Colombian names: Top 100 for boys and girls

Colombian names: Top 100 for boys and girls

When expectant mothers are about to deliver, they spend many hours on the Internet in search of a suitable moniker for their little ones. Since it is believed that a child’s name has a lot of influence and impact on their lives, parents not only look for a beautiful moniker but also one that will bring good luck and with a significant meaning as well. Colombian names are some of the best you can go for.

Male Colombian names
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Children’s monikers are inspired by various things, such as times of the day, popular locations, historical figures and traditions, among other things. Most children from Colombia carry one or two monikers, which are followed by a surname.

Colombian names for girls

Your beautiful daughter deserves a moniker that is as beautiful as her. Here is a list of some fantastic female Colombian names for you to choose from.

Common Colombian names

Here are Colombian names (girls):

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  1. Ademir - A noble protector
  2. Aldrin - An old and wise ruler
  3. Jiar - May the Lord bring forth his light
  4. Alen - One with beautifully noble character
  5. Frey - A god of the weather
  6. Alexis - A variant of the name Alexander and it means "a helper and defender of the community"
  7. Fredy - A peaceful ruler
  8. Alvaro - One who speaks the truth
  9. Dayton - A town that is filled with sunshine
  10. Nick - One who is the most powerful among all people
  11. Gary - Strong with a spear
  12. Diemer - Famous among individuals
  13. Giampaolo - The Lord is gracious
  14. Hans - Yahweh is gracious
  15. Dovonan - The brown-haired one
  16. Dylan - Born near the sea or son of the sea waves

Most popular Colombian names

Here are Colombian names (female):

  1. Ender - The extremely rare kind
  2. Edwin - A precious friend
  3. Fernando - A variant of Ferdinand, which means "the adventurous one"
  4. Darien - To maintain
  5. Davian - An option of David, which means "the beloved one"
  6. Edward - The protector of property
  7. Erle - A man of noble character
  8. Fabio - The grower of beans
  9. Barnaby - A variant of Barnabas, which means the son of consolation
  10. Bryan - One who is noble and highly-placed in the society
  11. Craig - One who dwells on the rocks
  12. Christian - One who bears the Christ
  13. Aran - A mountain filled with strength
  14. Daniel - The Lord is my judge
  15. Jefferson - Unwavering peace from the Lord
  16. Jovan - The Lord is with us.

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Traditional Colombian names

  1. Nicolas - One who is victorious and loved by all people
  2. Bruce - The one who perseveres
  3. Brandon - One who hails from the Beacon Hill
  4. Richard - A powerful and robust army
  5. Oscar - Divine and famous spear from God
  6. Camilo - An assistant to the priest
  7. Julian - A young man who is dedicated to Jupiter
  8. Austin - A man of honor
  9. Kenny - The handsome one
  10. Robinson - One who shines with fame
  11. Samuel - One who the Lord hears
  12. Andrus - A mighty and brave warrior
  13. Ricardo - Strong and brave
  14. Antonio - The invaluable one
  15. Arles - The promise
  16. Eliam - The people of God
  17. Engelbert - One who is as bright as an angel
  18. Felipe - A friend of the horses

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Colombian names for boys

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Colombian names for girls
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Ever heard the name of the boy, and it made you turn to see who had such a fantastic moniker? If you want your child's name to make heads turn, check out these Colombian males names together with the significant meanings attached to each one of them.

Fantastic male Colombian names

  1. Daniela - The Lord is my judge
  2. Diana - Goddess of the moon
  3. Emily - The rival
  4. Liseth - Dedicated to the Lord
  5. Luisa - Glorious hero at war
  6. Manuela - The Lord is with us
  7. Maritza - A sea full of bitterness
  8. Melany - Black or dark in color
  9. Michelle - The one who is like the Lord
  10. Natalia - Birthday
  11. Elizabeth - The Lord has sworn
  12. Evelin - Clean and shapely
  13. Gabriela - The Lord is with us
  14. Gillian - One who is youthful and dedicated to Jupiter
  15. Isabella - The Lord has sworn
  16. Jenifer - One who is fruitful

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Popular Colombian names

Here are Colombian names and meanings for boys:

  1. Sandy - The protector
  2. Saskia - The guardian of humanity
  3. Shannon - The little old wise one
  4. Shirley - The bright wood
  5. Sonia - Full of wisdom
  6. Maureen - The wished-for child of rebellion and bitterness
  7. Adriana - A resident of Adria
  8. Alejandra - The defender
  9. Aliana - Noble and glorious
  10. Angeli - The messenger
  11. Anny - A prayer warrior
  12. Arianna - Very holy
  13. Catalina - Clean and pure
  14. Claire - Glossy, shiny, and bright
  15. Nicole - The conqueror of all people
  16. Nilsa - The champion
  17. Samantha - Listen to the name of God
  18. Sari - A beautiful princess
  19. Shadia - Beautiful voice or she sings

Top Colombian names

  1. Tiffany - The Lords appearance
  2. Veronica - One who brings victory
  3. Ximena - A good listener
  4. Yahaira - The influential teachings of God
  5. Zenith - The highest point or the peak
  6. Magaly - A precious pearl
  7. Marcela - The little one
  8. Marly - The warrior who is full of fame
  9. Nazli - The beautiful and dedicated one
  10. Johana - The Lord is with us
  11. Johanna - Yahweh is gracious
  12. Kaori - Fragrant
  13. Laura - Derived from the sweet bay tree which symbolizes victory and honor
  14. Leana - Youthful bond of a light beautiful woman
  15. Liesel - The oath of God or his satisfaction

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Giving your son or daughter these exotic Colombian names will make them the coolest kids among their peers. Besides, the great meaning carried by each name will play a significant role in shaping your child's future.

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