Happy birthday messages for friends

Happy birthday messages for friends

Want to cheer up a loved one and make their birthday a special one? Well then, happy birthday messages are the way to go. Sending personalized happy birthday messages to relay thoughts and emotions can really make a loved one feel cared for, appreciated and loved. Here are a few well thought out phrases that will capture the hearts of the ones you love.

happy birthday messages, happy birthday messages, birthday wishes to a friend
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Besides family, friends are the closest people that can help you when in need. Such a connection explains why it is important to remember the birthday of your friends and celebrate with them. Use one or a few of the following quotes and messages to express your appreciation and good will to your friends on their special birthdays.

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Birthday wishes for your friends

happy birthday messages, happy birthday messages, birthday wishes to a friend
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The amount of Joy and love you bring into my life can barely be put into words only. In love with every single piece of you! You are adored in every way.

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This message is perfect for appreciating a best friend. Birthday wishes for a friend are best accompanied by spending quality time together if they are within reach. If not, a bouquet of flowers with concert tickets to their favourite artists show would be ideal.

Happy birthday my dearest friend. I wish you all the best this year. Though distance may separate us, my love for you still grows. You have a wonderful heart and I miss you daily. Have a joyous birthday on this special day!

The message above can be used as birthday wishes to a friend. The messages can relay the platonic feelings and emotions while making them feel highly appreciated.

In love with your bittersweet daily taunting and constant endearing nature darling. You are absolutely adorable. Happy birthday wishes to you my friend!

This message is suitable for assuring friends that they are cared for. A good way to prove this would be to take them out for dinner or drinks. Some indoor activity like enjoying buckets of ice cream and pizza would also be perfect.

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Emotional birthday wishes

happy birthday messages, happy birthday messages, birthday wishes to a friend
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I am lucky to have found the greatest fortune on earth when I found you my dear! Thank you for being everything I dreamed for in a friend. Have a wonderful day filled with joy and laughter.

This special and short birthday message is meant to encourage a friend. It also shows great appreciation for them. A card with a shopping voucher can be a great idea as a gift in addition to this message.

My dearest friend, you lie at the heart of my daily happiness. That is why I am glad that the universe has granted you another year to share with the world. May your birthday be as colourful as your presence is to me. Happy birthday!
I hope that you have a good time on this special day of yours! Happy birthday to the friend I admire the most. You have been a great friend and mentor and I appreciate you for that.

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Beloved friend, you are cherished and loved. On your special birthday I wish you all of life’s happiness. May you have a lovely day and may prosperity be yours this year.
Words cannot express how I truly feel for you. You mean so much to me and you are the most understanding friend in the world. Thank you for always putting a smile on my face. Happy birthday to you!
I want to wish you a happy birthday on this special day. May your special day be filled with all the good things that you surely deserve. I wish you a good life, good health and prosperity
As you celebrate your birthday I would like to join everyone else in wishing you nothing but the best on this birthday. You are cherished. Happy birthday.

All the messages above can be accompanied with a good bottle of wine, a road trip or a good take out meal.

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Heartfelt birthday messages for the one you love

happy birthday messages, happy birthday messages, birthday wishes to a friend
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Sweetheart, I will forever cherish and adore you with all the love in my heart because you are the reason for all the good in my life. This is why I am glad you are in my life. I am glad the universe has given me another year to spend with you. May your birthday be filled with all of life’s greatest goodness.

This message can be used to spice up things in a relationship. A nice dinner and mellow concert would be a perfect gift for their special day. A night out with friends can also be a good idea. Keep it classy. No shady bars. You can look for recommendations on a good local restaurant or take a drive to the nearest town.

I may take so many other people for granted, but I’m always careful to ensure I appreciate you and care for you. You are a wonderful partner and I wouldn’t change a thing about us. Have yourself a love filled day my love!

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This message can be used to reassure someone or a spouse who feels taken for granted. The best present would be to spend time cuddling up and being cozy in the house. A small vacation or getaway would also work magic.

My whole life revolves around you and thoughts of you fill me with warmth in my heart. I love you and I promise to keep the promises I make just so I could spend time with you daily. Happy birthday to you!

You can use this message when you have disappointed someone before. It reassures them that you are still working on fulfilling the promises you made before. One way to make it believable is by fulfilling a promise. Buy that car, get the house fixed. You can do simple chores to at least allow them to get some time for themselves.

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Wishes for your children - as your friends

happy birthday messages, happy birthday messages, birthday wishes to a friend
My sweet blessings and birthday wish to the cutest child in the universe. May this special day bring a lot of surprises in your precious life. Have fun and enjoy every little moment of your special birthday. Have yourself a lovely birthday my dear child!

This message is suitable for toddlers. It gives them a hope for the future and assurance that their barbie life dreams can indeed come true. A barbie doll, toy car or first toddler tablet would be an ideal present to go along with the message.

On your happy day, I wish you a blessed and prosperous life. I pray and hope that all your dreams come true. May you have a prosperous life!

This message is specifically meant for the teenager with little time on their hands. It is precise and short hence gives it a better chance of being read. The birthday wishes can be accompanied with some pocket money or a new phone for entertainment. A day together at the movies is also a great idea to enjoy time bonding with them.

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Inspirational birthday messages and wishes

May you reach to the sky’s height with your achievements. May this year be filled with lots and lots of joy and happiness. May prosperity be your portion. I wish you many happy returns for the day. Happy birthday to you!

This message can be used for a teenager on their birthday. This is especially meant to lift the moods and make them feel appreciated. This can be accompanied by their first car if they are at the legal age.

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Birthday messages for an ageing friend

happy birthday messages, happy birthday messages, birthday wishes to a friend
You have reached one of the greatest milestones in life. I am grateful for all your encouragement and support. I wish you good health and happiness in your life. Happy birthday!

This short and sweet message is to remind your friend that they are cherished. A bottle of good wine or scotch would do.

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We rejoice with you as you celebrate your (insert the number of years) birthday! The every best awaits you. We wish you more great achievements and joy in the life ahead. May all your birthday wishes come true.

This message is meant to celebrate special birthdays. Like say a friend’s 100th or 50th birthday. A tier cake would be a perfect gift.

I promise to hold on to all the life lessons you have passed down to me. Thank you for being a caring and loving person to me and others. Life without you would be boring. I wish you a long life filled with more dreams and ambitions.

This message is meant for an older friend who you admire. A good book or biography would be the most appropriate gift to tag along with. Also, a visit to one who might be in a home is important to make them feel appreciated.

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Throughout your entire life, you have shown me what true friendship is all about. I am grateful for all your love, encouragement and support. I hope that you have a good time on your special birthday!

This message is for those who you deeply care for as friends. Apart from the adoration, it shows acknowledgment that they still serve an important role in your life. A good gift would be to pay for part of their expenditures or to take them out for a tour of the places that are dear to them.

All of the happy birthday messages and others above can be a good reminder to those friends and family that you care for that they are indeed loved no matter how far they may be. Don’t forget about the gifts!

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