American International School of Accra application, location and contacts

American International School of Accra application, location and contacts

American International School Accra Ghana is focused on empowering children from ages of 3 years to 18 years. The school is focused on the global citizenship hence developing a great value system and knowledge for its students. Students appreciate learning the skills acquired from their teachers at the School. This has helped many of them become successful. The American International School East Legon Accra offers learners a strong sense of international development. It takes an international approach which equips its students with the necessary skills to thrive in any environment.

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Most parents have a desire to help their kids excel in everything they do. This includes academics. For this reason, many would find the best schools that their children would easily fit in. Other parents focus on the ability of the school to help the children become better citizens of the world. Regardless of what your motivation is as a parent, the American International School in Accra is a great choice.

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About the American International School of Accra Ghana

American International School of Accra Ghana came into existence through the support of Network of International Christian Schools. It was opened in 2006. The school is located in East Legon in Accra Ghana. The programs being offered range from nursery to primary and secondary education. It aims at equipping students with quality education that enables them to reach their full potential. The student-teacher interaction is founded on family grounds thus fostering an excellent relationship, both inside and outside the classroom setting.

As a Christian school, students have been guided and disciplined. They are also helped to become responsible and to have good morals. This has been achieved through community-based activities. As such, leaders with the ability to impact the world around them through community roles and collaboration coupled with effective communication have been groomed from the school.

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Programmes offered at Accra International School

These programs are offered through certified and well-trained teachers in child safety and protective services. This ensures that the children’s rights to physical, emotional and mental well-being are of first priority, no matter the grade the child is in. The programmes are categorized based on the different levels of education. They include:


This program is offered for young children aged from three years. Many children in this category are taught through activities that improve their emotional, physical, spiritual and academic growth. This prepares the children for entry into Kindergarten. Participation is encouraged as the training focuses on an inclusive approach. The training at Pre-school level prepares the children who are mostly three years, to the point where they are ready to join kindergarten.

Elementary school

This level accommodates children from kindergarten to 5th grade. The aim is to teach them to develop a strong learning foundation while developing skills and respect. The children are encouraged to become independent.

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Middle school

The course program mission at this level is geared towards preparing students to become self-aware. They are also taught about the world around them and the environment they are living in. This means that students are encouraged to live in a community. The aim is to help the students transition well into high school.

High school

international schools in accra
accra international school
apply for american international school of accra

Students receive an education through a credit system in order to acquire the American High School Diploma. The certification helps students to gain entry into university. Students who qualify at the high school level will get admission to the university of their choice.

The English Language Learners Special course (ELLs)

This program is aimed at teaching students English language skills. It aims to help students that are taking English as a second language since they may struggle with understanding basic English skills. To develop these skills, students are to attend classes 3-4 times a week for 45 minutes per session. The introduction of the special program is for the students who are below grade level in English proficiency so that they can learn successfully at the American International School Accra Ghana.

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Special education services

Students with learning disabilities are academically supported, to help them learn in acceptable environments that nurture their knowledge development. Specialized reflective instruction and advisory teaching skills are used to provide high-quality education. This helps the students understand better, despite their learning disabilities. This method has greatly impacted students and helped many attain their academic goals. The fact that a special, non-restrictive environment is used increases their chances of improved learning.

Academic and university counseling

international schools in accra
accra international school
apply for american international school of accra

American, Accra International School offers its students great counseling from when they are in ninth grade up to the time they join the high school to their graduation time. This has helped both parents and the students to be well prepared when it comes to making the right decisions for the next academic level of the student. Choosing universities is not always easy. This program is very efficient in counselling young students about how they will face life issues that await them. The students will know how to handle issues such as loneliness, peer pressure, bullying, anxiety, and drug abuse among other issues. Advisers are prepared to give comprehensive academic guidance on emotional support, critical decision-making skills and healthy development of interpersonal skills. This means that students are well prepared for the future.

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Chapel program

This course is initiated to guarantee a healthy relationship with Christ during the students' learning period. The work of great faith, authentic Christian values, and Bible-based knowledge are recommended. Godly discussions, poignant talks, prayers and group games are done while participating in worship services at the chapel. The program aims at helping students link with their creator to receive divine truth and revelation for their calling to impact the world around them as they demonstrate the Father's Love.

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Admissions requirements

You will be required to fill a form as part of the application process. You need to attach copies of your child's previous reports or transcripts, a recent student passport photograph, a residence permit, a photocopy of the passport, a psycho-educational and behaviour assessments as well as their immunization record. Request for a tour whenever you are ready. Note that the tours are scheduled for Tuesdays and Thursdays from 10 am to 2 pm. To arrange for one, call (233) 289-547-951. You will be given detailed information on the school's admission requirements if you want to apply for American International School of Accra.

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Contact information

American International School Accra Ghana

Address: 1 Jungle Road, East Legon, Accra, Ghana

Telephone: 233.289.547.951


Facebook: AIS Ghana

Instagram: @aisghana

Twitter: @ais_accra

Apart from the basic services offered at the American International School in Accra Ghana, your child will benefit from the following additional services:

  • The school provides ready to wear uniforms from the school store.
  • The school guarantees students with catered school lunch that is ordered by children monthly.
  • Assisted tuition payment for families on a tight budget.
  • Free transport provided by the school buses available in three East Legon areas
  • After school activities such as music club, science club, basketball, taekwondo, swimming, art club, French club, Bible club being offered throughout the year from 3:15 to 4:00 pm.
  • The school provides services such as inter-school athletic competitions in swimming, soccer, handball and basketball for both boys and girls. This is for the elementary and High school students.
  • The school has an academic calendar that is available for everyone, including parents.
  • For additional services offered, contact the school on

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With all that has been captured above, it is clear that American International School of Accra is one of the best Christian international schools in Ghana. Contact the school for further consultation.

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