Popular German female names and meanings

Popular German female names and meanings

German female names are some of the most wonderful names to give a child. Before delving into the depths of why and why not these names sound wonderful on your child, you need to understand a simple concept of traditional naming systems. Traditional naming systems are very important in all communities. Despite the modernization of the world, sticking to the traditions and cultures is very crucial. It makes people feel they are a part of their tradition, through engaging in traditional activities and subscribing to authentic customs that unite a group of people. In addition, it brings union, bond, and continuity of memories for the older people about their olden days as well as assuring them of the safety of their heritage. Choice of German female names follow certain patterns to avoid losing of culture.

old german female names
popular german female names
names of women in germany
names of female in germany

Just as it is common in many countries to follow customs, Germans follow some basics when it comes to choosing names for their children. They have distinct traditional German female names being used to date by the natives; most of the names from the popular and prominent people in the country. Other names use generational trend where children get names after their grandmothers and grandfathers. This results in many people in the lineage, having the same name. Germans second names are baptismal. They are names in honor of favorite saints and are repeatedly used in families. The first name, therefore, follows some spiritual guidelines.

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Female German names

Finding a German female name for your little girl is far much easier. Most Germans name female children, using most popular names. This is a natural phenomenon, not unique to Germany, but experienced across the globe, where parents tend to give their children names of people who have made names for themselves, either in entertainment, humanitarian work, religion or any other field and had a positive impact on the general population, in the due process. Their first name also take the names of the favorite saints in the history of spirituality. They range far beyond the stereotypical-old school names to the modern names. This article gives the list of the most popular German female names and their meaning.

  1. Alana: This is a German old school name with Hawaiian origin. The name Alana has gained popularity in modern Germany because of its meaning. It means fair, awakening, and precious.
  2. Agnes: The name symbolizes kind, pure and holy person. It has Greek origin and mostly used by Germans in honor of Saint Agnes.
  3. Alfreda: It means intelligent. Most of Germans name their children Alfreda to symbolize elf or someone who is supernaturally wise. These people employ a lot of wisdom in everything they do especially in their judgments.
  4. Amalia: It is of German origin name meaning, industrious, striving, or hardworking. The holders of this name excel through their hard work. Everything they do they put a lot of effort.
  5. Alexandra: It is a virtous name whose usage is widely spread in German, Scandinavian, Dutch, English Greeks, and Portuguese. It means noble.
  6. Bertina: It is a diminutive of Bertha. It originated from German. The name means bright, shinning, or glorious. The bearers of this name anticipate having a very bright star in their life.
  7. Bernice: This is a German girls name with a special meaning. It means victory bringer or someone who people anticipate to give her family some form of victory.
  8. Bertha: A girl's name of old German origin. The name has a special meaning of glorious, bright, learning, or famous.
  9. Brenda: It has Old Norse origin and popularly used in German. It means sword or brave.
  10. Brunhilda: A German girl's name that means ready for battle. The name symbolizes the huge physical strength that a child is likely to have.
  11. Christina: This is a popular German name which means anointed Christian.
  12. Dagmar: A widespread and a very popular name with German origin. It came from the word Dagmær. It means joyous day or the bright day of the Dane or glories day's glory. It is a popular royal name in Denmark.
  13. Dagny: The name is used for both male and females. It means splendid day or a new day.
  14. Frieda: It a feminine name used by the native Germans. It means a lady full of piece and joy.
  15. Felicia: It is a popular female first name in German. It means lucky, fortunate, or happy.
  16. Henrietta: One of the most popular female first names. It means ruler of the home.
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old german female names
popular german female names
names of women in germany
names of female in germany

Old German female names

Some names used by Germans in the past and are not popular in the modern times. This is because of the modernization that forces some alteration so they can sound modern. Others change the spelling while retaining the original meaning. However, some of the old names of women in Germany are still in existence. Here are some of German female names that are not popular in the present times.

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  1. Adelheit: This is among the top ten oldest female names in Germany. However old the namehas a precious meaning. It means precious character.
  2. Adeltraud: Old German female name. When it is translated directly, it means the noble cozy one. However, the original meaning of this name is a gentlewoman and the strong one.
  3. Gundula: It's oldie names that originate from the word' gund'. It simply means fight or a fighter. You had better watch the bearers of these names as they might live up to their name.
  4. Mechthild: To some extent, you can believe the name existed but it did. It was most popular during medieval times in German. It means the strong fighter.
  5. Ingeborg: The name was popularly used back in the 1920's, and it means secure.
  6. Roswitha: It comes from the German name hroswini. The name means a horse's friend. The name also carries the meaning of a strong and a popular one.
  7. Erna: This German name was derived from an old German man's name Ernst. The name simply means serious and determined.
  8. Leefke: The name sounds so ridiculous. One still feels the name can fit in the modern names despite its old nature. The name means the loved one.
  9. Hermione: As the name was portrayed by one of the harry potters book characters, the meaning comes out clearly. It means fighter or warrior.
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old german female names
popular german female names
names of women in germany
names of female in germany

Popular German female names

Names of female in Germany are common such that you are likely to find more than two people in the same locality having the same name. Hearing the name in every town you visit is almost guaranteed. Here are some of the most popular German female names.

  1. Aaliyah: The name is ranked in top 60 due to its popularity. It means heavenly, highborn, or exalted.
  2. Annie: Another popular female name in German. It means grace.
  3. Charlotte: It is a girl's name of French origin and ranked number 7 in the popularity in German. It means free man or petite.
  4. Eva: A female name of the Hebrew origin. It means life. One of the most popular names in German.
  5. Fiona: This is a female name of Gaelic origin. It means white, fair of very clear.
  6. Sofia: It is a girl's name of Greek origin. It means wisdom.
  7. Mia: It is a female name of Latin origin meaning wished for child. It is among the popular female names in German ranked number 6 by name popularity.
  8. Leonie: Leonie is a German baby name of Latin origin. It simply means a hardy lion or a lion-bold character.
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For the people who live in Germany, finding the most popular and the cutest German female names to call your child is a bit easier. You will have the most catchy girl's names that are free flowing and tongue rolling at the mention. These names are likely to attract you and fall in love with them. Whether you are a mother to be or you are past child bearing age, you have a wide variety of names to choose from. Don’t miss one.

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