100+ best wedding invitation messages for friends

100+ best wedding invitation messages for friends

A marriage ceremony is one of the most important formalities in your life. You might want to invite some of your loved ones to witness the union. This can be done by sending wedding invitation messages for friends using an electronic card or an SMS.

wedding invitation messages for friends
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While you have probably sent invitations to all your guests, it is a little different with your close friends. You might be considering sending them casually worded or even funnier invites. Whether you are planning to create a card, SMS, or a WhatsApp message for wedding invitation, the following wording ideas for friends will work for you.

Wedding invitation messages for friends

A wedding entails love, union, and celebrations. Such an event should bring together well-wishers, families and friends to witness the union. Even though a wedding invitation can be communicated by word of mouth, sending texts via SMS or social media is more honourable and classical. Here are over 100 messages for personal wedding invitation for friends.

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Simple wedding invitation wording for friends

Sometimes, it is wise to go straight to the point than beating around the bush. A simple invite will basically contain your wedding details, such as the date. Choose any of your ideal clear-cut marriage invitation message from this list:

  • With delight in our hearts, we invite you to our wedding come (date) and (time) at (venue). Our reception will be held at (location).
  • We (bride) and (groom) cordially request your presence at our wedding which will be held at (city) on (date).
  • I will be pleased to have your attendance grace our wedding ceremony, which is scheduled to take place on (date) and at (location).
  • We, Mr and Mrs (your name) happily invite you to our marriage rite on (date), (time) at (venue). The reception will follow after the service at (location).
  • I am delighted to announce to you that I will get married traditionally in my hometown. You are hereby invited!
  • We are happy to invite you to our holy solemnisation. Mark the date which is (day) and (the site). Come with your dancing sneakers!
  • With heartfelt inclination, I wish to invite you to the sealing of my love journey with (bride/groom name) on (day) at (venue). Dancing and merriment will follow at (reception location).
  • I wish to invite you to our holy solemnisation with (bride/groom name). Be free to come in any dressing code at our reception. You will surely have a memorable day friend.

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wedding invitation messages for friends
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  • The special announcement, I am getting married this weekend! It is with pleasure that I invite you to the ceremony. Your presence means a lot to me. Foods will be plenty.
  • We request your wonderful presence at our wedding, which will take place at (location) on (day). You can grace the occasion with any of these dressing codes (colour codes).
  • The family of (bride and (groom) humbly request you to come and celebrate with their son (groom) and daughter (bride) on (day) at (venue).
  • With consent from our families, We Mr and Mrs (name) cordially invite you to celebrate with us as we get espoused on (day) at (venue).
  • I will wed my sweetheart on (day) at (location). Honour me with your presence on this day. You should not be in a hurry as the reception will be held later at (site).
  • I joyfully announce and call you to attend our marriage ceremony with (bride/groom name) on (date) at (site). Some refreshments will be served at the wedding venue. After that, all roads will lead to the marriage party venue at (location).
  • I and (bride) will exchange vows at (venue) on (day). Eating, dancing, and drinking will follow at (reception site). Thanks in advance for coming.
  • We, (bride and groom), want you to come in any of these dress codes (colours) as we hook onto each on (day) at (venue).
  • Friend. Love is in the air! Join me as I walk down the aisle with my partner this weekend. Drinks and food will be served in plenty at the same location. Come rejoicing.
  • As our friend, we request you to take part in our overwhelming pleasure as we meet each other at the alter on (day) at (location). The reception will be held at our family house.
  • Be there as I say “I do” to (bride/groom name) on (day) and (venue). There will be a lot of refreshments and dancing immediately after the ceremony.
  • We wish to invite you to our wedding which will take place on the first Sunday of December in our church. The reception will follow immediately after the service. Please dress in all white.

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WhatsApp wedding invitation messages

WhatsApp messaging service is a great alternative to SMS. Sending texts via this app requires an internet connection. Pick one wedding invitation WhatsApp message from the following:

