How to use UPSA interpay

How to use UPSA interpay

The University of Professional Studies Accra, has introduced UPSA interpay for prospective and formal students to create an account and log in to carry out specific academic actions such as payment of fees. UPSA interpay makes it easy for the institution to receive your payments. The system also provides students with the convenience of paying the university anywhere and anytime using various payment channels. After you have paid your fees and miscellaneous charges at any recommended banks, you should disburse the payment to UPSA interpay. Checkout the detailed explanation on how to use the UPSA interpay.

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Universities and other institutions of higher learning should continue coming up with easier and better ways of providing services. One of this includes a streamlined payment system. The UPSA has taken a step in the right direction with its interpay system. Understanding how it works helps give students better services.

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Overview of Interpay system in Ghana

The interpay system was introduced in Ghana to make it possible for consumers and merchants to make and receive payments of fees, invoices, and bills. In addition, the system makes e-commerce and transactions more convenient and secure since it is an electronic payment method. Below are the benefits of Interpay for businesses such as UPSA:

  • When payment is made instant notification is received
  • Payment from your customers within and without Ghana will be received any time
  • Access to the transaction history is possible, and you can reconcile all the payments
  • The system has features like the ability to broadcast notices associated with sales and discounts, new services, and new products
  • Losses related to instances like theft, flooding, and fire will be reduced as the system operates in a paperless environment.

Interpay also benefits the customers such as the students of UPSA in various ways as shown below:

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  • You will be the first to know when the merchant announces sale discounts
  • The system will never expose your bank account and other private information
  • It makes it possible for you to top up anytime and anywhere
  • It also enables you to track your transactions and all other payments by having real-time access.
  • It helps you reduce the risks of exposing your bank and using cash

A law passed by the government of Ghana known as the Payment System Act 662 ensures that supervision and tight regulations of the payment sector. Interplay was introduced to ensure customers feel safe while making payments.

UPSA student Interpay

Continuing and new students are expected to pay their befitting Academic Facility Fees at the following banks:

  • Mainstream Students – Ecobank or Access Bank being based on the bank outlined in the student’s Admission letter.
  • Weekend School Students – Ecobank

After making the payment, you should log in to UPSA interpay website at UPSA Interpay link so as to disburse your payment made at the bank. You will be required take your Ecobank pay- in-slips to the Account Office located on the 1st Floor of Access so as to receive assistance. It often takes less than 24 hours to register after the payment of fees is done.

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After logging to UPSA Interplay, select “Pay Fee” which is on the left side of the menu. This will open the fee generated applicable to the student. You will then select the multiple fees you want to pay by clicking on "select" button that is adjacent to the fee bills.

For the Facility subsidy Fee, you have the option of paying in installments. By default, you will fill the total amount owed. You will have to key in the amount that you have to pay. Alternatively, you can use the drop down button to increase or reduce the amount. The amounts against each bill will be accumulated at the top of the page, and the buttons selected by you will change their colors from white to black.

Once you have chosen all the fee amounts to pay, press "Pay" to allow the system to pay the fee. You will then be asked to confirm that you want to pay as shown below. If you press OK, the system will make the payment to the University's account. You should understand that once you have confirmed a transaction, it cannot be reversed. As soon as you have confirmed the payment by clicking on the Pay button, you will receive a confirmation message. Once you have paid the fee, your current available balance in the bank will reduce and the fee line items will be removed from your bill.

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UPSA interpay system

To log in to the UPSA interpay system, you should enter your index number and password. If you cannot remember your password, click on Forgot Password to recover it. To recover your password, you will be required to provide your username and email address so that a reset code will be sent to your email.

UPSA Interpay Ghana

In Ghana, UPSA is an interpay merchant. The institution receives payments from its students. The portfolio of merchants in Ghana is highly diverse and the common thing about the merchants is that they want to provide their customers with convenience, security, and flexibility when they are making payments.

UPSA Interpay Africa

upsa interpay africa
upsa interpay ghana
upsa interpay link
upsa interpay system

Interpay Africa UPSA facilitates e-commerce and online payments in Ghana. The principal functions of the system are:

  • Automate disbursement processes
  • Generate electronic billing and payment collection
  • Make and receive payments
  • Authenticate and reconcile payments
  • Top up via Visa or Mobile Money, Local cards, MasterCard, or Transaction Codes
  • Stay informed and receive notifications concerning all ongoing transaction

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The UPSA student Interpay is the safest way through which you can pay your fee. The above information will help you understand how to use the system. The system reduces the risk of carrying cash and losing it. You are allowed to make payments anytime and anywhere. Finally, the system will keep all your personal information confidential. You should therefore not worry about your privacy.

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