Cute braids cornrow styles for round faces you should try

Cute braids cornrow styles for round faces you should try

Looking good is a priority for most people especially women. This explains why choosing a great hairstyle is important. Cornrow styles are among the most common hairstyles of all time. You are almost guaranteed that you can never go wrong with it. Regardless of how your face is shaped, you can be sure that you will find a cornrow style that works for you.

Getting cornrow styles that suit your look can be a challenge to some plaiting lovers. There are different cornrow hairstyles that suit specific faces. There are cornrow styles for round faces and for oval faces. For the sake of that elegant look one goes for, you need to exercise some caution when picking a style that matches your face. This article brings you cute big braids cornrow styles for round faces with images of the cornrow braids. With these, you will get an idea of how you can make the styles work for you. However, round face here doesn’t discriminate those with oval faces. There are certainly some of the listed hairstyles that anyone will look spectacular in whether you choose your cornrow braids on natural hair or not.

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Cornrow hairstyles

Cornrow hairstyles are simple plaits that may lay differently but are flat on the head. The cornrow styles seem to be an improvement of the ancient hairstyle which, by the way, is common among school girls. In the style, neat series of rows ran from the forehead to the neck. The example here shows a beautiful cornrow style fora young woman. With lines running from the back, you can be sure that you will stand out elegantly.

Cornrow styles in Ghana

Ghana has a creative population that has an appetite for good looks and great fashion styles. The creativity has been attested to by the different types of cornrows seen among its populace, more so among the women. Let's look at some of the cornrow styles in Ghana.

1. Modern Cornrow hairstyles

cornrow styles for round faces
cornrow braids
cornrow styles in ghana
cornrow styles for natural hair

Cornrow hairstyles are common among girls, young ladies and aged women. They have been in existence for a long time and continue to remain relevant because of how versatile they are in terms of easy styling. Whether you want natural hair cornrow styles or are going for modified versions, you are sure to stand out with any of these modern looks.

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The different types of cornrows available today are as a result of creative stylists that keep reinventing this age-old style. Let's have a look at one of the modern cornrow styles you can rock today. In the picture above showing one of the many cornrow styles for natural hair representations is a unique yet simple style that stands out. It is easy on natural hair. You can also use braids to come up with this soft look. The lines are run from the forehead to the neck and are tagged at the end.

2. Natural Cornrow hairstyles

The natural cornrow hairstyles are perfect for women that want to keep their hair natural. The image gives a clear picture of how a well done natural cornrow hairstyle should look like. There are a different sets of cornrows running in different directions to the neck. Natural cornrow hairstyles are protective and can be useful for a any woman looking to recover her hair's lost glory.

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Female cornrow styles

Cornrow styles are not only for women. Men can also rock in cornrow hairstyles. If you are a fan of hip-hop you will realize that most artists in the 90s, especially hip-hop artists embraced this style fully. However, we shall focus on female cornrow styles for now. These come in different style variations making it easy for any person to make a choice. To start with, it helps to note that there are simple cornrow styles and big cornrow hairstyles. Check out the following examples.

1. Simple Cornrow hairstyles

Let’s have a look at the following variations of simple cornrow hairstyles

a. Tiny cornrow hairstyle

This common cornrow hairstyle works for most people regardless of age. The lines run from the top to the back of one’s head. This style gives those who are braiding an easy time. It is also easy to maintain. The style works perfectly for the busy career woman that hardly has any time to spare. It is an even more convenient cornrow hairstyle because it leaves little hair attached to an individual’s scalp.

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b. Chunky cornrow hairstyles

Chunky cornrow hairstyles also make it in the list of perfect simple cornrow hairstyles. The cornrows in this style are large at the beginning and the end. When chunky cornrows are aligned perfectly, they give a sense of confidence that only a boss lady can portray. The style works well for those with round faces.

c. One sided cornrow hairstyles

cornrow styles for round faces
cornrow braids
cornrow styles in ghana
cornrow styles for natural hair

This is one of the latest cornrow hairstyles. These cornrow braids styles are common among the young ladies and teenagers. It is one of the natural cornrow styles that are easy to pull. For this cornrow hairstyle, one side of the head has streams of cornrows whereas the other remains unplaited.

