30 undeniable signs your male friend has feelings for you

30 undeniable signs your male friend has feelings for you

Nowadays, many relationships begin from the friend zone and amazingly end up as soul mates. This is because some of us have dedicated their lives to their work, leaving them with minimal time in engaging in activities such as dating and going out for parties. Some signs your male friend has feelings for you are apparent, while others need a little patience and understanding.

Signs your male friend has feelings for you
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A good number of people make time for their close friends where they get to meet and catch up. Some people end up falling for their friends but scared to admit it; hence need a little push to boost their level of confidence. Here are some undeniable signs your male friend has feelings for you.

1. Body Language

This is among the most noticeable signs that your male friend has a crush on you by just the way he behaves when you are together. When he is talking to you, he might make body contact. You may also realize he is next to you whenever you are taking a walk.

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2.He Gets Nervous Around You

The time you guys are spending together, he is behaving oddly, talks a lot by telling you irrelevant things, and tells dumb jokes. His hands might shake, particularly when you touch and avoids eye contact. Without a doubt, this is how to know if a guy likes you.

3.He Creates Time for You

If you are wondering does he like me, but he is there for you no matter how tight his schedule is, asks about your day, then he is definitely into you.

signs he likes you
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4. Wanting to Know More about Your Life

If your male friend has feelings for you, then he will be interested in your day to day life. He will ask about your past relationships, what you enjoy doing during your free time, your favorite foods and drinks, and what you plan to pursue in your life.

5. Shares his issues with you

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He does not shy off sharing his confidential affairs with you. This makes it evident that he has feelings for you, but you say he's just a friend. He feels comfortable telling you things he has gone through his life since he does not see you as a friend but more than a friend.

6. He is always there to offer you help

A guy who shows signs he likes you will always be there for you when you need him the most. Always gives you what you request and will do anything for you to make you happy.

signs your male friend has feelings for you
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7. Talks and text you a lot

He talks to you more often, sends you beautiful text messages which always make you smile every time you read them. This is one of the signs he likes you more than a friend.

8. Introduces you to his family members

This makes it evident that he is into you by proudly presenting you to his family members, wishing you would be friends in the long run.

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9. Always commenting on your beautiful looks

Signs your guy friend is falling for you. He simply tells you that your beauty drives him wild and comments on every hairstyle you wear. He will notice if you are wearing makeup, the shoes you are in, and your dress code for the day.

10. Smiles a lot when you are together

He is always smiling whenever you are spending time together, which also makes you blush. This will make you wonder does he like me more than a friend.

11. Signs he is flirting

He calls to check on how your day is turning out. He will buy you chocolate, hug you tight when you meet up, and tell you how great he feels you are in life. The guy will ensure that you feel safe and treat you like a queen.

signs a guy likes you more than a friend
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12. Gets jealous easily

Usually, your boyfriend will wish to know every guy you talk with and what they mean in your life. But if your male friend is interested in every detail of your life and the people you associate with, then you ought to think twice since these are signs a guy likes you more than a friend.

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13. He listens to every word you say

Men are known for not being a good listener. But if he has feelings for you, he will pay attention to what you say and show interest in every topic you talk about. Your male friend will be attentive in your discussion by not engaging in other things like texting, twitting, and calling other individuals.

14. He is happy with what you have accomplished in life

Your male friend will congratulate you when you get a promotion at your workplace. He gives you hope about tomorrow by encouraging you to work smart and accomplish big things in life. He will support you and offer you his assistance whenever necessary.

15. Likes buying you gifts

He loves buying you gifts that you like most. He is sure of your favorite drink, ice cream, cake, and yet you say he's just a friend.

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16. He respects you

Your male friend will never tell you anything that will offend you. He appreciates every decision you make and will never take advantage of your friendship since he does not want to lose you at any cost.

but you say he's just a friend
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17. Gives you the space you need

We always need to have time for ourselves and think about our lives by evaluating our achievements. Your guy friend knows the time to back off and when to request for your company.

18. He remembers special days in your life

A person who has feelings for you never forgets the essential events in your life. Like your birthday date and the day you first met. This is among the undeniable signs that he likes you and wishes to be with you.

19. He treats you like the only girl in this world

A lot of guys like eyeing other girls in your company or not. But in his case, it is all different because he has feelings for you. You will realize your friend never mentions other girls and does not check out other girls making it clear that this guy is into you.

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30 undeniable signs your male friend has feelings for you
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20. He admires your body shape

Your male friend will not only like you because of your body shape, but fall for the person you are in the inside. He will be attracted by your character and the right heart that you have.

21. Makes eye contact with you

If your male friend is always making eye contact with you, it is evident that he wants you to be his. Whenever you are talking, his eyes are locked to your every move, which gives you goosebumps. This is one of the does he like me signs that you need to put to bed since it is crystal clear.

22. He is always following you on social media

A guy friend has feelings for you if he is commenting on your social media platform by reading every story, liking your pictures, and the videos you post at any given time.

23. He notices when you change your look

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If a guy quickly sees changes in your appearance, this means that he is always thinking about you and wants you to be his girl. No matter how little you have altered your look by either wearing a wig or weave, he will still notice it and compliment you.

you say he's just a friend
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24. He acts like a gentleman

He performs activities that not all men do just to see a smile on your face. He pulls out chairs for you, opens doors for you, and carries your luggage when he is walking you home. This shows that he is a real gentleman, and you cannot afford to lose him. These are some of the does he like me signs to look into when wondering whether your guy friend has qualified to be your man.

25. He makes up funny stories to be alone with you

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Whenever your friends are around, he comes up with something so that the two of you can spend some quality time alone. When you are down, he makes an excuse to be around you to uplift your spirit.

26. He treats you in a unique way

He treats you as a significant person in his life. The way he handles his undertakings when you are with him impresses you. You will realize he comes in smelling good with cool outfits that you like. You will end up falling for him without your knowledge.

27. He plays with you a lot

Once you get used to each other, he plays with your body. He will tickle you, poke you, imitate the way you talk, and walk, which is one of the signs he secretly likes you body language.

signs he secretly likes you body language
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28. He is honest with you

He never lies about his past life and wants to know what goes on in yours. Your guy friend never hides anything from you no matter how deep it is.

29. He is talking positively about you

You will hear from his workmates or friends the beautiful things he has been saying about you. You have a great scent, which makes him think about you once someone with such a cologne passes by. This is how to tell if a guy likes you so much.

30. Wants to make you happy

He makes you laugh in front of both his colleagues and yours without minding what they will think or say about him. He will go out of his way to ensure that your day turns out great and tell you that you mean a lot to him more than you know. This indicates some of the signs he is flirting and wants to ask you to be his girlfriend.

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You need to be sure that your guy friend is into you before you make a move, which might be best for both of you, embarrassing, or even end your relationship for good. You need to be ready and brace yourself for any response and able to handle yourself. Some signs your male friend has feelings for you have been discussed above, which would come in handy if you find yourself in such a situation.

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