How to write a funeral invitation letter (sample included)

How to write a funeral invitation letter (sample included)

Losing a loved one is extremely painful. It comes with unmatched sadness and grief. The best way to honour a departed soul is by giving them a befitting funeral. For this to happen, you will have to write a funeral invitation letter notifying other friends and relatives of the interment ceremony.

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Writing a good funeral invitation letter may be the difference between a smooth and a chaotic interment ceremony. When a person dies, emotions tend to run high among relatives and friends, making it easy for people to be at loggerheads. This can be avoided by thinking about funeral invitations before sending them out.

How to write a funeral invitation letter

Everyone wishes to hold a smooth interment ceremony for their loved ones. The event becomes smooth if all concerned persons are invited to the event. A proper invitation to a funeral is written in proper language and is done after a date and venue for the funeral have been set.

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Simple invitation for a funeral

A funeral ceremony invitation letter is a letter requesting people to attend a funeral service for a loved one. It is natural for non-family members to want to grieve with you. Therefore, learning how to write a simple invitation letter for a funeral ceremony is essential.

Before writing the letter, ask yourself the following questions.

  • Who is the burial is for?
  • When will the funeral be held? (date and time)
  • Where will the funeral be held?
  • Are guests expected to do anything? (e.g. contributions)
  • Are the guests supposed to RSVP? (contacts to use)
  • Will there be funeral viewing or visitations?

What to include in the invite

Once you gather all the information needed (from the above questions), you are ready to draft the letter. Below is a list of what it should include.

  • You must have a title, e.g., Funeral invitation/ Memorial service invitation. This should be at the top of the invite. If you are requesting people to attend a memorial service, let the card's heading indicate that.
  • Have all-inclusive addressee titles. This means you should know to who to address the letter. Since it is challenging to customise addressees' titles, it is best to have an all-inclusive title, e.g. Miss, Mrs, Mr, Sir. Before sending, put a check symbol on the appropriate one.
  • Include the location of the funeral service. In many Ghanaian communities, interment ceremonies are a village affair, meaning many people are likely to attend. Therefore, ascertain the location can accommodate the number of people you invite. Ensure the physical address is correct.
  • Include phone numbers to use in case someone requires directions. There should be people in charge of picking up calls to avoid overwhelming the deceased's immediate family.
  • Include a brief description of the deceased, including their name. Write their name in full, and include their nickname if they had one. It is also important to include some of the deceased's positive attributes.
  • If there will be a gathering after the burial, mention it. It is common to provide meals or refreshments to your guests in many African communities.

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As you create the invite, plan how the letters will reach the target audience. In the contemporary era, there are multiple modes of sending letters.

sample funeral invitation letter
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Sample funeral invitation letter

Below is a sample of a simple funeral invitation letter. Ensure you include all necessary information. You do not want to leave guests with questions about the ceremony. The format is appropriate for individuals and groups.

Wendy Wawe Bobo



23rd October 2015.

The HR Manager

Quality Me Limited



Dear Sir/ Madam,

RE: Funeral invitation for the late Kwaw Abednego

It is with deep grief that I inform you about the demise of Kwaw Abednego. Kwaw was my first-born son who passed away on 17th October 2015 after a severe case of convulsions. Before his demise, Kwaw was in good health.

There will be a funeral ceremony on 30th October 2015 at the Bobo family farm (next to Ibeguwin Primary School) in Ikabom Village, Kwikwi Location, Kumasi. The ceremony will start at 10.00 AM. The ceremony will begin with a church service before his body is laid to rest. Drinks and refreshments will be offered to all in attendance.

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From now until 30th October 2015, the family is accepting support in cash or kind through +123478652 or +123456789. Feel free to call either of the two numbers for any clarifications or details you may need.

Your presence and support are highly valued.


(insert signature)

Wendy Wawe Bobo.

In the above sample, it is assumed the Human Resource Manager will inform other employees of the event. If this is not the case, you should write a letter addressed to the group of employees.

If you are wondering how to write a funeral invitation letter to a group, fret not. The structure is similar to the sample above. However, the address should indicate the group instead of the individual.

funeral invitations
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Funeral invitation cards

If letters are inappropriate for your target audience, you can send funeral invitation cards. The cards should contain the same information as the letters. Cards are smaller, so you have little room for wordiness.

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Keep your cards brief and precise. You can include a picture of the deceased on the card for aesthetics. The picture will also allow the audience to identify the person being laid to rest. Check out an example of the wording to use on the card.


In memory of Kwaw Abednego

The family of the late Kwaw Abednego invites all family, friends, colleagues, and other interested parties to his funeral ceremony. The church service and laying of his body to rest will be held at the Bobo family farm (next to Ibeguwin Primary School) in Ikabom Village, Kwikwi Location, Kumasi.

The late Kwaw was the first-born son of Wendy Wawe Bobo and Ikafor Bobo. He was the brother of Kejum and Nedit. Kwaw was a cheerful and bubbly person who will surely be missed by many.

For clarifications and support, kindly call/ text +123478652 or +123456789.

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May the Lord rest Kwaw's soul in eternal peace.

Burial invitation text messages

If cards or letters are not the best options for you, you can send people a burial invitation text message. This is often cheaper but is more appropriate for people you have a casual relationship with.

As you type the message, ensure you include all the key points mentioned above. Use simple and clear language for the audience to understand. Avoid slang. The text should not be too long either.

You can send the text message via the SMS app on your device or via WhatsApp or other social media platforms.

How do you write a letter of invitation for a funeral?

You can write it using the format described above. The overall structure is similar to that of a formal letter.

How do I write a funeral invitation letter to a church?

If you have been wondering how to write a funeral invitation letter to a church, use the format explored above. You can also send the congregation a well-detailed card.

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How do you invite someone to a funeral?

You can invite them via an official letter, card, or burial invitation text message. Whichever option you use should contain all the important details of the event.

What is a formal letter of invitation?

A formal invitation letter follows the general format of a formal letter. It should mention all the necessary details about the event.

How do you write a request for an invitation?

You can write your request to the event owner. Ensure you address the recipient of the letter politely, mention all key details, and use formal or informal language, depending on the occasion.

If you lose a loved one, you may need to write a funeral invitation letter to your boss, colleagues, or even friends. We hope the information above helps you to write a proper letter to your intended audience.

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