Data Bank branches in Accra: locations and contacts

Data Bank branches in Accra: locations and contacts

Established 28 years ago, Databank branches in Accra have committed themselves to empower their clientele base. How is this achievable? The customers will be given skills on how to be financially independent through the promotion of financial literacy. The bank will also provide a vast range of investment opportunities. In fast-tracking their mission, the bank has come up with services that ensure they stay ahead in the banking industry. They include incorporating the innovative and responsive corporate finance department, brokerage and financing. As if that is not enough, individuals banking with this institution can access private equity financing. More so, to set Databank apart from the rest, its providing fund management to foreigners, locals, portfolio investors, institutions, pension trusts, and multinational companies.

Data Bank branches in Accra: locations and contacts
Databank Ghana
Branches of Data Bank in Accra
Data Bank branches Accra
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List of Data Bank branches in Ghana

Presently, Databank has 14 branches spread all over Ghana. Its principal subsidiaries are located in Accra, which is also their head office. Other branches are in Kumasi, Takoradi, and Tema.

To facilitate their growth in Ghana within the next five years, Databank has partnered up with GTBank. Currently, there are nine-partner-locations within GTBank in Cape Coast, Tamale, Ashaiman, Tarkwa, and Accra.

Data bank branches in Greater Accra, including those with partner locations in GTBank, are listed below;

  • Databank head office (0302 610610)-Located along 61 Barnes Road Adabraka, Accra
  • GTBank Ashaiman branch (0577 702012)-Located along No. 427C Road Ashaiman, Accra
  • GTBank Airport branch (0557 702012)-Located in house #49, Patrice Lumumba Road, airport residential area, Accra.
  • GTBank, East Legon branch (0557 702013)-Located on plot no. 201 Lagos Avenue, East Legon, Accra.
  • GTBank Madina branch (0557 739462)-Located on Sister Annex, Madina-Adenta Road, Accra Madina
  • GTBank OSU branch (0557 702014)-Located on No.577, Oxford Street OSU R.E, Accra

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Apart from their branches, Data Bank Ghana has various ATM outlets within the country. It has made it easier for their clients to access money.

Data bank does not only provide its clients with state-of-the-art services, it is also a pace-setter in the Ghanaian investment industry. Over the past 20 years, the institution has been part of major ground-breaking transactions. Which have enabled it to gain fame in the Ghanaian Stock Exchange (GSE), giving it a chance to play a role in some of the big decisions such as;

  1. Participating on the private sale of 52% of the Social Security Bank (SSB)
  2. Advising the Ghanaian government on privatization deals
  3. They were the first security to be listed on the Ghana alternative market (bond program of Izwe loans limited)
  4. Databank Ghana has also launched the first equity fund, two-tiered education fund, ethical fund, balanced fund, and money market fund.
  5. They had an opportunity to be listed as the first on the cross-border of the GSE (Trust Bank Ltd of Gambia).
Data Bank branches in Accra: locations and contacts
Data Bank Ghana branches
Data Bank branches in Greater Accra
Data Bank Ghana branches in Accra
Branches of Data Bank in Accra
Data Bank branches Accra
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All Data Bank branches, are working diligently towards being the dominant financial institution in Ghana and Africa. With their well laid out values at the work place, it goes without much saying that the institution will reach their goal.

Their values include;

  • Humility - Data Bank Ghana branches are guided by Christian stewardship, with a customer support that is always on standby to attend to the needs of their clients.
  • Excellence - They have stood out as a gold standard service institution that provides unparalleled value to their customers and support staff.
  • Integrity - The interests of their investors are upheld in the highest regard, with highest form of integrity in delivering their services.
  • Leadership - In the financial industry, the institution has unchartered grounds where they promote creativity in individuals, spirit of innovation, and entrepreneurship.

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Some of the services offered by Data Bank Ghana branches in Accra include;

  1. Research services where their team of highly skilled workers, provide individuals and institutions with latest happenings on the Ghana Stock Exchange. It also ensures its clients are well-versed with issues pertaining to the Ghanaian economy, listed companies in GSE, and any other financial and economic matters.
  2. Brokerage services have enabled the facility to spearhead the process of developing the capital markets in Ghana. When it comes to market share of stock, branches of Data Bank in Accra have managed to dominate the GSE for more than a decade. Through their brokerage department, investors can trade shares listed on the GSE, investors can also tap into the fixed-income investments, and they have an upper hand of enjoying corporate finance advisory services.
  3. Databank has a wing for asset management services where investors can access more mutual funds as compared to any other financial institution in Ghana. This has been made possible by their EdIFund, Arkfund, Bfund, and Epack.

Data bank branches in Accra are strategically located to help customers access their services seamlessly. To them, customers are their most valued assets as they keep them in business.

Empowering their clients to achieve financial independence is the mandate of Data Bank branches in Accra. It is what has enabled them to stand out from their peers, and grow their customer base tremendously.

For any inquiries regarding their services, you can get in touch with the support team via;

Telephone: (+233) 0302 610610

Email address:


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