Popular Spanish female names with meanings

Popular Spanish female names with meanings

As a Spanish parent or a lover of Spanish culture, what name would you like to give your baby girl? One of the things every parent strives to achieve is to get befitting names for their babies that will make them stand out always. Narrowing it down from countries to tribes and then to religions, there are different kinds of names people give to their children. There are certain names that are exclusively meant for male children and there are those that females bear. While we take a look at Spain as a country, in this article, we consider a list of Spanish female names and their meanings as well. This is to help you decide which name aligns with your intentions and what you want your angel of a baby to stand for while you are considering a name for her.

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Generally, Spanish names have a tone of softness. There are some Spanish female names that have some religious undertone while some others are simply neutral. Some of these neutral names can be given to any female irrespective of their religion. Apart from that, there are even some female names that are classical. Some of these Spanish female names have become very popular because celebrities bear them. So, let us take a look at some of the categories.

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Classic Spanish female names

Classic Spanish female names? Yes. They are classic because they have transcended generations, and they still remain relevant. In short, they never go out of fashion or become old. If you are looking at classic Spanish female names with meanings for your daughter, then you may want to consider the following names:

1. Mireia

Meaning: Admire (in Latin).

If you want to tell the world how much you admire your little baby, then you can consider this name. It sounds exotic.

2. Zarita

Meaning: A princess" or "noble lady.

It gives a feel of royalty to your daughter and it also expresses how well she will blossom in the home.

3. Xenia

Meaning: Well born.

It is a beautiful option you can consider for your pretty baby.

4. Violeta

Meaning: It talks about “the violet flower”.

You know flowers are beautiful, and they convey a sense of attraction. So, obviously, your baby girl is just like a beautiful flower.

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5. Luiz

Meaning: Light.

Imagine a world without light, how bad and boring it would be! Luiz is a name that expresses how your baby girl brightens your home and how her coming adds life to everything around you.

6. Tonia

Meaning: Invaluable.

Truly, there are certain things whose value cannot be quantified, and without doubt, your daughter is one of them. Consequently, you can consider naming your baby girl “Tonia”.

7. Macarena

Meaning: Blessed.

Everyone with a child is blessed to have them. So, this name emphasizes how lucky you are to have your daughter.

8. Belita

Meaning: Beautiful and attractive.

You can give this name to her to express how stunning and attractive she is.

9. Corisande

Meaning: Flower of the heart.

This is a name that can be used to express someone who is so close to your heart. Give this name to your little damsel to remind her always of how dear she is to you.

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10. Ducel

Meaning: Filled with sweetness.

Ducel tells of how important and gracious your baby girl is to you.

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Spanish female names ending in a

Spanish female names are so unique. Below is a list of some of them that end in 'a' and their meanings.

1. Aleta

Meaning: Winged.

When you think of a loving winged creature, you think of angels. So, this is a beautiful name you can consider for your baby angel.

2. Adora

Meaning: Adoration.

It is a cute name you can give to your adorable baby. In fact, anyone who hears it will really fall in love with it.

3. Dulcinea

Meaning: One with a sweet and lovely nature.

Depending on whom you want your baby girl to become, Dulcinea is a name that portrays your baby girl as a caring, comforting and loving daughter.

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spanish female celebrity names
classic spanish female names
spanish female religious names

4. Katalia

Meaning: To rejoice and shine.

It connotes one with a high intellectual capacity and it also expresses one who takes control of things.

5. Jessechia

Meaning: God’s gift that is born in the daylight.

6. Faakhira

Meaning: An excellent woman.

It is a beautiful name you can give to your adorable little one to instil in her the need to strive for excellence at all time. This is because people who bear this name are known for their astounding success in their chosen field.

7. Carmencita

Meaning: A little one who is like a garden.

8. Ricarda

Meaning: A woman who is powerful and as strong as a ruler.

9. Querida

Meaning: Beloved.

10. Raimunda

Meaning: Wise Defender.

Spanish female celebrity names

1. Adriana

Meaning: From Hadria.

The name is unisex and someone who bears it is Adriana Lima. Adriana Lima is considered to be one of the most stunning Latina celebrities.

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2. Shakira

Meaning: Someone who is grateful.

Shakira Isabel Mebarak Ripoll is a female Spanish musician with a major influence in the music industry.