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d. Alicia Keys cornrow hairstyles

Perhaps because of the artist’s popularity, the hairstyle is liked by many and is, therefore, a common cornrow braids hairstyles. This cornrow hairstyle has two sections which are set apart at the middle of the head with a cornrow that runs from the end of the forehead all through to the neck. The two sections have cornrow braids that move towards the left while the remaining ones move to the right. It gives a zig zag braided pattern that is always associated with Alicia Keys the musician.

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e. Spiral cornrow hairstyles

Cute big braids cornrow styles for round faces

This is a simple cornrow hairstyle. It has long but tiny cornrows spiraling from the top of the head to the back of the head. The cornrows run down the head from the top to the back. It gives an elegant look. They are longer and scale down the shoulders. Depending on one’s preference, they can be left free or held by a hair band for a more professional look.

2. Big cornrow hairstyles

Big cornrow hairstyles were one of the conventional ways of doing the braid style. They constitute sizeable cornrows covering the scalp running from the top to back of the head. Let’s look at some of these pretty cornrow braids styles.

a. Large braids cornrow hairstyle.

This is one of the common braid styles loved by professional ladies. The big cornrow braids run from the top to the back of the head. They too can be left free or tied up at the back using a hair band. The style gives a spectacular look when neatly and carefully done. Most women that want something chic and versatile for both casual and official office look would go for this fit.

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b. Cutesy double cornrow double buns

Very suitable cornrow styles for natural hair. If you have long natural hair then this would be a good style for you. Instead of letting your hair hang loose why not hold it up in this super fashion cornrow hairstyle? You can be sure that you will turn heads with this look. Simple but chic.

c. Ginger feed in braids ponytail

cornrow styles for round faces
cornrow braids
cornrow styles in ghana
cornrow styles for natural hair
Source: YouTube @Braidzilla Cort

This is one of the latest cornrow styles in 2018. It gives that desired beautiful look when nicely done. Ginger feed in braids ponytails is unique. These cornrow styles constitute of thin cornrows that run horizontally linking up with the cornrow braid that runs from the top of the head to the neck. They are then held together smoothly into a ponytail.

d. Cornrow accented bun

cornrow styles in ghana
cornrow styles for natural hair
big cornrow styles
cornrow braid hairstyles

These cornrow hairstyles are common. Those who try these hair braiding styles are guaranteed a beautiful look. The pictures show an example of the variations available. In this, an alternating thick and thin cornrow are link into braids and together culminate into a neat top bun. The overall look is a simple but chic look. The fact that you can choose different colors for the alternating lines makes it an even more interesting look to pull.

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African hair braiding cornrow styles Mohawk.

Whoever thought a Mohawk can be woven into a cornrow hairstyle is the true definition of what a creative mind is like. This amazing and one of the latest cornrow styles has a bulge at the center of the head that runs from the top to the back of the head. Let’s look at the different types of cornrows of this nature.

a. Cornrow Mohawk

Mohawk hairstyles are not going anywhere anytime soon. They reinvent themselves bringing out the most advanced sophistication of the time. This specific one is in a trippy pattern resulting in a gather at the center of one’s head. You get that professional mohawk look here. It can also work perfectly for weddings especially as a bride.

b. Mixed cornrow Mohawk

female cornrow styles
simple cornrow styles
braid styles
natural hair cornrow styles

This is a look that ladies will slay in. Try this out and every man would want to walk next to you. It is one of those timeless cornrow braid hairstyles you will not go wrong with. With these latest cornrow styles, one of the cornrows begins from the sides of the scalp running into a bulge at the center of the head.

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As I conclude you can notice that cornrow hairstyles are very common especially among black women. They come in different patterns resulting from the different styling variations. Some of the corn hairstyles are simple to maintain and are better ways of allowing your hair to grow undisturbed. They are an easy protective style that any person can wear. The above cornrow styles for round faces are not only meant for those with round faces but also work for all those who feel the need to stand out. If you are up for it then consider the cornrow styles discussed above.

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