Accra Business School: courses, location, contacts

Accra Business School: courses, location, contacts

Everyone is in a rush to join an institution of higher learning in a bid to improve their future. The Accra Business School is one of such institutions which can help you achieve your career and professional goals as it prepares you for the future. Most people are so determined to pursue the courses of their choice. Others are still not sure what course to pursue. There is another group of people who may not be happy after failing to meet the entry requirements for the institutions of their choice. That still does not mean it is the end of the road for them. The country has several institutions that offer many courses that are beneficial. The Accra Business School is one of them. This article intends to give insight on Accra School of Business courses, location, and contacts that might come in handy.

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For a country to develop, there are specific sectors that should grow. The education sector is one of them. The only evidence that the education sector is growing is when there are more schools and learning institutions coming up. Ghana's education sector has seen a lot of potential in its growth. More universities, colleges, and schools are coming up. That reflects the country's quest to get educated. Accra Business School is one of the institutions that have resulted from this revolution. However, you can only increase your chances of joining the school if you understand everything about it, including the Accra Business School fees.

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About Accra Business School Ghana

Accra Business School is an admired institution of business. The school is also Christian-based. Besides offering business-related courses, it also focuses on Christianity for its students. It does so by incorporating faith into its curriculum. Like any other institution, The Accra Business School aims at bringing up individuals who are professionally competent and morally upright.

Integrating faith with learning is an idea that Accra Business School Ghana got from world-class universities like Havard, Yale, Oxford, and Cambridge universities. All these universities are responsible for bringing up the world's most successful business people. The world's most influential politicians who have made the best leaders are also products of these universities. For that reason, Accra Business School Ghana chose to integrate faith into learning.

Accra Business School is an affiliate of the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology (KNUST) Kumasi, Ghana, Australian Institute of Business (AIB) Adelaide, Australia and the Awards for Training and Higher Education, Norwich, UK. Accra Business School was initially known as the Graduate School of Governance and Leadership (GSGL). It later changed its name to Almond Institute and is now known as Accra Business School.

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Like any other institution, the name and logo of the school are significant. The logo symbolizes servant leadership. The name of the school signifies the importance of the location of the school and how necessary the provision of education is.

Accra Business School also has a philosophy. The philosophy is to bring up business-oriented leaders with global standards. The business-oriented leaders will help solve problems such as poverty and unemployment that Africa faces.

Accra Business School also has a mission, vision core values that guide all operations of the school. Here are the mission, vision, and values of Accra Business School:


To develop a new breed of global business leaders, educated to global standards who can create jobs, increase incomes and reduce poverty in Africa.


To be the preeminent and the most preferred Christian business school in Africa.

Core values

  • Listening: Because you talk, we listen
  • Excellence: Because you deserve the best
  • Access: Because you deserve a chance
  • Dedication: Because you can count on us
  • Expertise: Because our skills guarantee your success
  • Relationship: Because we are your friends
  • Spirituality: Because Christ matters

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LEADERS is the acronym for these core values.

Accra Business School Ghana alumni

accra business school ghana
accra business school mba courses
accra business school location

Accra Business School boasts of being the mother of many influential people in Ghana. Some of the alumni include; Hon. Ayi Koi Otoo, a former Attorney General of Ghana, Hon. Ofosu-Ampofo, the former minister for Local Government in Ghana. Others include; Hon. Dzifa Attivor, former minister of Transport in Ghana, Hon. Major Rtd. Derrick Oduro, the deputy minister for Defense, and Randy Abbey, a public figure and public relations consultant. These alumni are evidence that Accra Business School has an excellent impact on the country.

Accra Business School accreditation

Accra Business School is a prestigious Business school. The school is Christian-based and is globally recognized. Accra Business School accreditation makes it eligible to offer postgraduate, undergraduate and professional programmes. The School received accreditation from the National Accreditation Board.

Accra Business School courses

Accra Business School provides postgraduate, undergraduate and professional programmes. These Accra Business School courses also accommodate adult learning. Besides that, they are flexible. The tutors of these Accra Business School courses are competent and excellent at their jobs. One more thing that renders Accra Business School courses convenient is the fact that they are affordable.

