Damson Idris: 15 things you didn't know about the Snowfall star

Damson Idris: 15 things you didn't know about the Snowfall star

Damson Idris is one of the best up-and-coming stars in the movie industry. He became a household name when he played Franklin Saint in the viral series Snowfall. Interestingly, his character representation was so authentic and convincing that people did not believe that he is British and not American.

Damson Idris
Damson Idris at the 24th GQ Men of the Year Awards in association with BOSS at Tate Modern in London, England. Photo: David M. Benett
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Damson Idris initially dreamed of becoming the next Cristiano Ronaldo before giving acting consideration. He even played rugby and had the privilege of shaking Queen Elizabeth II's hand in 2012 when his team partook in her Golden Jubilee.

15 facts about the Snowfall star

Damson Idris is an actor and voiceover artist. He is evolving and showing the world various sides to him step-by-step. With his role in the new Netflix movie Outside the Wire, he wants to show everyone that he is made for this. Here are 15 things you didn't know about the Snowfall star.

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1. Acting was not in his plan

In one of Damson Idris's interviews, the actor disclosed that he never considered acting growing up. Instead, he always wanted to play soccer. But then, he had a knee injury. However, in the university, someone saw a part of him he had not noticed and told him he was good at acting, which he eventually considered and has since been making waves.

2. His name is a story itself

Several happenings and situations make parents decide what name to give their kids, but this is not the case with Damson Idris, the Snowfall actor. Damson once confessed that he doesn't know where his parents got his name from.

Contrary to popular belief, his name Damson is not a full name but the short form for Adamson, which means father of all nations. However, he grew up with his whole family calling him Damson, and it just stuck. Idris, on the other hand, is a Muslim name because his parents are Muslim.

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3. Idris is British

What is Damson Idris's nationality? The Snowfall actor is of British nationality. He was born and bred in the South Central of London, postcode SE15. However, at 12 years old, he moved to Elephant Castle.

4. He learned his American accent from a rapper

Who was Damson Idris's vocal coach? While many people may think he took classes or worked with a language coach, it is surprising that the actor did not pass through any. Instead, he learned his accent from a rapper from the West Coast who is widely known for being a member of Westside Connection.

5. Beyond natural skills, Damon studied for a theatre degree

Talent is never enough, and Damon understands this. To reach the full potential of his skills and learn the technicalities of his profession, he studied at Brunel University, London, where he bagged a bachelor's degree in theatre, film, and television.

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Damson Idris
Damson Idris at the American Black Film Festival Honors Awards Ceremony at The Beverly Hilton Hotel. Photo: Leon Bennett
Source: Getty Images

6. Denzel Washington and Michael B. Jordan are his idols

Every successful person has at least one or two people they respect, love their paths, and look up to. For Damson, that person is Denzel Washington. Also, he looks up to Michael B. Jordan because he is around a similar age to him.

7. He's has a screen brother

A relation is beyond just blood and family history; it is about connection, peace, and harmony. Damson found a connection with Anthony Mackie when they met on the set of Outside the Wire. In one of his interviews, he disclosed that Mackie is like his big brother and is always looking for him. At the same time, he noted that he is full of valuable lessons and advice.

8. The Snowfall actor has Nigerian roots

Is Damson Idris Nigerian? Yes, he is of Nigerian Yoruba descent, although he was born and bred in England. He hails from a large family where he is the youngest of six children. His mother raised him single-handedly and taught him the significance of hard work, dedication, and education. He is proud and represents both cultures that shaped him into who he is today.

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9. He did not fake his stunts on Outside the Wire

If you have watched the movie, you will know it is an action-packed movie, and Damson was a part of the thriller movie. In an interview with Coming Soon, he disclosed that he did all of his stunts for the movie, not faking it. He revealed that running was his favourite stunt, and it is more tasking than people imagine.

10. His fashion skills are top-notch

Damson's dress sense always makes heads turn in his direction. In his interview with The Gentleman's journal, he revealed why he takes conscious effort to dress up. According to him,

I feel like the way you dress has an impact on your decisions, your ethics, your morals. Especially where I came from in South London. I'd love to see a day where everyone was wearing suits instead of tracksuits. What would that day be like? Travelling is the cure for ignorance.

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11. He has featured in a video game

Action roles are consistent with Damson; it is his main focus. However, he has given voiceover a try. In the 2017 video game Squadron 42, he voiced Marcus Corell, and it will be interesting to see if he takes on any other video game projects during his career.

12. He had a difficult time convincing Snowfall's co-creator

Damson was told that since John Singleton, Snowfall's co-creator, was from South Central, he was not really into the British thing, so Idris needed to please him. Idris had to inquire what he needed to do. He re-auditioned, although John was not around.

Damson Idris
Damson Idris arrives for the Hood By Air fashion show at 2 Surrey Street in London, England. Photo: Neil Mockford
Source: Getty Images

Afterwards, he left for London, came back to LA before he got the news that he needed to spend a day with John in South Central and speak the American accent. He agreed and put his best foot forward with John. The next day, he did a screen test and auditioned again before John eventually called and told him he had gotten the job.

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13. Damson is not related to Idris Elba

Is Damson Idris related to Idris Elba? One may wonder if Idris Elba is Damson Idris's father due to the age gap, name, colour, and nationality, but the answer is no. Although the two stars are winning and have a similar root, they are not related. They just share a name and a city.

14. He is single

Damson is currently single and he might need to find someone soon since he wants six kids. This was after he was spotted with the Love Island star Montana Brown soaking up the sun and enjoying the beauty of nature at the beach in Cannes in the south of France.

The two appeared comfortable in each other's company and as a result, fans became curious if she is Damson Idris's wife to be. However, he cleared the air that he has no love relationship with anyone yet in that same interview.

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15. He has featured in over eight movies and TV shows

Damson Idris' movies are always a bang. Whether he is producing, writing his movies, or acting in someone else's movie, it is always worth the hype. Some of Damson Idris's movies and TV shows include Black Mirror and The Twilight Zone.

Damson Idris made his breakout in 2017 and has since become a force to be reckoned with. He is smart, talented, and hardworking. But, undoubtedly, the sky is only his starting point.

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