Powerful Haile Selassie quotes

Powerful Haile Selassie quotes

Haile Selassie is one of the defining figures in the history of Ethiopia. He was born in Ras Tafari Makonnen and he ruled the country for decades. Haile was the last Ethiopia’s regent and emperor. He was from the Emperor Menelik 1 lineage and he was a member of Solomonic Dynasty. The ‘Rastafari’ movement even recognized him as the returned messiah as promised by the Holy Bible. Most people still relate to Haile Selassie quotes and his wise words.

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We are dedicated to offer you powerful Haile Selassie quotes regarding education, spirituality and inspirational. Keep scrolling to get inspirations from a great and wise man who was a ‘pan Africanist’ eager to liberate Africa from the colonial rule.

Haile Selassie quotes spirituality

Haile Selassie was a Christian who belonged to ‘Ethiopian Orthodox Church,’ which was an ‘Oriental Orthodox Church.’ This shows that he was a true believer. Some of the spiritual quotes fuel people’s passions. They enable one to commence living their lives with a purpose. Read on the quotes that will inspire, shape your life, and define who you actually are.

  • “Devotion, imagination, divine grace, and perseverance assure everyone’s success.”

For you to be successful, you have to be devoted, you should persevere all the difficulties, you should imagine what you want to achieve, and should be filled with divine grace. Success does not come that easily, we have to work for it.

  • “In life, we all need spiritual power to guide us eternally. God ranked man to be more supreme than any creature on earth and we should let spiritual power to led us."

God gave human spiritual powers to guide and to us in this earthly life. We all have summit destined to us by God and we have the power to get to them if only we allow ourselves to be guided by the spiritual power.

  • “This history age is meant for us to preach God’s gospel to our fellow women and men.”

This is one of the Haile Selassie quotes on love. Jesus showed everyone unconditional love. This means that all disciples and followers of Christ should follow Christ steps. Christ was sacrificed for the sake our own sins and we should preach the Gospel so that everybody can hear the good news.

  • “Don’t worship because am not God, but only a common man; I myself worship Jesus Christ.”

Those who followed the ‘Rastafari movement’ revered to Haile Selassie as a god. He said this quote to tell them that he is just a man and they should not worship him. You should not worship any man because God is the greatest and the creator of all. Haile Selassie made it clear to them that he himself worship God.

  • “We should avoid questioning other people’s faith. God judges not humans.”

No one has the right to judge another individual’s faith. This is because humans have no power to judge apart from the creator of heaven and earth. Let us all repent and halt judging people.

Inspirational King Selassie quotes

haile selassie quotes on love
king selassie quotes
emperor selassie quotes
haile selassie speeches

Do you believe in spoken and written words? They are part and parcel of our everyday life and power philosophy because they take responsibility of how we conduct and talk to others. Here are inspirational Haile Selassie quotes that will enable you to boost your self-confidence, motivate, and inspire you.

  • “Anybody who is ready to learn and very open-minded, should learn and study not only from instructors and books, but also from life experiences.”

You can learn from your own life experience or from others if you are open-minded. Life is not like a movie where you create your own start point and ending point. Life comes with ups and downs that we should be ready to face.

  • “I find it easy to show animals compassion. They are not wicked.”

In life, human beings are special creatures and most of them are very wicked. Some envy others and they do not even want others to succeed. According to Haile Selassie, he finds it easy to show love and compassion to animals because they are very innocent and not wicked.

  • “No one can shake the known truth from its right place. You cannot even attempt to make people to believe your lies. We should all tell our life stories with no envy, error, or ignorance.”

Haile Selassie meant to motivate, encourage, and inspire people to avoid pretense. This because at the end of the day, the truth shall usually come out. Let us learn from our own mistakes, accept them, and mend our ways.

  • “It is important for you to be aware of your past because it is your own identity as an African and it establishes your personality as well.”

Haile Selassie said these powerful words to always remind Africans that they have come from far and they should not forget their past. In fact, they should learn, understand it, and tell it to the new generations. Past define Africans and it takes full responsibility of establishing our personalities.

  • “Peace demand and requires united efforts.”

Peace makes everyone to live with happiness, freedom, and joy. You cannot create peace all by yourself; we all need to unite in order to create peace. We gain nothing by disrespecting and harming others.

  • “We must all learn to avoid tribalism. Tribal lines divides people and it opens the doors to much foreign intervention, which is potentially harmful.”

We are all human beings in spite of our cultures and tribes. Tribes should not divide us because it will make us to develop hatred towards one another. Haile Selassie was a very strong man and he did not take lightly the intervention of foreigners in Africa. To him, tribe opens the doors for foreigners to intervene.

Haile Selassie speeches on education

haile selassie quotes on love
king selassie quotes
emperor selassie quotes
haile selassie speeches

Most African legends encouraged people to get educated. Haile Selassie quotes on education are so powerful making one to get inspired and never get tired of learning. Education develops skills, it contributes to the national reconciliation and building, and it enables one to appreciate their diversity strength. Read on these motivating quotes on education.

“If you build your house on strong and granite foundations, strong winds, onslaught of rain, or gushing torrents cannot pull it down.

Haile Selassie meant that you have to lay strong educational foundation for yourself in order to taste success. If you build your house on weak a foundation, you will forever worry that the rains might ruin it. In fact, we should always lay strong foundations for everything we do so that we can achieve success.

  • “For you to develop intellect, you have to be educated. Intellect is used to distinguish man from the rest of the creatures. An educated man is able to utilize resources and harness nature to improve his or her life.”

We all need to be educated so that we can develop intellect. An intelligent man will be able to think smart and big therefore utilizing resources to improve their life. If you get educated you will be sharp, and intelligent.

  • “Knowledge is great power. In case you do not apply your knowledge properly, there is doubt that it can destroy you.’

This is one of the most powerful Emperor Selassie quotes on education. He encourages people to get educated so that they have knowledge and know where to properly apply it. This is because if you have knowledge and you are blank on how to use it, then you will end up destroying yourself.

  • “We should set our objectives and goals high. We should demand more than we can even believe.”

If you dream big, then you will achieve big. This is because you will focus on achieving big things in life. Note that you should set your objectives and goals high and work on achieving them

  • “There are so many discouraging minutes and hours that arise even before our rainbow of finished and accomplished goals are seen on the horizon.”

Haile Selassie wanted people to know that they will face challenges before achieving their success. Work hard in school even though studying is not as fun as listening to your favorite playlist, watching football, or watching movies. Have in mind that one day you will enjoy your hard work.

  • “If you believe that you have learned enough, then it is time for you to be aware that you know nothing at all.”

You can never learn enough, you should even learn from life experiences as well. Education has no end because the world keeps on developing. Do not get too comfortable because you know nothing at all.

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Haile Selassie quotes are too powerful, inspiring, motivating, and educative. He is an African legend packed with wisdom and we should be ready to learn from his spoken words. We believe that our article was helpful to you.

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