Meet Tackie Tawiah I the Ga king under whom Accra became the capital city of Ghana

Meet Tackie Tawiah I the Ga king under whom Accra became the capital city of Ghana

- King Tachie Tawiah I, a king who ruled over the Ga land, is considered the most illustrious, progressive and enterprising of all the Ga kings

- In his era, many obnoxious customs were abolished and very helpful ones instituted

- The king reigned for 40 years and died in 1902

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King Tackie Tawiah I was a Ga-Adangbe ruler whose rule saw the establishment of many prominent events that have influenced modern-day. reports in a news article that King Tawiah I is considered to this day, the most illustrious, progressive and enterprising of all the Ga kings.

He was the overlord of the Ga people of Ghana, who reigned during the 'Golden years' of Accra (1862-1902). The reign of the king saw the establishment of Accra as the capital of Ghana in 1877.

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Aside from that, the popular king whose real name was Nii Quarshie Tawiah oversaw the translation of the Bible into Ga for the first time. Records indicate that this happened in 1865.

It was also under the reign of King Tackie Tawiah I that Tetteh Quarshie who later brought viable Cocoa into the Gold Coast after the Dutch and the Swiss.

The Ga mantse was very development-oriented, though he ruled in an era when formal education was not widespread in the country and his region for that matter.

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He was known as a king who did not shy away from his people but rather identified with them. The king strived fearlessly and tirelessly to protect the customs and traditions of the Ga people.

Conversely, the courageous king was also responsible for abolishing obnoxious customs that existed at the time. It was as though he wanted to prepare the land for the days of modernization which were just ahead.

King Tackie Tawiah I was born in 1817. He was in the Royal family of Teiko Tsuru We at Kinka. His father was Nii Teiko Doku and his mother was Naa Ashong Danso from Asere.

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After reigning for 40 years, Tawiah l died in 1902 and was buried in Accra. There have been several great people who set great paces for the modern-day Ghanaian to follow.

Not long ago, reported that Ephraim Amu is well known as the composer of one of Ghana's most popular patriotic songs, 'Yen Ara Asase Ni'. However, the heroic composer had other great creations under his sleeve.

Reports indicate that his love for music came to light when he was at the Peki-Blengo E.P. Boarding Middle School.

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