7 top churches where God is not worshipped

7 top churches where God is not worshipped

When "church" is mentioned, what Christians think of is a place where people meet to worship God through Jesus Christ.

At least that is the idea many Ghanaians and Africans - and millions of people across the world - have of the church.

However, it may interest Ghanaians to know that there are some churches in the world where God is neither mentioned nor worshiped.

YEN.com.gh, today, brings you a list of seven of such "churches".

1. Church Of The Flying Spaghetti Monster

Members of the Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster are said to worship the Flying Spaghetti Monster (FSM). Their religious motto is: “Be touched by His Noodly Appendage!”

Church of the flying Spaghetti monster
Image credit: Nairaland.com

Members of the church refer to themselves as Pastafarians and believe that the FSM created the world when he was drunk. In their view, this is why the world is imperfect.

The members reportedly believe that a beer volcano and a stripper factory exist in heaven. The church readily accepts members from other faiths.

2. Church of Satan

This is one of the most popular churches where God is neither worshipped nor named. Contrary to what their name suggests, however, members of the Church of Satan do not believe in the devil or the Christian and Islamic depictions of Satan.

Top churches where God is not worshipped
Image Credit: Churchofsatan.com

They call themselves "skeptical atheists" and embrace the Hebrew root of the word "Satan" as "adversary". The church views Satan as a positive archetype who represents pride, individualism, and enlightenment, and as a symbol of defiance against the Abrahamic faith.

The church was established at the Black House in San Francisco, on April 30, 1966.

3. Church of Maradona

Members of the Church of Maradona believe the Argentina football legend to be a god. The Argentina-based church, which is modeled after Maradona, has over 500,000 members.

Top churches where God is not worshipped

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The church was created by fans of Maradona who believe him to be the greatest footballer of all time.

It Christmas and New Year’s Day, but on October 30, which is Maradona’s birthday. Their Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve fall on October 29, the day before the football legend's birthday.

New members are asked to score a goal with their left fist, as Maradona did against England in the 1986 World Cup, before they can be baptized in the church.

Members of the church believe Maradona was crucified, sent away from the pitch, and had his leg broken. But like Jesus, he came back. Followers also have their version of the Lord’s Prayer, written in reverence for Maradona. It starts with the lines:

Our Diego

Who art on Earth

Hallowed be thy left foot

Thy magic come

Thy goals be remembered.

4. Church of the Later-Day Dude

Members of the Church of Later-Day Dude believe life is short and should be taken easy.

Top churches where God is not worshipped
Image credit: Facebook.com/thechurchofthelatterdaydude

They encourage their members to live their life one step at a time without unnecessary troubles and bothers.

Their members are called “dudes”, regardless of gender. The religion itself is called “Dudeism.”

Dudes do not necessarily believe in the existence of God, however they do not focus their attention on that. Their church seeks to serve the needs of people who love religion but are not satisfied with any of the available options.

The church prides itself as an "open source religion" that allows people to remove whatever they do not like from it.

5. Church of Yeezus

Members of the Church of Yeezus believe that American star rapper, Kanye West, is the god and saviour of mankind.

Top churches where God is not worshipped
Image credit: Nairaland.com

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The name of the church was derived from his nickname, Yeezus.

YEN.com.gh understands that Kanye does not identify himself with the church.

Followers call themselves Ye’ciples. Anyone is allowed to become a Ye’ciple, even if he already has a religion. In fact, members are encouraged to have another religion.

6. Church of Cannabis

The activities of this church revolve around cannabis (weed).

Top churches where God is not worshipped
Image credit: Marijuana.com

There are at least three unrelated Churches of Cannabis operating in the United States - one each in Colorado, Indiana, and Michigan.

7. The Church of Scientology

The Church of Scientology is a multinational network and hierarchy of numerous ostensibly independent but interconnected corporate entities and other organisations devoted to the practice, administration and dissemination of Scientology, a new religious movement.

Top churches where God is not worshipped
Image credit: Wikipedia

Scientology teaches that people are immortal spiritual beings who have forgotten their true nature. Scientology's central mythology developed around the original notion of the thetan. In Scientology, the thetan is the individual expression of "theta", described by Neusner as "the cosmic source and life force". The thetan is the true human identity, rendering humans as "pure spirit and godlike".

Aside from the above churches, there are several other churches wwhere God is not worshipped. They include: Missionary Church Of Kopimism, Church of Wicca and First Church For Animal Rights.

YEN.com.gh earlier brought you a list of 9 popular Ghanaian pastors who have been exposed as fake and end-time prophets.

The activities of these pastors, who have thousands of people as members, have prompted many to call on the government to regulate churches in the country.

Share your views on this with us in the comments section below.

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