The dark effects of dating a married man

The dark effects of dating a married man

- Being in a romantic relationship with a married man is wrong.

- Despite this known fact, many women attempt this risky venture.

- This article is to alert you on the stakes at hand.

Are men that scarce now that the married ones are now targets? Well, call it the “weird new normal”, many are rushing for the married dudes for reasons best known to us.

We are hearing that married men are matured, caring, decent, and responsible – the list goes on and on. First of all, dating a married man is morally wrong. He is married, legally bound to another.

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The dark effects of dating a married man
The dark effects of dating a married man
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Unfortunately, many forget to process in the havoc they wreak on the lives of children and wives these men are married to. It is clearly a selfish move to go out with a married man.

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This article is not for those who have no idea of their man being married. It has so much to do with those who know their man is married and yet want to get along with him. Here are some pointers.

1. Always use protection with a married man.

2. Never blame him for not having time for you, he got a family.

3. Know that whatever you add on him complements his wife’s efforts

4. He is not yours, he is married.

5. You are only a distraction for him.

6. He will always choose his family over you.

7. You can get the gifts and cash but not his heart.

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Many men having affairs outside their marriage are either having issues with the marriages or just flat out selfish. You must be careful around such dudes. If they felt no guilt leaving their wives at home for you, you sure must know they can equally dump you for another.

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