Why do guys stop texting and then start again? What you should do

Why do guys stop texting and then start again? What you should do

In ideal situations, love should be based on true and mutual feelings between two people who care for each other. Communication is the key pillar that determines any relationship's success and is meant to be a two-way thing. During the day, people in love tend to text each other several times, no matter how busy they are. Why do guys stop texting and then start again?

Why do guys stop texting and then start again
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Guys may stop texting you and cut off all communication for one reason or another, but you will find them starting to text you again after some time. Do you respond to such a person or forget about him forever? Whatever it is, you have to make a quick decision because it will impact the rest of your love life.

Why do guys stop texting and then start again?

Some guys can give you mixed feelings and reactions. They will stop texting you and later emerge from the blues. Here are some top reasons for doing this:

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He likes some mystery

Why do guys text you first and then don't reply? Some guys want to be mysterious in their relationship. To them, it is not fun being available to their girlfriends all the time. Furthermore, there is a lot to chat about in the early days of a relationship as you get to know one another.

As time goes by, conversations start getting stale quickly, and this drives guys to stop texting. This is meant to build up some anticipation as you eagerly wait for his next message. In this case, it is a strategy for him to appear mysterious and not available all the time.

He is playing hard to get

Playing hard to get is believed to be a woman's game, but men do it sometimes. There is a culture whereby guys tend to go mute for some days after a date. It is a strategy intended to make a guy seem harder to get and not desperate for the next date.

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It becomes a waiting game whereby the guy sees you online, but he does not want to be the first one to text. If you do not text him, it may take a couple of days or even weeks before he texts you.

He desires nothing but for you to miss him

What does it mean if a guy stops texting you every day? The reason why a guy stops texting you and then starts again can be simpler than you think. He wants you to know what it feels like when he is absent from your life. It makes you appreciate the little things you do together more.

Days will seem longer and dull when he does not text, and that is the whole point. He is a person you cannot live without, and therefore you should not take him for granted. When he starts to text you again, you will discover that you love him even more than before.

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His mind might be preoccupied with other things

Why do guys stop texting and then start again
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It is often said that nobody is too busy for the people he loves because he will always create time depending on his priorities. Even if that is the case, your relationship might not be at a stage where it warrants being prioritized to that extent.

In such a situation, he may disappear for days without even texting. This should not be taken to mean he does not want to text you. It could be that he is busy doing something and plans to text you after finishing whatever it is.

You are not the only person he is texting

It’s not like he goes online just to text you. In today’s world, social media has changed the way people interact. Before a guy picks the girl he wants to date, he probably has to text lots of girls before falling for the one he wants to spend the rest of his life with.

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This means that when he stops texting you, it is because he has not decided whether he wants to be with you or not. If he starts texting you again, it means that you are the one he has chosen.

You ran out of things to talk about

Some people are just not good at creating conversations, and others get tired of small talks, such as how the day's weather was or a fight that broke out at work. With such people, it can get awkward when they cannot find an interesting topic to talk about. For that reason, they would rather keep their silence until such a time when they find something to talk about.

He wants to take things slow

There is a common notion that people who are in love must text each other daily. This means if a guy texts you so often, it is because he is ready to commit and build a long-term relationship. However, if you recently met and he does know you that well, he might take a step back not to rush things.

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He does not want to give you false hopes that you are his soul-mate, yet he has not known whether the two of you will be compatible. Furthermore, guys text less after a while.

He’s not that into you

This is the worst news you may not have been hoping for, but if a guy texts you inconsistently, then it is likely that he does not like you that much. He may start texting you again because all he wants is a fling and nothing serious.

It could also be that he only remembers you when he is lonely and in need of someone to talk to without having to commit himself. At the same time, it could be because of what he thinks when you don’t text him back. Guys need to be motivated, and if you do not do that, they may stop being interested.

What to do when he stops calling and texting

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Why do guys stop texting and then start again
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One of the most discouraging things when it comes to dating is when you're seeing a man who suddenly, out of nowhere, vanishes. The feeling can drive you crazy, especially if you were really into him. Here is what to do when that happens.

Talk to him

If he is a guy you started seeing, you might not know his texting patterns. Consider taking some time to understand him. If you establish that he loves you and has a poor texting habit, you can talk to him and see if he can change.

Walk away

If he is not that into you, then this sign is your blessing in disguise. You will be doing yourself a favor by walking away because he will only waste your time. Many other signs will show if he is not into you, and you will be right to leave him.

When in love, guys can be romantic, but things can change quickly, leaving you with more questions than answers. For instance, why do guys stop texting and then start again? The answers to that question could be as many as the people on this planet. People are different, and they react in their unique ways to matters of love. That said, there are some common reasons guys will go silent for a while and then get back to being their usual selves.

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