Funeral messages: how to express your sympathy

Funeral messages: how to express your sympathy

Funeral messages are a part of a healing dose that accompany the loss of a loved one. Death is painful to the bereaved. It punctures the heart deep enough to leave scars that can not go away. If left unchecked things can get out of hand. As a friend of a bereaved person, it is always thoughtful and caring to send a funeral message, just to lighten up the heart of the sufferer. However, given the sensitive nature of death, one might lack the right words to express their support.

Funeral messages
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The act of sending flowers or a simple note is a common thing that people do to show their condolences. It is, however, difficult for mourners to compose funeral messages for the notes and flowers they send. This is because the grief and thought of the note being a sign of a forever goodbye make their sorrow unbearable. Fortunately, this article has assembled funeral messages examples that you can send to your friend or loved one in a show of support after they lose their loved one.

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What to write in a sympathy card

Writing a sympathy or funeral cards is not easy. Thorough research for words that would be comforting to the receiver is required. A sympathizer constantly worries about writing the wrong things. However, no matter how difficult writing funeral messages are, it always important to show sympathy and support.

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  • The first step is to offer greetings. You should always ensure you have the write greetings for starting your card. Use an endearment word such as “my dear, “then follow it with their name. You can decide on starting with the person’s name and use the plural form in the last name in case the card was intended for the entire family.
  • Offer your condolences: Always offer your sympathy while letting the affected know they are loved and supported and that they can rely more on you in case of such circumstances. E.g., we are sorry for your loss and hope you feel surrounded by much love, with the deepest sympathy as you remember Edith.
  • Ensure show appreciation: This involves giving a fond memory of the deceased. For instance, your beautiful smile, kind heart, and generous and loving nature to all around him/her will never be forgotten.
  • Always let the deceased know they will be missed: For example, I will always miss you, my love. I will miss your contagious laughter and the memories we shared.
  • Offering help: Always ensure to offer a lending hand in funeral arrangements, buying food caring for the deceased children, yard work, among other needs if you are in a position to help.
  • Ensure to include a sympathy closing or sign off: Always choose a suitable sign off before your signature to close the letter such as we are in this sorrow with you, we share your deepest sadness, and may God bless your family.
  • Following up: When people close to you are grieving, it’s good to follow up and check on them during holidays, the deceased birthday, wedding anniversary, among other import occasions to show their family that they are not alone. The cards can contain such messages. “We just wanted you to know we are remembering your sister on her birthday and sending lots of love hugs and comforting thoughts to you.

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Funeral messages for family

The question on what to write in a sympathy card for loss of mother can be difficult to answer. As if this is not all, funeral messages for father and funeral messages for grandma can be just as hard to write as it is for mother. These messages will help you express yourself easily.

Funeral messages
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  • In memory of (name), a kindhearted human being who was filled with much love and generosity. She is gone from our sights but will forever be in our hearts, we loved you, but God loved you more.
  • I am still trying to wake up from this nightmare. It’s hard to accept that he is gone and life without him even to us, will be meaningless without his radiant smile and kind nature. We are missing alongside you with heartfelt condolences.”
  • Words can never be enough to express your loss. Our prayers, love, and support are with you during this tough time.
  • Despite the tears that we shed and the painful goodbyes we say, the good memories we shared will never fade. Not only today but always May loving memories bring you peace comfort.
  • It’s hard to believe that(name) is no longer with sending you this letter to remind you that I am here for you always, am praying for you, and deeply sorry for your loss.
  • May you rest in peace, my love.

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Funeral messages for flowers

Funeral messages
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  • You are forever in our thoughts.
  • Gone but shall never be forgotten.
  • I wish you comfort and peace.
  • You will be missed dearly.
  • Even though a light has been extinguished out of our lives, the happy memories will never be erased.

Funeral messages for believers

  • In the book of Mathew 11.28, God says, Come to me all those who are weary and heavy-laden, and I will give you rest.”
  • In Psalms 46.1, God expresses that he is our refuge and strength, and is a very present help in times of trouble.
  • We are encouraged in Isaiah 41.10 not to fear for God is with us, not to be dismayed for he is our God. He will strengthen you, He will help you, and He will uphold you with His righteous right hand
  • I send you thoughts of comfort as I pray that the Lord’s love continues enfolding you through your journey of grief.
  • May you always be comforted knowing there is one addition of angles watching over you.

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Funeral messages for unbelievers

  • Every human being was created in God’s image and likeness regardless of their way of life in this world.
  • God requires every human who ever lived absolute perfection.
  • God's mission was to save all his people that the reason he sent Jesus to die for us on the cross.

Funeral messages for suicide victim

  • Time will heal
  • He or she is at peace now, may the good memories of him/ her comfort you during this hard time
  • In case you have been in a similar situation, you can say I know how you feel, and my prayers are with you. He/she is at peace now.

Funeral messages for friends mother

Funeral messages
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  • My condolences come to you and your family during this tough time. You have my prayers.
  • Your mother’s selfless and caring nature are the few among her good and many qualities that have been admired by many. Her memory will live forever.
  • She was a true friend, and someone I was always happy to be around. I am sorry for your loss
  • A mother lives among us always. First, in her lifetime and forever in our memories.
  • Her mother was an admirable woman, and she will be forever missed.

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Short funeral messages

  • Forever in our thoughts
  • You are gone but not forgotten
  • We love you, but God loved you more
  • Rest in peace dear
  • In loving memory of
  • You will forever be missed
  • Always in our hearts
  • Till we unite again.

Funeral messages remind the bereaved of the joy and power that is in humanity. Death is harsh and it is only right that you celebrate your friend or loved one by providing them with the right moral and spiritual support that they need during this difficult moment. Hopefully, this article will help you be a great agent of humanity, and a good friend.

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