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Here are some of the Accra Business School courses:

  • Postgraduate programmes
  • Master of Business Administration
  • Accra Business School MBA courses

Accra Business School MBA courses are twelve-month programmes aimed at the convenience of the learner. The MBA courses are scheduled to take place on weekends. Classes on weekends make it easier for workers to be attended to. It is also an excellent package for those professionals who wish to upgrade their skills while still at work.

One more thing that makes the MBA programme more convenient is the fact that it is affordable. The school offers a payment plan to their students to fit in their financial capabilities. The school has also partnered with Barclays bank to provide loans to their students. With such a program in place, Masters studies are no longer for the chosen few. Anyone can enrol at the Accra Business School for the MBA courses.

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When it comes to awarding of degree, Accra Business School has collaborated with Kwame Nkrumah University of Science & Technology (KNUST). Accra Business School does the teaching and equipping of the learners with the required knowledge while the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science & Technology (KNUST) awards the degrees.

Postgraduate Diploma in Business Administration

The Postgraduate Diploma in Business Administration is also a weighty qualification at the Accra Business School. It offers learners a bridge to the MBA program. The Postgraduate Diploma in Business Administration has six main areas where students can specialize in. These areas are:

  • Entrepreneurship
  • General Management
  • International Business
  • Human Resource Management
  • Project Management
  • Marketing Management

The Postgraduate Diploma in Business Administration classes is flexible. The classes only come on one whole weekend in a month. The weekend schedule for classes makes it possible for students to engage in other activities concurrently at the school. The program is also affordable because the learners can apply for loans from Barclays bank and repay with their salaries.

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Executive Mini-MBA

accra business school ghana
accra business school mba courses
accra business school location

The Executive Mini-MBA is an added programme for professionals. Accra School of Business offers an executive Mini-MBA in seven different options. The tutors of these options are MBA professors. The seven options are:

  • Executive Mini-MBA International Business
  • Executive Mini-MBA Marketing Management
  • Executive Mini-MBA Strategic Management
  • Executive Mini-MBA Human Resource Management
  • Executive Mini-MBA Project Management
  • Executive Mini-MBA Operations Management
  • Executive Mini-MBA Corporate Governance

Classes for the Executive Mini-MBA programmes are on one full weekend on monthly basis.

Undergraduate program

For the undergraduate programmes category, Accra Business School offers Bachelor of Science degrees in International Business Administration & Global Leadership. These programmes aim at producing business-oriented leaders. The Bachelor of Science in International Business Administration & Global Leadership programme has six options that students choose to major in:

  • International Operations Management and International Accounting.
  • International Marketing International Human Resource Management
  • International Project Management
  • International Procurement
  • International Finance

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Classes for the Business Administration and Global Leadership programme are also flexible. They come for one whole weekend in a month, making it convenient for professionals and those who wish to upgrade their skills.

How to apply for Accra Business School courses

The doors to Accra Business School are open to any prospective student who wishes to be part of the school. Admission to Accra Business School is not limited to a particular age. Application for any of the Accra Business School courses is easy. All you have to do is log into the website. Alternatively, a prospective student can call the admission adviser for details on the admission process. To reach the admission adviser, a prospective student can call this number; +233 263 888 555.

Accra Business School location

Accra Business School is located at Basket junction near Pleasant Place Church along Spintex Road in Accra, Ghana.

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Accra Business School contact information

Accra Business School is not bias on the kind of students that it admits. The help desk is also at the service of anyone who needs help. For any inquiries about the school or the courses, feel free to reach out through any of these platforms:

  • Telephone: +233 263 888 555 / +233 263 888 666
  • Postal Address: Accra Business School,

P.O. Box PMB CT 170 Cantoments,

Accra – Ghana.

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Business schools in Ghana

Apart from Accra Business School, Ghana has some of the best Business schools. Here are some of the Business schools in Ghana that you should consider joining:

  • University of Ghana Business School
  • Nobel International Business School
  • Spiritan University College School of Business

The country is still developing especially in the sector of business education. This, therefore, means that there are various opportunities for anyone aspiring to venture into business professionally. Pursuing business-related courses will be the best choice. Any of these business schools in Ghana guarantee the best services and quality education. The schools are equipped to ensure that you leave the institution well-equipped to get into the competitive employment world. Join Accra Business School to experience this and much more.

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