Answering machine messages: creative ideas

Answering machine messages: creative ideas

Answering machine messages are increasingly becoming mandatory requirements in modern times. With the regular usage of phones, we may not always be available to return a call. A sweet and reassuring message is always a good consolation to whoever is calling. They can be assured that once you retrieve their recorded info, you can return their call promptly. These voicemails are especially important for business owners.

business voicemail greeting
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Developing answering machine recording is a significant aspect both for personal and business needs. It gives the first impression to the callers of your business. For the lovers of voicemail greetings, creativity is crucial if you are to come up with impressive voices notes. The examples below are a great start for anyone that intends to learn.

Funny answering machine messages

Many individuals making use of the answering machine are fond or recording sweet, humorous and funny messages that will crack callers. If that is your intention, consider these examples.

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  • This is mysterious Lizzie’s psychic center. We were waiting for your call and we know the purpose of your call, but if leaving a message for us will make you feel good, do so after the bleep.
  • You are the tenth caller on air. You are the luckiest to grab this chance of leaving a message. How do you feel knowing you are going to get the biggest reward?
  • If you have my contact number, it signifies that you have earlier been declined by someone that never gave you an actual number. Sorry for the luck.
  • Hello. This is -’s voicemail. If it is an emergent issue, end the call and call another who will render the help now. If you are able to be patient, kindly leave a message for me. I’ll get to you in the coming decade.
  • You are welcome to Emotion psychiatric center. If you happen to hear some tone, you will be imagining and therefore deliver your crazing message as fast as possible.
  • Do not disturb yourself delivering a message. Just end the call after the tone.
  • You made this call at the right moment to record a message for me.

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Funny voicemails

personal voicemail greeting
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The intent is to have the caller laughing and forgetting that you are not near your phone.

  • Roses are red and some with cry, kindly record your message after the tone
  • I’m out of here, so bid me goodbye or record your message for me and I will get to you.
  • Talk to the gadget, the person is not at home, kindly leave for me your message after the beep.
  • A for academics, B for beer, that is why am not here. Leave a message.

Voicemail messages

Voicemails play a very important role in the life of an individual who is not in position to answer their phone. The ideas here will assist you when creating a voicemail message for your personal use or even for business.

Voicemail notes should have some humor except if they are for professional business voicemail messages. The last you want is to have your clients thinking you are not taking them seriously as they deserve. Sample of voicemails include:

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  • Hey ?.. just fooling. Leave a message for me. This is my voicemail.
  • Hello. The talk has become one-sided. Kindly start talking to record your message after the tone.
  • Your call is of much significance as yourself in the event that you bear good news for me. Kindly leave the weighty details.
  • We regret not completing your call as dialed. Kindly end the call and try some other time.
  • Hi. Kindly continue calling over and over again until I notice the urge to receive your call if the matter is so urgent.
  • Hello friend, you know I am not too far away from your, drop your request and I will answer right away.
  • Your call has been interrupted. We shall be back to receive it, please be patient.
  • The phone number has long been out of service.
  • Hey you, I may be far for now but you will be the first person I call whenever I get the chance to.

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Voicemail greetings

standard voicemail greeting
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These have to be very professional. Even so, there is a variation in the structure based on situation. For instance, an official voice greeting would be like:

  • “Hello, this is Shawn of Mega Electronics Company. I can’t answer the call now, leave your details and I will get to once. Thank you.”

Standard voicemail greetings

These greetings are usually direct to the point and short to exhibit professionalism. Below is an example:

  • You have arrived (your name) at (Business). Kindly drop here your personal details and your short message after the tone. I will get back to you.

Personal voicemail greetings

Majority of busy people use these voice notes on their phones so that other people can still reach them. Samples include:

  • Hello. You have finally arrived………… kindly deliver your message and I will surely talk to you soon. Thank you.
  • Yours truly here. Sorry I couldn't respond immediately but I will as soon as I get back to you. Ciao.
  • Thank you for making this call. Kindly leave your message for me and I will get back shortly.
  • I am sorry am unable to answer your call at the moment but I will get to you soon. Just leave your message if it is urgent.
  • Hey there. I must desert my phone for sometime but just leave me your message and I will be right back with you. No need to worry about a thing.

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Business voicemail greetings

The business voicemail messages and greeting are frequently changed to suit your specific type of business. It is good for the business owner to know exactly what the clients would like to hear if they do not get hold of a person on the phone. Operating hours should be clearly stipulated. Below is a sample of greetings and voicemail for different businesses.

  • This is (input the name) services. We are unable to answer your call at the moment. Kindly check us out on or website to receive help on your inquiry.Please remember to drop your contact details too for faster and easy assistance whenever we can return your call. Bye for now.
  • Hello friend. You have arrived at Kasuku's furnitures. We are open every day from 8.00 am – 4.00 pm except for weekends. We are sorry for not picking your call if you called within this time frame and we shall get back to you in a span of 30 minutes. If you called passed our working hours then we shall get back to you tomorrow.
  • Hello, this is Hardy's electronics, based at Blackstown on 3rd street. It is our pleasure to maintain the high standards of our company and for that reason drop your contact so that we get back to you soon during our official working hours from 7 am to 5 pm on weekdays. Also leave a comprehensive message concerning your problem and we will get a professional electrician attend to you but if it is an emergency, kindly stick to the line for the next 15 minutes and our person will get to you. Thank you.

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In case you are unable to come up with your own voice recordings, you can always rely on phone message template examples available online. You will learn how to create your own sweet voicemail greetings as you model on the samples.

The best answering machine messages will evoke some emotion in the caller. Make sure your messages are not flat and boring as they will be a turn off. You want the person calling you to remember you even if you were no near.

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