100+ names that mean fearless for boys and girls

100+ names that mean fearless for boys and girls

Being confident is a great thing. It offers you the courage to speak out your mind, feel good and stay calm even when faced with unfavourable circumstances. Confidence and courage come from being fearless. Names that mean fearless go a long way in impacting this virtue on your kid.

Names that mean fearless
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Many people turn to be who they were named. This only goes to show that the meaning of the name has a lot of significance. You, therefore, need to choose a name that would impact your child positively.

Names that mean fearless for girls and boys

Fearless names are used by parents regardless of their culture and religion. Your son or daughter growing up to be fearless and brave is one of the best qualities a parent could wish for their child. Here is a list of the names:

Girls name that mean fearless

  • Mel - One who is always fearless and daring
  • Kelsie - Daring and fearless
  • Juliane - Young and fearless
  • Andriette - Strong, fearless and limitless
  • Shamara - A battle heroine
  • Casey - Strong in battle
  • Louisa - A renowned warrior
  • Maia/Mya - Brave warrior
  • Andrea - Strong and fearless
  • Audrey - Noble, strong and fearless
  • Matilda - One who is mighty in battle
  • Evanna - Young and brave fighter
  • Lenna - One who has the lion’s strength
  • Valerie - strong, fearless and healthy
  • Valentina - Strong, vigorous and Powerful
  • Sandra - Protector and defender of mankind
  • Rosabella - Renowned protector
  • Malou - Famous warrior
  • Tyra - Great warrior
  • Gabriella - Warrior of God
  • Bernadette - Brave as a bear
  • Bedelia - The strong and exalted one
  • Briana - Strong, virtuous and honourable
  • Cyrene - Supreme and powerful
  • Ebba - Strong as a boar
  • Etana - Strong and purposeful
  • Gertrude - Strength of a spear
  • Imara - Firm and strong
  • Irie - Positive, powerful and fearless

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Names that mean fearless warrior

  • Howard - Braveheart or high guardian
  • Jabbar - Powerful and mighty
  • Archie - Truly brave
  • Abir - Strong, mighty and courageous
  • Barret - Bear strength
  • Batten - Powerfully built
  • Bernard - Strong and brave as a bear
  • Brian - Strong, virtuous and honourable
  • Ashanka - One who is fearless and without doubt
  • Amos - Strong, fearless and limitless
names that mean fearless
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  • Cliff - A man who is brave, fearless, daring and bold
  • Owin - A young and fearless fighter
  • Razik - One who is fearless and courageous
  • Egon - Strong with a sword
  • Ethan - Strong and firm
  • Evander - Bow warrior; a strong man
  • Ferguson - Man of force
  • Garrett - Spear strength
  • Griffin - Strong lord
  • Harvey - Battle worthy
  • Malin - Strong, little warrior
  • Maynard - hardy, brave and strong
  • Qadir - Capable and powerful
  • Richmond - Powerful protector
  • Ragnar - Warrior
  • Rostam - Tall, strongly built and brave
  • Willard - Resolutely bold
  • Warrick - Strong leader who defends
  • Ajax- Strong Warrior
  • Cedric - A brave, bold and fearless boy
  • Roger - Legendary famous warrior

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Names that mean bold

  • Alexander - The defender of men
  • Andreas - Strong and manly
  • Arnold - Strong as an eagle or ruler
  • Ivor - bow and arrow warrior
  • Asta - Divine strength
  • Nicholas - People of victory
  • Hector - Steadfast
  • Ambrose - Immortal; strong fighter
  • Igor - Heroic warrior; warrior of peace
  • Vince - To conquer; conqueror
  • Petros - One who is strong and masculine
  • Xander - Defender of man
  • Camilla - A Greek name which means a warrior maiden
  • Cassandra - A defender or warrior
  • Nikita - A Greek name meaning unconquered
  • Andie - Courageous; brave, warrior; manly
  • Andronika - A victorious warrior
  • Ana - Strong; clever; favoured; wanted
  • Alfa - One who is brave and powerful; a leader
  • Alla - Supreme; defender; noble
  • Andy - Daring and bold
  • Alala - War Goddess
  • Alexa - Defender of mankind
  • Xena - Brave; beautiful
  • Leona - Brave; as brave as a lioness
  • Adriana - Brave warrior
  • Berni - One who brings victory; brave as a bear

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Latin word for fearless

names that mean fearless
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  • Ignacio - The fiery one
  • Leo - Brave; as bold as a lion
  • Leon- Brave as a lion
  • Augustine - One who commands respect and honour; masculine
  • Ricardo - Daring power; brave; strong
  • Geraldo - Strong like a spear
  • Valerio- Powerful and brave
  • Fernando - Brave yet peaceful; adventurous
  • Leonidas - Bold and as strong as a lion
  • Bernardino - Bold and brave as a bear
  • Jerry - Mighty spearman
  • Adonis - Brave; masculine and invaluable
  • Arsenio - Strong and masculine
  • Maximillian - The greatest warrior
  • Nero - Strong and energetic
  • Maximus - A brave, bold and fearless warrior
  • Victor - Great warrior; champion
  • Marcella - A brave war warrior
  • Valeria - Strong, powerful and healthy
  • Valencia - Brave and strong
  • Traci - Strong Warrior
  • Valery, Brave; Strong and healthy
  • Zoe - Brave; defender and light of life
  • Tristina - Bold
  • Rita - Fearless and carefree
  • Veera - Brave, faithful and trustworthy
  • Marci - One who is a great defender; brave
  • Leola - Lioness; brave like a lion
  • Leandra - one who is a fearless fighter
  • Gina - Powerful woman
  • Myla - Female soldier
  • Melva - Armored ruler
  • Niki - One who brings the victory of the people

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Choosing the best name for your child is a daunting exercise. Names that mean fearless for boys and girls are a great option to choose for your kids. The list above is a great guide for parents who are fashionable and diverse when it comes to naming their children.

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