How to fix a relationship: 15 simple ways to save a struggling relationship

How to fix a relationship: 15 simple ways to save a struggling relationship

Congratulations if you are head over heels in love with someone! The feeling that comes with loving someone involves both physical and mental energy. While both of you don't have to act the same way, your love and trust should be mutual. However, when challenges arise, you can't leave your relationship to chances, hence the more reason you should know how to fix a relationship.

How to fix a relationship
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Understanding what to do and how to fix a relationship that is falling apart is crucial if you still see a future with your partner. Even if you think your partner has all the faults, it is essential to fix the affair actively. Sending a message to fix a broken relationship or taking time to talk things out might just be all that is needed instead of pointing fingers.

How can I make my relationship work again?

There are several ways you can steer your bond back on track. If you think it has offered more positive than negative energy, then it is worth salvaging. Here are some steps on how to fix a failed relationship:

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1. Admit that the relationship needs fixing

Usually, the first step and possibly the most difficult step is acknowledging that a relationship is failing. It isn't easy because most people can not afford to be honest with themselves. However, when you admit your faults, you give a chance for identifying and improving on the issues.

2. Communication

The role of communication in a relationship cannot be overemphasised. After admitting to the cracks in the affair, partners must talk to each other about how they got there, what role each of them played, and why the affair is still valuable to them.

3. Forgiveness

Whether one or both partners are at fault, they must learn to forgive each other and be ready to do better. But then, forgiveness must be sincere; partners must let go and never remember the incident again. Although it may be challenging, through deliberate actions, they can develop the habit.

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4. Compromise

Being an assertive partner is essential in an affair, but compromising and letting your partner win could be crucial in certain situations. Let them have their way with some things as long as it does not hurt you.

5. Desist from actions that hurt the affair

Sometimes, lovers do things unknowingly and may never find out how it is hurting the affair. Once you are aware of what your partner dislikes, it only makes sense to stop doing it. This step is also important for anyone looking for how to fix a toxic relationship.

How to fix a relationship
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6. Define what the relationship means to you

You need to be honest about what you hope to achieve with the affair and if your partner can contribute towards this goal(s).

7. Do not try to be in control

Being in an affair is a partnership. If you always feel the urge to be the right one in every conversation, something needs to change.

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8. Evaluate what you are offering

This is essential if you want to know how to fix a one-sided relationship. A one-sided affair makes one party feel like they are giving more than their counterpart. While this can be demotivating, partners can take proactive measures to overcome it. In a nutshell, they must be willing to give and receive a satisfactory amount of love and attention.

9. Avoid the comparison game

Sometimes, it is hard to tell your partner that you think you are giving more to sustain the affair because of what you see in other relationships. For example, if you are with a toxic partner, they may say you are too demanding or selfish.

While you should avoid comparing your partner with others, you must appreciate their uniqueness. However, this does not mean you should not encourage them to do better when you feel the need.

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10. Focus on the positive sides

No matter how bad a partner may be, there is something good about them worth appreciating. When more attention is given to the good aspects than their negative aspect, it impacts how partners see and react to issues.

11. Exercise patience

Patience is an important virtue that a person can use to win anyone over, irrespective of hard they might look. While it may take time to make things work better, patience is needed throughout the process. Remember that it takes time to change bad habits, and it will take time to reverse whatever had gone wrong.

How to fix a relationship
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How to fix a relationship you ruined

Most affairs have their trying times. This could be due to unavoidable instances where one partner has to relocate somewhere farther because of work. Sometimes, it is just an effect of a lack of communication that has been unaddressed for too long. Whatever might have caused the issue, you don't have to feel bad; here are a few steps you might want to consider taking:

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1. Forget the past

Once you admit your role in the failure of your relationship, it is time to move on. There is no point in dwelling on the wrongs you have done. Instead, strive to become a better person and show your partner that you will do everything to earn back their trust and love.

2. Stop blaming and start bonding

It is easy to point accusing fingers at the other person in an affair. But, unfortunately, this can keep them going back and forth without providing any solutions to the issue at hand. Instead, the partners should take time to listen and understand each other. This offers more possibilities for a solution.

3. Be committed

Once you have agreed to work on becoming a better person for the sake of the union, you must be committed to it. Going back to do the things that ruined the affair will most likely lead to a complete lack of trust eventually.

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4. Be willing to seek outside help

Whether from a marriage therapist or a trusted and unbiased third party, you may go with your partner or do it alone. But, you know, sometimes, the best way to see yourself is through the eyes of other people.

How do you know when a relationship is really over?

Sometimes, after several attempts to fix a broken relationship, it may be best to let it go. First, however, you must be sure you have done your best to fix a damaged relationship before moving on. Some of the most obvious telltale signs of an irredeemable affair include:

  • Continuous quarrels
  • Constant feeling of stress
  • Love for another person instead of your partner
  • Desire to share important news with other people instead of your partner
  • Dishonesty and distrust

Knowing how to fix a relationship is just part of the process; taking result-oriented actions is vital. The list of how to fix a broken relationship is inexhaustible and depends on factors, including the cause, effect and willingness to make it work again.

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