Labadi Beach Hotel contact numbers

Labadi Beach Hotel contact numbers

The next time you plan for a getaway, consider getting the Labadi Beach Hotel contact details to secure an accommodation. Taking a vacation or a weekend break from work can be exciting. Vacations provide the mind with the necessary refreshment required after a long time of work. The sheer vastness of the beach makes the mind relax. In case you are around the West African region and want to get away on your own or with friends and family, think of reaching out to Labadi. The hotel provides impressive services to both local and foreign visitors. It is among the most beautiful beaches in the country. In this article, you will come across useful Labadi Beach Hotel contact information that can help you access the hotel any time.

labadi beach hotel booking
labadi beach hotel accra ghana website
labadi beach hotel instagram

Labadi Beach Hotel is a beautiful hotel that offers bar, restaurant and conference services to local and foreign visitors in Ghana. The hotel is located in the middle of tropical landscaped gardens and is assumed to be the most beautiful beach in Ghana.

The hotel is prominent for the delicious dishes and warm hospitality services from the team. The hotel is also located at a strategic position from the city and the airport, which is desirable for both local and foreign visitors. Labadi Beach Hotel provides 164 rooms, 3 bars, and 2 large restaurants to customers.

People with disabilities are not disadvantaged. It has two beautiful wheelchair rooms accessible to people using a wheelchair. Their conference rooms hold up to 600 delegates and are fitted with impressive facilities. Other services offered include satellite TV, business centre, and lap pool among others. Read on to find out more about the hotel.

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Contact number for Labadi Beach Hotel

labadi beach hotel booking
labadi beach hotel accra ghana website
labadi beach hotel instagram

Having briefly known what Labadi Hotel offers, you may be interested in paying them a visit or contacting the hotel management to get more details. Here the primary contact information.

  • Address: 1 La Bypass, Accra, Ghana.
  • Phone: +233 302 772 5016
  • Labadi Beach Hotel email address:
  • Website
  • Working hours: 24 hours

Note: The hotel is popular on social media. For Labadi Beach Hotel twitter is where many people have commented positively on the activities of the hotel.

Connect with the management of Labadi Beach Hotel through any of the above contacts. You can call to ask for directions, confirm availability of rooms, conference halls and bookings. The management team of the hotel is determined to serve you any time of the day. Alternatively, you can visit Labadi Beach Hotel Accra Ghana website for more information. Connect now to enjoy the best options.

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Services offered by Labadi Beach Hotel

labadi beach hotel booking
labadi beach hotel accra ghana website
labadi beach hotel instagram

Labadi Beach Hotel is famous for the impression services that it offers to customers. Besides being at a tremendously beautiful place, the hotel is prominent for the quality services it provides. There are positive remarks on Labadi Beach Hotel Instagram feeds because of its quality services. These services are categorized as follows:

Labadi Beach Hotel booking

The hotel management offers booking services for both local and foreign visitors. Visitors can call or email the office for reservation of rooms and conference halls among other services.

Conference facilities

The hotel has a large conference facility that can hold up to 600 people. It is conducive and is fitted with luxurious facilities like the presidential suite, superior suite among other facilities.

Lap pool

The lap pool is fascinating. Beach chairs are arranged systematically in an ever-green environment dominated by palm trees. Labadi Beach is a dream place to visit.

Business centre

The hotel has an attractive business centre offering computer services to the visitor. It, therefore, means that you can do job assignments and respond to emails among other activities while at the hotel.

Airport transfer desk

You do not have to be at the airport to book a flight ticket. The hotel has a booking desk that handles all air transport booking activities from the hotel. Both domestic and foreign visitors who want to use air transport can access the service from the hotel.

Private beach

labadi beach hotel booking
labadi beach hotel accra ghana website
labadi beach hotel instagram

For those people who need privacy and some calm, Labadi Beach Hotel provides an opportunity for this. It has a private beach that offers a calm and private environment for visitors. It is the best choice for couples.

Bars and restaurants

Labadi Hotel has three bars with great hospitality services. There is a lot of enjoyment especially when you are with friends. The hotel also has two large restaurants.


Exercise and recreation is key to the hotel. It is one of the main reasons for the development of the hotel. It, therefore, offers two tennis courts and one volleyball court, which give an opportunity for visitors to exercise their bodies and sports skills.

Healthcare and fitness

Labadi Hotel provides an experienced profession healthcare service to customers; it has a well- equipped gym, which offers body fitness to all visitors.

Foreign exchange services

A foreign visitor who visits the hotel should not worry about currency exchange services. The hotel has a foreign exchange desk, which handles all exchange transactions from foreign visitors. The service, therefore, gives an opportunity for all people to visit this fascinating hotel.

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Attractive foods

The choice of food depends on the taste and preference of the customer. Labadi Hotel has professional cooks who can prepare any food ordered by a client. They have broad categories of ready foods and special requests from customers.

Labadi Beach Hotel is one of the best resorts located in Ghana. Having known all services and, more importantly, the primary contact details, you can book a room at the hotel for your next vacation or meeting. It has everything that a high-quality resort ought to have and therefore can meet all your needs. The hotel gives you an opportunity to enjoy and meet new people who can be of great significance in your life. Labadi Beach Hotel offers a private beach that provides a cool environment for partners. You have every reason to visit this beautiful resort in Ghana since you already have Labadi Beach Hotel contact information.

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