Why do guys stop texting and then start again? 15 reasons why

Why do guys stop texting and then start again? 15 reasons why

The first phase of dating is exciting. Everything seems perfect, and the back and forth messages consume you so much that you dream of spending the rest of your life with this incredible human being. Then, one day, things go silent, and the guy, whom you thought was the love of your life, stops texting and calling. Weeks later, he resurfaces and attempts to creep into your life. Exasperating, right? So, why do guys stop texting and then start again?

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Why do guys stop texting and then start again?
Why do guys stop texting and then start again? Photo: pexels.com, @Ono Kosuki (modified by author)
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This kind of ghosting may leave you feeling miserable. So, why do guys stop texting and then start again?

Why do guys stop texting and then start again?

Understanding why guys stop texting a girl may give you some form of closure. It also helps you determine your next move and whether the relationship is worth your time.

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1. He likes some mystery

Why do guys text you first and then don't reply? Some guys want to be mysterious in their relationship. They find a thrill in not always being available all the time.

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2. He wants you to miss him

What does it mean if a guy stops texting you every day? Sometimes he wants you to know what it feels like when he is absent from your life; and this makes you appreciate the little things you do together more.

3. He is playing hard to get

he said he liked me but he stopped texting me
He texted me every day then stopped. Photo: pexels.com, @Ketut Subiyanto
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Playing hard to get is stereotyped as a woman's game, but men do it sometimes. There is a culture where guys tend to go mute for days after a date. It is a strategy intended to make a guy seem harder to get and not desperate for the next date.

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It becomes a waiting game whereby the guy sees you online, but he does not want to be the first one to text. If you do not text him, it may take a couple of days or even weeks before he texts you.

4. His mind might be preoccupied with other things

Nobody is too busy for the people he loves because he will always create time depending on his priorities. Your relationship might not be at a stage where it warrants being prioritized to that extent.

In such a situation, he may disappear for days without even texting. This does not mean he does not want to text you. It could be that he is busy doing something and plans to text you after finishing whatever it is.

5. You are not the only person he is texting

Before a guy picks the girl he wants to be with, he probably has to text many girls before falling for the one he wants to spend the rest of his life with.

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This means that when he stops texting you, it is because he has not decided whether he wants to be with you or not. If he starts texting you again, it means that you are the one he has chosen.

6. You ran out of things to talk about

Some people are just not good at creating conversations, and others get tired of small talk. It can get awkward when they cannot find an exciting topic to discuss. For that reason, they would rather keep their silence until such a time when they find something to talk about.

7. He wants to take things slow

why guys stop texting a girl
He said he liked me but he stopped texting me. Photo: @pexels.com, @Monstera
Source: UGC

If you recently started talking to a guy and he suddenly slows down on the communication, chances are, he is not ready to rush into a relationship. He might go silent to avoid giving you false hopes.

8. He's just not that into you

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Why do guys stop texting as much? Painful as it is, a guy might stop texting you if he is not that into you.

9. Maybe he thinks it will not work out

Sometimes a guy will slow down communication or go silent because he might feel that things might not work between you. Instead of directly facing you to tell you that, he might lessen the effect of the blow by going silent. After a while, he might resurface and pretend that nothing happened.

10. You have offended him

Why do guys suddenly stop texting? If you were having a good conversation and he abruptly left it midway without any heads-up, probably something might have offended or triggered him. In this case, he might take a few days off to cool off and maybe resurface.

What to do when he stops texting mid-conversation? If such a thing happens, give him space to process his emotions. If you suspect you offended him, apologize when he resurfaces.

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11. He is really into you, and that scares him

why do guys suddenly stop communicating?
A busy woman staring at her phone. Photo: pexels.com, @Matilda Wormwood
Source: UGC

Why do guys suddenly stop communicating? If he suddenly stops texting you, there is a high chance that he is falling for you and is not ready to let you know. The thought of developing feelings towards someone can freak someone out.

So, when a guy randomly disappears while discussing a possible future between the two of you, he could be scared about falling for you. So, if he pulls this stunt on you, allow him time to sort out his priorities.

12. He is seeking your attention and validation

You might be a busy bee, and probably he cannot seem to get his way to reach you. So, he wants to get your attention by making you curious about his disappearance. In most cases, this happens when the guy feels he does not have control over the relationship. Therefore, he finds power by resurfacing.

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13. He needs space

Why do guys stop texting for a few days? Guys need space to process what they are going through. Most of them are not the best at communicating or are not in touch with their emotions; hence, they often take time to themselves.

If this is why he is silent on you, talk it out. Let him have the time if he goes straight to the point and asks for space.

14. He could be confused

Why do guys stop texting for a few days? Maybe he is going through an internal conflict and is unsure what he wants. Or perhaps, he is not sure of what he feels. He might opt to take time off to figure himself out in this instance. After solving his issue, he will find his way back to you.

Another probable reason might be because he is not ready to be in a relationship but likes you so much.

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15. He might be intimidated by you

How does a guy feel when you block him?
A woman looking at her phone. Photo: @exels.com, @Andrea Piacquadio
Source: UGC

Why do guys stop texting? Probably he is intimidated by who you are. You might be a brilliant and gorgeous woman who seems to have everything figured out. Therefore, he might take the no-contact period to feel more validated.

When he is intimidated, he might run out of things to say. It might also make him feel he is not enough. So, instead of having a conversation about it, he might take the easier way out, vanishing for a while.

He stopped texting me - what should I do?

The reasons mentioned above are why guys stop texting first. Knowing them gives you some form of closure. Here are some tips on what to do when he stops calling and texting. They might help you feel better.

1. Give him one last chance

If you feel they are ignoring your messages, consider calling. If the mood is cold, chances are, they are intentionally going silent on you.

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The best ghosting responses would be a funny picture or video that you think he might enjoy. His reaction will tell whether things are cool between the two of you.

If the mood is not right, do not bombard him with texts or calls. Making peace with the reality of things will give you a better footing as you move on.

2. Talk to him

If he is a guy you started seeing, you might not know his texting patterns. Consider taking some time to understand him. If you establish that he likes you and has poor texting habits, you can talk to him and see if he can change.

What to text after being ghosted

If he goes silent on you, you could share a message that you think reminds you of him. This text might be the perfect conversation starter.

3. Walk away

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You will be doing yourself a favour by walking away because he will only waste your time.

When in love, guys can be romantic, but things can change quickly, leaving you with more questions than answers. For instance, why do guys stop texting and then start again? The answers to that question are many. People are different, and they react in their unique ways to love matters. That said, there are some common reasons guys will go silent for a while and then get back to being their usual selves.

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