  • You are hereby invited to be a guest to our matrimonial ceremony. We are expecting to see you at the grand venue.
  • Hi buddy, we want to invite you wholeheartedly to attend our wedding occasion with your family. Come to witness us exchanging vows and give us your sincere prayers for our happy life after.
  • Most of the things in this life are temporary. They come and go. But marriage only happens once. So, make sure you attend our wedding to witness us say I do.
  • Fellow friend, I will be grateful if you are present on a special occasion. Without you, the ceremony will not be complete.
  • Dear friend, I am sending you this text to express my wish to see on my marriage day. I anticipate to see you on the day I will tie the knot. Without your presence, the celebration will not be the same.
  • I am very excited to announce the wedding ceremony of (bride/groom name) and me. We are expecting your company as we exchange wedding vows.
  • You are listed among the honourable guests of my wedding which will take place on (day). We yearn to be blessed with your presence at our holy occasion.
  • We humbly request you to unite with us on (day) as we exchange vows. Your presence matters to us!
  • We expect your presence more than anything else in our wedding ceremony. We will be delighted to enjoy the holy occasion with your attendance.
  • The joy of my wedding with (bride/groom name) is incomplete without your attendance. We have shared a friendship for more than a decade; let us share the joy of the event.
  • My marriage ceremony will be quite lacking without your presence. We look forward to seeing you on (date) at (time).
  • I am proud to announce to you pals that I am getting married on (date). You are all cordially invited to take part in our holy ceremony.
  • (Bride/groom name) and I will be exchanging vows on (day). Your presence at the event will greatly bless us.
  • It is with great pleasure that I announce the news of my wedding. Your presence at the ceremony will be highly appreciated.
  • Ecstatically, I announce the news of my marriage to my sweetheart. Your participation is fervently needed.
  • As a proud husband/wife to be, I present to you the news of our wedding with (groom/bride name). We desire to see you at this auspicious event with your family.
  • We bring you happy tidings. We will be starting a new chapter of our life this weekend. We modestly request you to bless us with your presence.
  • Dear friend, you have been an integral part of my life. I wish that we will celebrate our friendship through my marriage ceremony.

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wedding invitation messages for friends
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  • Hey, best friend. It is our honour to have you grace our wedding on (day). We look forward to sharing our joy with you. You are invited!
  • You are invited with all your family to grace our holy marriage of devotion, love, and family. Your presence will be highly appreciated.
  • I am about to enter a new phase of my life. I request you to give me the company on occasion.
  • Buddy, if my love tale with my sweetheart were a book, then you would be the most avid reader. I am honoured to invite you to my wedding come (day).
  • Your presence at our wedding ceremony will extend smiles and joy to our faces. You cannot afford to miss.
  • Friend, you have always encouraged us to start life afresh with my sweetheart. Without you, the ceremony would be incomplete. You are cordially invited to join us!
  • Dear, you have been a big part of my life. It is with pleasure that I invite you to witness our event as we unite in a bond of devotion and love.

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Informal wedding invitation for friends

If you are sending an invitation to people you hang out with, make sure your invitation isn’t that formal. It should be a bit playful and contain a little sense of humour. Here are casual worded messages you can use to come up with informal invitations:

  • Is there a happily ever after? Well, we thought, let’s try to find out the answer. Join us as we begin this journey with (bride/groom name) at (venue).
  • We are getting married! Please, pal, join us to celebrate this occasion at (date, time, and venue).
  • Once in a while, in the middle of ordinary life like mine, love gives us a fairy-tale. In conjunction with our families, we invite you to join us as we kick start our happily ever after.
  • Hey dear friend, I couldn’t forget to invite you to my wedding. We are looking forward to seeing you.
  • On (day) my wedding will take place at (venue). I expect to see you at the jubilant event.
  • Dear friend, this is a reminder. We expect no less than your whole family to join us this week as share our wedding vows.
  • With a smiling face, I want to inform you that my marriage occasion will be held on (day, time at the venue). Be present with your family.
  • As my best friend, your participation in my marriage ceremony is not optional.
  • To all my buddies, I bring glad tidings. I ask you to grace our wedding event on (day, time at the place).
  • Our matrimony celebrations will mark the beginning of a new chapter. Only with your participation would this occasion be complete. Do not miss out on a couple of dances and mouth-watering food.
  • Buddies always have a special part in hearts. Our wedding event will be incomplete without you guys gracing it.
  • I want you to know that I love and treasure you a lot. Thanks for being there for me always. On (day) my wedding event will be held at (venue). You are asked to attend the occasion.
  • Your support, as well as suggestions, have helped us plan for an amazing wedding. It's finally time for you, friend, to make us happy with your attendance.
  • Before I start my new journey, I want to make sure that your blessings are with me. Please come and join us as I tie knots with (bride/groom name).
  • We undoubtedly believe that the heavenly charm of your attendance will intensify the joy of our wedding ceremony. Do not miss it!
  • Hand in hand, we will be taking our vows on (day, month) at (venue). We request you to grace our matrimony celebrations.