3. Penélope

Meaning: The face of a weaver or a Bobbin.

A celebrity with this name is Penélope Cruz Sánchez. She is a Spanish actress and model who was privileged to get signed up for a contract at age 15. She has featured in movies like The Hi-Lo Country, The Girl of Your Dreams and Open Your Eyes, to mention a few. It is a lovely name you may consider giving your little baby girl.

4. Marie

Meaning: "A child wished for", "Sea of bitterness", "To Swell" or "A variant".

You remember Constance Marie Lopez? She currently features on Switched at Birth, an ABC Family drama where she acts as Regina Vasquez.

5. Jackie

Meaning: A woman protected by God.

Jackie Guerra is known as the first Latina who played a major role in a network sitcom titled First Time Out. She was also a character in the movie "Picking Up the Pieces".

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6. Angela

Meaning: An angel sent from heaven to spread peace and love.

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A movie star with this name is Angela Lanza. She has starred in a number of movies like Spy Kids. She has also featured as a guest on TV series such as Deadline and Cosby.

7. Salma

Meaning: One who brings peace.

Think of "Salma" and have Salma Hayek Pinault come to mind. Salma Hayek Pinault acts, directs and produces films. She has starred in a number of films, an example of which is El Callejón de Los Milagros. It was after she featured in the El Callejón de Los Milagros film that she got nominated for an Ariel Award.

most common spanish female names
spanish female names ending in a
spanish female names with meanings
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Most common Spanish female names

1. Rosana

Meaning: Someone who is as graceful as a rose.

2. Margarita

Meaning: One who is so beautiful as a pearl.

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3. Geraldina

Meaning: A person capable of spearing a fight.

4. Cristina

Meaning: One who believes in and follows Christ.

5. Rieca

Meaning: A woman who is always strong enough to rule at home.

6. Tesoro

Meaning: One who is in charge of the finances.

7. Telma

Meaning: A female with a will.

8. Macario

Meaning: Happy.

9. Jacinta

Meaning: A woman whose eyes are like hyacinth colour.

10. Genoveva

Meaning: White colour wave.

Genoveva is a Spanish and Portuguese way of writing Genevieve.

Old Spanish female names

These are some Spanish female names that were popular in the 16th century. You may still consider giving your little baby girl any of them.

1. Juana

Meaning: A gift from God.

Usually, people who bear this name are capable of handling their life affairs. They know what to do at every point in time, and they are never selfish but are always nice.

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2. Beatriz

Meaning: She brings joy.

3. Quiteria

Meaning: Name of a Catholic saint in the fifth-century.

4. Elvira

Meaning: White.

5. Leonor

Meaning: "One who represents light or illuminates" or "A bright one".

6. Agueda

Meaning: Good.

It is the Spanish and Portuguese way of writing Agatha.

7. Ursula

Meaning: Little bear cub.

The name is a variant of Ursule. So, if you don’t want to give your little angel Ursula, you could give her Ursule as they both mean the same thing.

8. Sancha

Meaning: A mysterious person. It can also be interpreted as "one who is sacred and holy".

Spanish female religious names

Apart from general Spanish names that can be given to females of whatever religion, there are other Spanish female names that are strictly religious. Find a list of them below with their meanings.

1. Faatima

Meaning: A woman who is captivating and abstains.

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This is a name that can be given to baby girls who are Muslim. The name will always remind her of the need to totally abstain from impurities and live holy.

2. Abby

Meaning: God is joy.

You can consider this name for your charming baby as a reminder of the joy that God gives.

3. Annestas

Meaning: Resurrection.

4. Abigayle

Meaning: The joy or happiness of Yahweh (God).

5. Abrielle

Meaning: "A woman that is from God" or simply "a woman of God".

6. Abriella

Meaning: Someone who is "gotten from God". It also means "the pillar of strength".

7. A'ishah

Meaning: A person who is characterized by success or who enjoys a favourable outcome. Sometimes, it can also be interpreted as "living".

8. Aaila

Meaning: One who is "so charming as the moon". It can also mean "beautiful and attractive".

9. Almedina

Meaning: A civilized person or faithful.

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10. Rahmiya

Meaning: A woman who is kind and compassionate.

Every name is significant. So, with these carefully chosen Spanish female names, I hope you find the right one that will best express your darling little baby. More so, with their meanings explained, you should not find it difficult making the right choice.

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