Popular American male names

Popular American male names

America male names refer to the names that are commonly used among the American male population. These names might be family names or even names given to the child by the parents' preferences. These names tend to be similar in most cases but they occur in different frequencies among the American population. This article, therefore, explains different names with different meanings among the American males.

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American male names have been used all over the world. People love these names because of their simplicity in both writing and pronunciation. In addition to this, they have some level of authenticity and creativity in them that just can’t be explained. Below are some of the names of men in the USA that you may want to give your boy child.

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Different US male names with their descriptions are discussed below. These are;

  • James: this is one of the most commonly used name in America male names category. The name "James" has a Latin origin and it means "one who follows". Those called by the name are easy people to lead as they easily follow instructions and are calm.
  • John: this name is also widely used in the American male naming systems. The name has a Hebrew origin and people with Christian backgrounds mostly use it. The name means Jehovah has been gracious or Jehovah has shown favour.
  • Robert: The name has a German origin though it is widely used by American male children. In German, the name means famed, shining, or bright.
  • William: This name is a household name among Americans. This is also a German baby name but widely borrowed by the larger American population. The name means a resolute protector.
  • Michael: The name has a Hebrew origin and a great name especially among Christians. The name implies who is like God and refers to the archangel in the Hebrew tradition and in the Bible. This name is widely used in America by many men.
  • Richard: This is an American male baby name. The name is common across different cultures in the US .The name originated from Germany and popularized by the Britons after its introduction in Britain by the Normans. It simply means a strong ruler.
  • David: This is a Hebrew baby name. It has a Hebrew origin though it is a very common name among the American male babies. The name means a beloved one or a great friend. The name is also a common one across many American homes with Christian backgrounds as it is a common name in the Bible.
  • Christopher: This name has a Greek origin. The name is however popular among American baby boys. The name has a special meaning especially among Christian families as it is mentioned in the Bible. The name means famous bearer.
  • Donald: This name has a Scottish origin. The name though, has a larger population bearing it in America. The name means world ruler or world mighty.
  • Thomas: This is a common baby boy name in America. The name has a German origin, despite the fact that with time it has become common among Americans. The name means twins.
  • Steven: The name has a Greek origin and it is a common one especially in Christian families in America. The name is also common in the Bible as it was borne by one of the chosen seven who assisted the apostles. The name means a garland or a crown.
  • George: This is a Greek baby boy name but has in the past found its way across American families such that it has become a household name among American males. The name means a famous bearer, a soil tiller, or a farmer.
  • Edward: The name has an English origin but it is common to American baby boys. The name means a rich guard or a wealth fortune.
  • Jason: Jason is of Greek origin. The name is however, used widely among the American baby boys. The name means a healer or a physician.

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  • Gary: This is an English name and it is mostly used across the American borders by American males. The name means spear. Gary is a sociable and pleasant person, often attracted to beauty and art.
  • Matthew: This name has a Hebrew origin though it is a common name among the American baby boys. The name has also a Christian meaning as it is commonly used in the Bible. The name simply means a gift of God.
  • Brian: This name has an English origin .The name is also one of the most commonly used names by American baby boys. It means strong.
  • Ronald: This is an American baby boy name, which is widely used in America. The name means a ruler.

Male names in the USA vary from one family to another. This will mostly depend on the origin of the respective families.

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Native American male names

The families might be of the native inhabitants of the USA or they might be those of the immigrants. Native American male names differ from those of immigrants, as their origins are very different. Some names of the Native American males are as follows;

common names in usa
names of men in usa
native american male names
list of american male names
  • Achachak: This is a Native American male name and it means a spirit.
  • Adahy: This is also a Native American name, which is commonly used in America by the natives. It means one living in the woods.
  • Ahiga: This is also another American Native name which means He fights.
  • Apenimon: It means one worthy of trust.
  • Ayawamat: This name is used in America by American baby boys and it means one who follows orders.
  • Bidziil: It is another Native American name, which means strong.
  • Bodaway: This is a common name among the Native Americans and it means fire maker.
  • Chatan: This is a baby boy name, meaning hawk.
  • Chayton: This is a male name among the native Americans and it means a falcon
  • Chuchip: This American boy’s name means a deer spirit.
  • Naalnish: This is also a Native American name, meaning he works.
  • Nashashuk: This is a baby boy name meaning Thundering

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List of American male names

This list is often long and wide especially taking into consideration, the cultural diversity in the USA. The list will often vary from the natives of America to the immigrants residing there now; immigrants from all corners of the world and those who have intermarried from different races. This will bring about a wide range of names among the American population. The listing of these names is also a subject of change from time to time since there are cultural exchanges day in, day out and this facilitates cropping of more new names.

Common names in USA

These common names in USA vary from time to time. This is due to the difference in birth rate in the USA and the difference brought about by the diversity of races in the country. The common names of American boys are as follows;

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  • James
  • John
  • Robert
  • William
  • Michael
  • George
  • Joseph
  • David
  • Mathew and many others.
common names in usa
names of men in usa
native american male names
list of american male names

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American names male according to their cultural background. The naming might also be influenced by the preferences of the respective parents. For example, if the cultural background allows, the parents might name the male child in line with the people who are idols to them. These idols could be people like successful politicians, business persons or even athletes.

America male names are influential in many different cultures as many people all over the world share them. The names are popular and they eventually top the all time popular list in the world.

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