President Akufo-Addo mounts the stage tonight as Ghana's Covid-19 cases skyrocket

President Akufo-Addo mounts the stage tonight as Ghana's Covid-19 cases skyrocket

- Ghanaians will be addressed by President Akufo-Addo on measures to contain the Coronavirus

- The Ghana Medical Association has warned Ghanaians that “their health is in their hands”

- Confirmed active Covid-19 cases as at January 11 stands at 1404

The president will address the nation at 8pm on measures taken to curb the spread of the Coronavirus.

His address is timely, Ghana has since December 2020 been recording a spike in the positivity rate of the Coronavirus. This, the Ghana Medical Association has described as “alarming”.

Re-opening of schools amid covid-19 spreading

The law maker for the Ningo Prampram Constituency, Sam George, says his children will not be going back to school any time soon.

Taking to his Facebook profile, the maverick legislator stated it was better for his children to miss grades than be in a grave.

“After deep reflection and consultation with Senior Medical professionals, my wife and I have decided that our children would NOT be going to school on Monday or anytime soon. As said earlier, better a missed grade than a grave,” he stated.

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The state of the Accra City Campus

Photos from the Accra City Campus of the University of Ghana show students massed up to register for the 2021/2022 academic year.

The troubling thing about these pictures is how these students have been left to crowd up and not social distance at a time Ghana’s covid-19 cases are surging.

President Akufo-Addo mounts the stage tonight as Ghana's Covid-19 cases skyrocket
Students mass up at Accra City Campus to register (Photo: Facebook)
Source: Facebook

Even though most of these students are in face masks, authorities seem to have left caution to the wind in ensuring these students are in a will structured protocol amid the Coronavirus.

These photos were extracted from the Facebook profile of Agyei Aryee Bernard who described the scenes as; “Total confusion”.

Government is under immense pressure to effect a second lockdown. Ghana’s Coronavirus positivity rate keeps increasing. The Ghana Medical Association has warned of hospitals and Intensive Care Units (ICUs) being overwhelmed by Covid-19 cases.

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As at January 11, the number of confirmed active cases – as reported from the website of the Ministry of Health – stands at 1,404.

Figures from the Ministry of Health shows a spike in daily numbers since December – this has been linked to indiscipline, flouting of covid-19 protocols and the elections.

Already, the Ghana Medical Association has warned the public that “their health is in their own hands” and hospitals get overstretched to deal with the surge of the virus.

One concern has been the cost for testing as well as the lack of contact tracing on the part of the Ministry of Health. These issues, according to the GMA, has led to the increasing spike in Covid cases.

Even as government races to curtail the spread of the virus, suspicions of a suppression of Covid-19 data keeps rising. Journalists and some medical professionals are doubting the figures being churned by the Ministry of Health as they argue that they (the figures) are in sharp contrast with the reality at various medical facilities.

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Meanwhile, President Akufo Addo has assured of Ghana’s preparedness to roll out a mass vaccination program against Covid-19. Speaking at his recent Covid-19 address, the president revealed that procurement processes are far advanced to secure millions of vaccine doses in 2021.

This assurance comes as Nigeria, Ghana’s next door neighbor, has recorded a new case of the Covid-19 variant which global scientists fear is more contagious than the Covid-19 we know.

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