Peer to peer donation platforms in Ghana

Peer to peer donation platforms in Ghana

Among various options that people consider to raise some fund for their projects is launching peer to peer donation platforms in Ghana. While there are quite a number of these platforms operation at the moment, what they do is to create the opportunity for members to leverage on the support they receive from personal networks. This gives the members who have projects or major events and are in need of funds to finance them and get assistance from donors. So, in this article, we take a look at some of the major peer to peer platforms that operate in Ghana. We also consider how the peer to peer software operates. Then, we share some tips on how to start a peer to peer donation campaign.

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Peer to peer donation platforms have remained a major strategy through which the network of existing donors are encouraged to reach out to their friends, family members and even their coworkers to solicit for donations. When new people join, depending on the operations of the platform they belong to, there will be instructions to transfer funds from one person to another. Upon confirmation of the receipt, there is a percentage profit of the money transferred that the transferee will get eventually.

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Givers room club

Another donation platform that exists is the givers room club. The club is about the coming together of individuals who give to appreciate each other. It works in a such a way that every member gives to the community. Then, in appreciating it, the community in turn assigns someone else or some persons to give the person back 50% of what they gave before.

Latest peer to peer donation platform in Ghana

There are a number of peer to peer Ghana donation platforms that are springing up apart from the ones that have existed for some time now in Ghana. Some of these donation platforms include the following:

  • Cash it Ghana
  • Susu Cash Ghana
  • Golden Trust Donar
  • Cash Donors
  • Earn cash Ghana
  • BetterBanc

Peer to peer donation software

There are different kinds of software that these peer to peer donation platforms engage for operation. These software are used to manage events like those that have to do with the registration of members, creation of content and recording of the details of donors. With the software, users are able to raise funds, customise their donation pages, and even connect with others on social media. More so, some of them are mobile-friendly while a few others run mobile applications.

While some application demands that the users log on to the website page, there are a few ones that operate a text-to-give feature. By implication, just by texting the designated giving number, supporters are able to make their donations. Once that is completed, they receive an email confirming their successful donation.

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peer to peer donation software
free peer to peer fundraising software

However, while some of these software are available for free, there are some others that are paid for. Some of the free peer to peer fundraising software available include Neon, GoGetFunding, and Causevox while an example of the paid-for software is Bonus. There are also those that engage the peer to peer donation in Ghana app. Some of them include Earnit Ghana, Earn Cash Ghana and Salsa.

How to start a peer to peer network in Ghana

The process involved in starting a p2p donation in Ghana is very simple. It is explained below:

1. Define the cause of action

Why are you starting a peer to peer network campaign? You should be able to define exactly what the platform is all about. You need this because it will help you to determine the next line of actions to embark on. Is there a big event coming up that you need funds for? Is there a project that you are about to embark on but you are short of the required fund? You must settle that first, and while you are working on the purpose, make sure that it is compelling enough to attract donors.

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2. What peer to peer fundraising software will work best?

Bear in mind that an understanding of the reason for which you are launching the peer to peer fundraising is what will help you define the best software to use. In choosing the software, you must consider your budget. Although, as discussed earlier, while there are free software that you can use, there are also some other paid-for software. The only difference is that each of them has varying features. When you appraise their features and you know which one will work for you best, then you can go on with it.

3. Get supporters for your project

Look out for those that you know are loyal to you, those that form your board members as well as your regular volunteers, and bring them up. Apart from this, try as much as possible to get people who are like-minded. They must be people who possess a strong connection with your project and are willing to give to you. If you able to get people who are passionate and willing to help you and to spread the news about your project, that will be a plus to you.

4. Customise your website to fit into your fundraising need

Make sure that your website is user-friendly. Let there be few forms required for the donors fill. The reason is that the moment they discover that they need to go through a lot of processes, they may lose interest. A few questions are okay for them to answer. As much as possible, let your web page be mobile-optimized so that even from their mobile devices, your donors can access your website.

5. Empower your supporters

It is important that you make resources that your supporters will need. While you are making this ready, make sure that there is provision for them to engage other supporters. This is one way you can make them effective advocates for what you are embarking on. Part of the resources that they will need are Email and Social media templates. You also need Acknowledgement and follow-up templates. Then, conduct online training and support for effectiveness sake.

6. Tell a compelling story

Don't just ask your donors to give, it is important that you tell them a story that correlates with the peer-to-peer campaign that you have embarked on. Telling the right story has a way of motivating your supporters to do more.

On a final note, peer to peer donation platforms in Ghana are good because they help to expand an organisation's donor base. They have also proven to be a quick method for raising fund to finance projects. However, peer to peer donation may become challenging especially if the project to be undertaken is a complex one. Then, getting donors could be challenging. As a result of this, the realisation of the goal may slow down or become forfeited if the project is time-bound.

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