Laws of Love telenovela cast full names and photos

Laws of Love telenovela cast full names and photos

Laws of Love, Spanish title: Por amar sin ley, is a Mexican legal drama soap opera. The telenovela revolves around the lives and work of several lawyers who work at a prestigious law firm. The cast list for this soap opera is incredibly star studded, which means that fans all over the world want to know the Laws of Love cast real names.

Por amar sin ley

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The lawyers work at the Vega y Asociados (Vega and associates) firm that is founded by Alonso Vega. When Carlos is arrested for the death of a prostitute at their wedding, Alejandra joins the firm where she meets Ricardo and is attracted to him. Carlos however, does not want this to happen and tries everything possible to keep them apart with Elena's help.

Roberto is another lawyer who tries to woo Victoria, who is not at all interested. We also have Benjamin and Leticia who work at the firm and are lovers. Leonardo is another lawyer who is very passionate and invested in his work and does not notice that Olivia is madly in love with him. Gustavo ends his marriage after a bad decision, and Juan Lopez is a lawyer who admires the firm and wants to join it.

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Laws of Love telenovela cast

The series follows the lives of a group of lawyers who work at the firm. The main characters of this show that has captured the attention of many are Ana Brenda Contreras, David Zepeda and Julian Gil. For those fans who want to know more about their favourite characters, this list is for you.

1. Ana Brenda Contreras as Alejandra Ponce

Ana Breco

Image:, @anabreco
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Ana Brenda is an American singer, actor and model. She has been active in the industry from 2003 and has starred in numerous series and telenovelas. Ana is of Mexican descent and speaks both English and Spanish. She plays Alejandre Ponce, who is a lawyer that specializes in family law.

Did Alexandra die in Laws of love?

Yes, unfortunately, Alejandra passes away in the second season of the show. She is injured during a confrontation between El Gringo and El Ciego's men. She dies later in the hospital when her friends and her fiance have to respect her wishes and disconnect her from the artificial respirator.

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2. David Zepeda as Ricardo Bustamante

David Zepeda

Image:, @davidzepeda1
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David Zepeda, born David Anastasio Zepeda Quintero, is a Mexican actor, model, and singer. He started his career in 1999 and has become a household name due to his appearances in numerous soap operas. He debuted as a singer in July 2013 and has released a lot of songs since then. Zepeda plays Ricardo, who is a senior lawyer in family law and Leonardo's best friend. He is divorced and has two stepchildren.

3. Julian Gil as Carlos Ibarra

Julian Gil

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Julian was born in Argentina and grew up in Puerto Rico. He considers himself Puerto Rican. Gil started his career at 20 when he produced his shows. He later spread his wings and became the great actor we know and love today. He plays Carlos, who is a criminal lawyer that represents defendants accused of serious crimes. Carlos is very ambitious and is willing to do anything to get richer and more powerful.

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4. Jose Maria Torre Hutt as Roberto Morelli

Jose Maria

Image:, @josemariatorreh
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Jose Maria is an actor and a fashion designer that started his career at the tender age of 5. He began by doing television commercials. As he grew older, the roles also got bigger. He released his line of clothes in 2005. He plays Roberto Morelli, who is a lawyer at the firm. Roberto is also a great womanizer and is the life of the party.

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5. Sergio Basanez as Gustavo Soto

Sergio Basanez

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Sergio is another actor who started acting at an early age. He made special appearances while he studied acting before he started getting lead roles. He also studied law and is a certified lawyer. He plays Gustavo, who is a lawyer, in the show.

6. Altair Jarabo as Victoria Escalante

Altair Jarabo

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Altair is a Mexican actress and fashion model. She is best known for playing antagonistic roles which she is quite excellent at. She plays Victoria, who is a lawyer and specializes in family cases. She is romantically interested in Roberto but does not pursue him due to her beliefs.

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7. Guillermo Garcia Cantu as Alonso Vega

Guillermo Cantu

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Guillermo is a Mexican born actor who started his career in 1986 when he was 26 years old. He plays Alonso, who is the owner of the Vega law firm. He keeps track of all the cases of his lawyers.

8. Pablo Valentin as Benjamin Acosta

Pablo Valentin

Source: UGC

Pablo is a talented actor and has appeared in numerous telenovelas since he began acting in theatre at the age of 14. He plays Benjamin, who is an ambitious lawyer at the firm. He has a relationship with Leticia even though he is married and has kids.

9. Ilithya Manzanilla as Olivia Suarez

Ilithya Manzanilla

Image:, @ilithyamanzanilla
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Ilithya is a Mexican actress that has been in a lot of telenovelas. She mostly plays supporting roles but was part of the main cast in this soap opera. She plays Olivia, who is a lawyer who deals with cases of family abuse. She is a romantic who is secretly in love with Leonardo.

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10. Geraldine Bazan as Elena Fernande

Geraldine Bazan

Image:, @geraldinebazan
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Rosalba Geraldine Bazan Ortiz is a Mexican actress and anchorwoman who currently lives in Miami. She plays Elena, who is Ricardo's ex-wife and keeps trying to get him back. The divorce was a result of an affair she had.

11. Moises Arizmendi as Alan Paez

Moises Arizmendi

Image:, @moiarizmendi
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Moises began his training at the Foro de la Ribera in Mexico. He debuted in a film in 2006 and has done nothing but grow since then. He plays Alan, Carlo's cousin. He is jealous of his cousin since his cousin is more recognized in the field.

12. Manuel Balbi as Leornado Moran

Manuel Balbi

Image:, @manuelbalbi
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Manuel began studying acting at age 16. He became an actor after three years of studying at CEA which he got into at 18. He plays Leonardo, who is an intelligent and very professional man. He is a criminal lawyer, and his ethics give him a lot of credibility in the law firm and the courts.

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13. Victor Garcia as Juan Lopez

Victor Garcia

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Juan is an independent lawyer who later starts working at the firm.

14. Eva Cedeno as Leticia Jara

Eva Cedeno

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Leticia is a junior lawyer at the firm. She is also Benjamin's lover.

15. Azela Robinson as Paula Ortega

Azela Robinson

Image:, @azelarobinson
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Azela plays Paula, who is Alejandra's mother.

Other notable characters who had significant impacts on the show include the following:

  • Roberto Ballesteros as Jaime Ponce
  • Leticia Perdigón as Susana López
  • Kimberly Dos Ramos as Sofía Alcócer
  • Marco Méndez as Javier Rivas
  • Axel Ricco as El Ciego
  • Alejandra García as Lorena Fuentes
  • Mar Zamora as Nancy Muñoz
  • Julio Vallado as Manuel Durán
  • Mauricio Rousselon as Raúl
  • Marc Clotet as Adrián Carballo

Laws of Love soap cast list is littered with talented faces, and this makes the soap opera a joy to watch. The show has become an international hit and has a lot of die-hard fans everywhere. This list will help those fans everywhere to know more about their favourite actors and actresses and even find more of their works.

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