Four interesting reasons why tribalism shouldn't count in choosing spouses

Four interesting reasons why tribalism shouldn't count in choosing spouses

Due to cultural differences in the various tribes, marriages outside the tribe is always seen as a problem.

Aside the language barrier, the inheritance system of a tribe is very important in accepting inter-tribal marriages in Ghana.

Regardless of tribal affiliations of people, some individuals go ahead to marry people from different tribes without looking out for the much talked about differences. has however come up with reasons why tribalism shouldn't count in choosing a spouse.

Four interesting reasons why tribalism shouldn't count in choosing spouses
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1. Change

It is believed that people are susceptible to change. Some individuals have certain perceptions about marrying people from different tribes because they believe that they somehow change after marriage. Some people are of the view that when Ewe men marry women from other tribes, they still go back to marry women from their tribe. This is not always the case because there are Ewe men out there who are still married to one woman.

2. Misconceptions

Some families would turn away potential spouses of their children because of some misconceptions they have surrounding the tribe of the potential spouse of their children. For instance, parents of an Ewe man would not want their son to marry an Adangbe woman because women from that tribe are reportedly promiscuous.

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3. People are not defined by tribal affiliations

Most people are not defined by their tribal affiliations because most at times, the misconceptions do not define who the individuals are in real life. People should however consider marrying from different tribes.

4. Exposure to other cultures

Despite the fact that people grow up in a particular tribal setting, they do not behave like the rest of the sect because of being exposed to other cultures and traditions. There have been situations where people of Ewe descent behave like Ashanti's all because they have associated more with the Ashanti people.

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