List of TV stations in Ghana that are authorized in 2022

List of TV stations in Ghana that are authorized in 2022

How many TV stations are in Ghana? The country has over 128 stations. Less than half of them operate, while the rest are dormant. Most of the locals watch digital channels because the government adopted digital broadcasting. A list of TV stations in Ghana might help you to make a decision on what to watch at home.

TV stations in Ghana
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It is ideal to know more about your favourite TV channels. For instance, where is TV 7 located? The channel’s headquarters are in Eveleigh, Sydney, even though it is popular in Accra, Ghana. Gaining detailed information about media channels in Ghana broadens alternatives to choose from.

Top TV stations in Ghana

The National Media Commission and the National Communications Authority regulate the operations of all TV stations in Ghana. Ghanaians are embracing free-to-air digital channels to cut down the cost of living. Moreover, the top 10 TV stations in Ghana (most viewed) are local channels.

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1. Digital terrestrial free-to-air television program channels

The country has two types of digital terrestrial free-to-air television programs. Some media cover the entire country while others cover specific regions in Ghana. Here is the list of digital terrestrial online TV stations in Ghana and their frequencies:

(a). Nationwide coverage frequencies

These channels are around 26, but only five are running. Most of the operating media air on both analogue and digital frequencies. Active digital terrestrial free-to-air channels that cover the entire nation are:

  • KFS (Channel 7) under Viasat Broadcasting G Limited
  • Three Angels Broadcasting Limited (Channel 20)
  • Crystal Prime, Crystal Extra, Crystal Plus (Channel 7, 8, 9) - Crystal Radiovision Network Limited
  • Net 2 (Channel 13) under Net 2 TV Limited
  • TV3 (Channel 11) under TV3 Network Limited
  • Hba TV & Communications Network Ghana Limited (Channel 18)
TV stations in Ghana
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(b). Regional coverage frequencies

Ghana’s broadcasting companies that offer digital terrestrial free-to-air television services have gone digital. Among the four authorized companies, only two have their channels on air. The operating companies include;

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  • Otv Broadcasting Limited airs OTV, channel 45.
  • Royal Image Broadcasting Limited airs ROYAL TV, channel 44.

2. Analogue terrestrial television stations

The country has around 21 analogue terrestrial television stations, but some are inactive. UTV Ghana under U2 Company Ltd is the most popular channel in this section. Here are more stations you can tune in to:

  • Corporation GTV under Ghana Broadcasting
  • TV3 under TV 3 Network Limited
  • Metro TV under Metropolitan Entertainment Television
  • TV AFRICA under Television Africa Ltd
  • CRYSTAL TV under Crystal Radiovision Network Ltd
  • NET 2 TV under NET 2 TV Limited
  • TOP TV under Independent TV Limited - Greater Accra Region
  • E-TV Ghana under K & N Investment
  • VIASAT 1 under Viasat Broadcasting Ltd
  • GH ONE under Multiple Concepts
  • Light TV under Smart Multimedia
  • CAFDIL under The Cardinal Foundation for Distance Learning (CAFDIL)
  • Coastal TV under Centre for Intercultural Learning Talent & Development, AGORO
  • Kantan KA TV under Great Kosa Company Ltd
  • CTV under C Television Limited
  • Digital terrestrial pay television (service and frequency)
  • Cable Gold under CATV Limited - Greater Accra Region
  • Crystal TV under Crystal Radiovision Network Limited
  • First Digital under Wilsad Support Limited
  • GoTV under GoTV Ghana Limited
  • Nour Vision Ghana Limited

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TV stations in Ghana
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3. Digital terrestrial pay television (service only)

The Ghana Broadcasting Corporation (GBC) is Smart TV’s network service provider. GBC works under Next Generation Broadcasting Limited. Smart TV is the only channel under this category, and it has eight channels. The station covers Greater Accra and Ashanti Regions.

4. Satellite television broadcasting

These satellite TV channels in Ghana are under two categories; Pay TV Direct-to-home and Free-to-air direct-to-home bouquets. You can choose a station from any of the two groups as long as it satisfies your needs.

(a). Pay TV Direct-to-home bouquet

There are more than ten authorized Pay TV Direct-to-home satellite television broadcasting companies in the country. However, these are the only active online TV stations in Ghana under this category:

  • DStv under MULTICHOICE
  • MYTV under Strong Digital Technologies Ltd
  • KWESE TV under Econet Media Ghana Limited

(b). Free-to-air direct-to-home bouquet

Multi TV is the only free-to-air channel airing in Ghana. The station is under Multimedia Broadcasting Company Ltd. Ghana has more than 50 authorized satellite broadcasting companies whose free-to-air channels are not on air. Some of them include:

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  • Benie TV Limited
  • Evolution Multimedia Group Limited
  • Champion Broadcasting Limited
  • Tosh for All Company Limited
  • Mega-Choice Digital Network Limited

5. Digital cable television

Are there cable digital TV stations in Ghana? Simba Media Ghana Limited is the only company offering cable digital TV services in the country. The station is accessible through optical fibre cable connection within the Greater Accra region only.

All TV stations in Ghana that are authorized in 2022 offer viewers harmless content. Watching television is healthy so long as you have limits. Please promote local stations the same way you watch international channels. listed the top 10 Ghanaian Asakaa songs you should listen to in 2021. If you are a fan of Ghanaian music, you know how lovely these songs are. For the curious ones, Askaa is a hip-hop music genre with a touch of Ghanaian culture.

Kumerica boys are the pioneers of Asakaa. The music group keeps pulling thousands of the local' hearts to their music. Media houses in Ghana often play their music because of many requests from the people.

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