Goodness Gracious: Woman Recalls Faking Wedding to Make Her Ex Jealous

Goodness Gracious: Woman Recalls Faking Wedding to Make Her Ex Jealous

- A young lady recently shared a bizarre post about how she had faked an entire wedding to get back at her ex

- Her TikTok post includes snaps of the 'wedding photos' in which she is dressed up as a real bride with her groom and family

- The post reached over a million views as many people headed to the comment section to share how crazy they thought the whole idea was

While some people are scraping together money to have their actual weddings, a young lady blew what looks like a considerable amount of money on faking her wedding just to get back at her ex-boyfriend.

Goodness Gracious: Woman Recalls Faking Wedding to Make Her Ex Jealous
This woman joked about faking a wedding to get revenge on an ex. Images: @kennyykatt/TikTok
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Taking to TikTok, the young woman with the handle @kennyykatt shared how she planned a whole wedding complete with a dress, veil, her family, a groom and a photographer just so that she could fool her ex into thinking that she had tied the knot - talk about extreme.

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"Remembering the time I faked getting married and had a photoshoot to get revenge on my ex," she wrote in the post.

The post received over one million views and thousands of comments from TikTok users who were blown away by the effort she put into making it seem like she had really gotten married just so that she could make an ex jealous.

Even though she later shared that she was joking about the entire thing and that the wedding was for a wedding website, the post still went viral as people kept sharing it.

Many of them shared their thoughts in the comment section of the post:

User755 said:

"I feel like therapy would have cost less."

Kells said:

"The amount of effort that went into this, wow."

Destiny Bauman said:

"Blocking him would have been cheaper."

In other relationship reports, having your heart broken for the first time is something no one really gets over, a young man proved this to be the case after he headed online to share a hilarious post about the first time he had his heart broken by his first love.

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The funny post that was made by the young man with the handle @Shonny_RSA, he shared screenshots of the hilarious posts he was making online at the time while in the process of experiencing the breakup from his then-girlfriend.

"On this day 9 years ago my very first lover broke my heart," he captioned the throwback post.

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