Vodafone Ghana promotions and offers 2020

Vodafone Ghana promotions and offers 2020

Telecommunication mobile promotion is a new way of marketing and ensuring a company grows its customer base. The effectiveness of this approach has been made possible through the conjunction between mobile devices and the media. Vodafone Ghana promotions have recently been a topic of discussion among many of their clients as they want to understand more about how they can gain from what the company is offering.

Vodafone Ghana promotions and offers 2018

Technology has taken the world fast hence the need for communicating with family, friends, and colleagues for various reasons has become vital. To make lives of individuals’ more comfortable, mobile telecommunication companies have set up base in different countries globally. When it comes to ranking regarding market share in the mobile industry, Vodafone promotions has managed to stand out among its peers making it the telecom company of choice for Ghanaians.

Which Vodafone promotions exist in Ghana?

Because of its deep commitment and responsibility to social development and the well being of its customers, Vodafone promotions have made the company expand its clientele base exponentially. Below are some of the promotions that its subscribers have been enjoying.

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Vodafone ekiki me

Ever come across any mobile service provider offering one scratch card to be used by three people? If not, Vodafone has this great offer for all its subscribers in Ghana. Ghana Telecommunication Company under Vodafone ran the whole promotion that lasted from August to December.

For eligibility purposes, there were some terms and conditions put in place that required the users to understand before proceeding to use the Vodafone packages. They included:

  • The first individual was required to purchase the scratch card of a certain amount
  • The next thing would be to scratch and load the airtime using the pin *134*
  • Later the card would be given to two other people to load airtime on their phone as well using the same card. The only difference they would use the pin *135*.

The promotion lasted for 139 days, and some of the most memorable things about the Vodafone Ghana packages was the fact that there was no subscription fee applied or special tariffs. Many good things happening to people at the same time! Who wouldn’t want to be part of such a network?

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However, like any other promotion, there are also some things the company would have to gain from the benefactors. In this instance, the participating winners had to allow the company to use their data that included video images, names, and photos. This would be for advertising and marketing without their permission or at no fee.

Vodafone Ghana promotions and offers 2018
Source: twitter.com/vodafoneghana/status/897768724559794176

Running Vodafone Ghana promotions 2020

Vodafone has so much more to offer its subscribers. In 2020, it came up with other amazing promotions for its customers. Read on to discover Vodafone Ghana promotions 2020.

1. Yen Di Agoro

Also trading as Vodafone Ghana, the product is from the Ghana Telecommunication Company Ltd. Each client participating in the promotion needs to be well-versed with the terms and conditions, which include:

  • The Yen Di Agoro promotion is an interactive gaming promotion which gives Vodafone customers the opportunity to play via USSD (Unstructured Supplementary Service Data) or My Vodafone App.
  • My Vodafone App is a downloadable application that enables subscribers to access the features for Yen Di Agoro while managing their accounts at the same time.
  • To participate one has to be a Vodafone customer with a valid registered SIM card.
  • The Yen Di Agoro participant will be awarded benefits from Vodafone promotions in Ghana such as bonus points, airtime, data, digital accessories, lifestyle prizes, entertainment prizes, and star prizes.
  • Each participant is given an opportunity for one spin daily where they can win some points to facilitate better participation in the internet promotions .
  • Accumulating bonus points is achievable through data, airtime and several accessories (Nano blaster speaker and Stereo headset echo)
  • No subscription is required, and participants can play multiple times in a day

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2. Good Morning

A product from Vodafone Ghana data promotions which requires the users to adhere to some rules that have been set forth by the telecommunications company. They include;

  • To enjoy the free offer, a customer needs to only have a balance of 20Gp on their SIM card
  • The promotion is only valid between 6 am until 8 am
  • To subscribe to the promo, a customer will subscribe using the Vodafone Ghana promotion codes *543* or call a provided IVR code 543.
  • After the time between 6 am and 8 am, an attracted charge will be added on each call or message sent by the subscriber.
  • In case a customer uses more airtime than the one they have been allocated, they will have to pay for the extra charges.
  • A customer is still eligible to register for this promotion even if they have registered for other developments.

The advantages that come forth from participating in Good Morning promotion comprise;

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  • By dialing the IVR code 543 or *543*, one can get 20 MB and 120 minutes free of talk time between 6 am and 8 am daily.
  • There are no incurred costs with no application of a particular tariff
  • This latest promotion does not need a subscription fee
  • An inactive customer requires no minimum balance to enjoy the offer, while an active customer requires a minimum balance of 20 pesewas.

3. Pay Day

Vodafone Ghana promotions and offers 2018
Source: twitter.com/vodafoneghana/status/988339987707031553

After marking 10 years of successful operation in the competitive Ghanaian telecommunications industry, Vodafone Ghana had something for their subscribers. As a way of appreciation, the network is awarding customers with Vodafone Ghana bundle promotion.

With the Vodafone Pay Day promotions, Vodafone customers have won;

  • Grand prizes worth GHC 200,000
  • Monthly prices of up to GHC 25,000
  • Weekly prices of GHC 5,000
  • Daily clients have won an amount of GHC 500
  • GHC 10 hourly

For the subscribers to win the different amounts of money, they need to carry out a Vodafone cash transaction, or activate a new SIM card or reactivate an old one. Different ways they can win the promotion is via the sending of messages, browsing and making calls. To check your points dial *559*.

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By using Vodafone Ghana services , you get the opportunity to win good money from Vodafone Ghana call promotions.

4. Ahotor

The terms and conditions stipulated for the operation of this Vodafone phone promotions are governed by the laws of the republic of Ghana.

In general, Vodafone gives its clients a warranty of three months to replace any items purchased from them that are faulty. After the replacement, the customer is expected to pay some fee which may be revised from time to time.

The current promotions on warranty do not apply where an equipment of the subscriber has been damaged by a power surge, stealing, misplaced or vandalized. Furthermore, the new Vodafone promotions will not be responsible for replacing items destroyed out of its customers carelessness. In the agreement, it has been clearly stipulated that the items will only be replaced if the problem originated from Vodafone Ghana's side.

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5. Sika Kesie

The SMS based trivia is a product of Vodafone Telecommunication Company which will take place from April to September of 2018. The Sika Kesie promotion has three levels of participants;

  • Personality tests information service where even after the promotion comes to an end, these group of participants will continue to enjoy the service.
  • Premium participation is an option that gives the participant an option to bid for bigger prices with a daily charge of as little as GHc 0.75 until when the promotion will come to an end.
  • Free standard participation allows participants to enjoy the final and weekly draws free of charge. To become a participant you need to send the keyword “free” to a provided short code which is 560.

With such promotions, Vodafone are likely to get more subscribers making it one of the leading companies for Telecommunication in Africa. Keep locked to enjoy all the Vodafone red promotion.

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