Ade nyinaa di boano ewie no yiee

You've been looking for someone

To take your sorrows all away

One to hold you tight and say

Everything's gonna be okay

Kae s3 br3 aa wobr3 nyinaa

W'amane hunu a wonam mu nyinaa

Eny3 d3n aa eto) b3twa

Hold on to your faith

There will be a brighter day

Onyame hunu wo

)kaa n'as3m s3)y3 n'ade3 w))noaa ne mr3 mu

3da aa neho sra deb3ba no 3toa so mmienu mmienu

)gyina w'akomamu pono eebom

Fa anigyie fa bie no

Sika aawop3 ntina woosu yinoo

Obi an)payi y'asie no

Wiase agyapade3 ma dasani nte Nyankop)n ase

Sikaa y33p3 nti yaana akristofo) kraa nya ntoboase3

)se Nyankop)n y3 ns3nkyer3nii na mente w'ase

Boniay3fo) ns3nkyer3nii nes3 wodaso te ase

As)fo) de wiase af3f3 de3 neeha as)re mma

W'ant) kaa na w'ansi dan nas3 obiaa nte wonka

Ky3s3 wiase mua wobaay3 de3 na wobaa nokwa

Nea)te sika mu nso ohia y3funu awo mma

Nea y3 dee y3 Nyankop)n ka woaa anka 3ny3 wo ya

Wode3 fanos3 mfei bebree aa wode ahw3 womma

Wohw33 Ne school emaa ni aduane sanso b))neho ka

Na w'anyin abeka kyer3wos3 daa w'ahame papa

Saa na y3ma Nyankop)n di yaaw

Nhyira ne w'akoma n3ny3 wosika

Akristofo) s3 y'ani b3s) nea y3w)a

3b3 y3 Nyamef3)no ankasa b3 hyirawo

Obidipin bidi

There will be be a brighter day...

Sarkodie performed this song alongside Obrofour in the recently concluded Vodafone Ghana Music Award.

Sarkodie music

Sarkodie songs are both entertaining and informative. For the past half decade, sarkodie songs have maintained some sort of residence in the online streaming sites and off-line clubs. Some of his music can be easily classified as feel good music, that uplifts your spirits and change your mood for the better. One of his hits featuring castro titled Adonai is one of my favorite. When listening to his tracks you feel so good and wonder if it is the message or just how he plays around with words and music flow.

Sarkodie latest songs have been just as good. I find his ability to pause between his raps something artistic and ingenious. This quality makes his rap tasteful and something to yearn for. Hopefully Sarkodie music will continue rocking the airwaves for years to come.

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Listed below are some of Sarkodie’s most celebrated song in the recent past:

  • Adonai
  • Pain Killer
  • No kissing baby
  • Gboza
  • U go kill me
  • New guy
  • End up falling
  • Pon D ting
  • Down on Me
  • Rap Attack
  • Mewu
  • Special Someone
  • Just in case
  • Ghetto youth
  • Bossy
  • Your Waist
  • Warrior Song
  • Samkpele
  • Where did I go wrong
  • Chingam
  • Lies
  • Azonto fiesta
  • Light it up

Brighter day is a song that encourages. In its chorus, it is repeated that there will be a brighter day and people are encouraged to hold onto their faith.

This song gives one a reason to keep pushing on no matter how challenging life is. It promises a brighter day if you keep holding on your faith. In a tough and competitive world, the vision of a brighter day can be quite blurred. But, if you hold your faith and hope for it, it will certainly arrive. Based on this, the answer to our initial question is pretty straight forward; Brighter day is Sarkodie's best song so far.

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