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wedding invitation messages for friends
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  • You have always been a perfect friend to us. Your attendance is anticipated during our holy occasion.
  • We are happy to have a chance to write a new book in our lives. You are requested to take part in this celebration together with your family.
  • God has been so kind to us. He has allowed us to make our love stronger through a sacred married ceremony. Kindly attend the occasion to make it a success.
  • I am tying knots with my dearest, my sweetheart. But you are my closest person. Without you, the ceremony wouldn’t be worth remembering.
  • We all went to the same college, lived in the same area, bad-mouthed one another from the same apartment, played every game together. You are my best friend. Come to my wedding ceremony, without you I will be going through hell.
  • Join us as we walk down the aisle privately at a location that will be revealed in subsequent messages. Food, drinks, and entertainment will be to your satisfaction.
  • Thank you, friend, for all the prayers, encouragement, and support you have given me towards the success of my wedding. May God bless you, abundantly. Be sure to grace our wedding on (date).
  • Dear friend, we are grateful for your assistance in making our wedding a success. Your attendance will be highly appreciated.
  • This is to jog your memory. Our holy solemnisation will be held on (date) at (venue).

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Funny wedding invitation messages for friends

Humorous sayings, quotes, or words make an invitation interesting. The messages will mesmerise your guests when included in your wedding card. Here are some hilarious invitations you can send to your friends:

  • When you realise that you crave to spend your life with your sweetheart, you want it to be as soon as possible. Taking our first step to perpetuity, we would like you to join us as we celebrate this special occasion.
  • No measure of time can be enough, but I and my (bride/groom) will start with forever! We invite you to be part of this big day.
  • Friend, at last, you have a socially acceptable chance for day drinking this weekend! Please be dressed in all black as I tie knots with (bride/groom) at (venue).
  • Friend, I am getting married this summer. The dress code is simple - come with your clothes on!
  • Love truly, dance badly and drink deeply as we get hitched with (bride/groom) this weekend at (location).
  • Let us raise a toast, or maybe two? My girlfriend and I invite you to join us for a day of wines and brews after the "I do’s”!
  • Hey friend, I highly encourage you to attend my marriage ceremony. I can’t wait to introduce my spouse to the world!
  • Dear friend, I am getting married to my sweetheart. Can you believe it? Be sure to be in attendance.
  • I discovered the soul mate of my life recently. I am tying knots with him/her on (day). She/he is kind of perfect. Be sure to grace the event to see and know more about him/her.

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wedding invitation messages for friends
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  • I found a love that will last forever. Now we are about to pledge to stay loyal to each other. Come and join us at (venue). Hey, no presents. We need your blessings only!
  • We have heard a billion times that weddings are manufactured in even and celebrations on the earth. Finally, I have realised it! I request the attendance of one of my best friends to make the celebrations special.
  • No amount of time is enough for us to celebrate our wedlock. However, we would like to start with a word for now! On behalf of our entire families, we wish to invite you to be an important part of our big day. Your presence will be appreciated.
  • We decided to ask people if there is truly a happily ever after. The answers we got were perplexing. And so, we decided to find it out ourselves. We are starting a new phase in our lives. Without your blessings, the journey won’t be exciting. Be part of the celebrations.
  • Friend, I am getting married, it's all about food. Come and eat as much as you can.
  • Top reasons not to miss my wedding: Free bear for you, you will get a chance to show us your dancing skills, and plenty of food. Save the date, buddy!
  • My dearest pal, we have known each other for years. Our friendship is growing stronger every passing day. As I marry my soul mate, I am requesting you to stand by my side.
  • Buddy, do you remember those days, when we would talk about who will get wedded first and last? Fortunately, I am last! You have to be on my side with your family to make the occasion special.
  • Hey, look at this list and tell me what is missing: Alcohol, plenty of food, and dance. Complete the list for me by gracing my wedding. It will mean a lot to me.
  • You have shown up to my birthdays with empty hands. But not this time buddy, I am inviting you to my wedding. Bring yourself and your 1-kilowatt smile. Those are the only things I ask you to gift me at my wedding.
  • Come, friend, it’s my wedding. Bears, whiskey, dances, party, and fun will go on all day long.
  • Before I become a bride before I throw the bouquet before I walk down the aisle, be sure you are present at my wedding.
  • I knew I would one day get a lovely bride. The day has come. I request you to be in attendance as I walk down the aisle.

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The above are the best wedding invitation messages for friends. They should work for you regardless of the type of bond you share with your close ones. Have the greatest marriage celebrations ever!

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