25 best sex tips for new relationships

25 best sex tips for new relationships

Finding your sexual groove in a new relationship can be laborious since you probably do not know what your partner loves and how to act when you are with them. Sex is the most intimate thing in a relationship, and the first time can be awkward if the parties involved are not comfortable with each other. Engaging in sex with someone you have yet to fully know can be scary and thrilling at the same time. You may want to try out new things but are not sure as you do not understand what the other party likes. This article lists down 25 best sex tips that will help you in a new relationship. The tips given will prepare you and give you confidence as you enjoy your new experience.

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Sexual fantasies and fetishes can become challenging especially if it is your first time with your partner. First-time sex can be stressing because you aim to please your partner and feel good at the same time. Sex is a beautiful thing, and every time you engage in the act, you want it to feel special and better. But how do you make your love life and sex sessions amazing and derive the maximum pleasure from the act? Follow the tips below.

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1. Be easy at first

It is a new relationship and you probably want to display your sexual prowess. Do not be quick to do that. Be easy and start slow. Touch parts of your partner's body in a sexy way. Move your hand around their face, or chest area, smirking in a sexy manner. You will draw their interest and they will slowly feel more connected to you. Start with simple styles, and gradually move to more crazy styles. It is not a competition, just take your sweet time and enjoy the moment.

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2. Wear comfortable lingerie

Men love beautiful and loud lingerie. It brightens the room and makes every moment bold. Even as you wear your cute lingerie, make sure it is comfortable so as to avoid any discomfort before the act. Choose a color that you love and a pair which complements your body type.

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3. Speak up

Since it is a new relationship, you may be shy at first so as to avoid ruining the moment. Do not be distressed at the expense of the other person’s joy. Speak up and explain what works for you and what does not. This will make the session even more fun as you will not have anything to hold you back. Express yourself in any manner you deem fit. They chose to sleep with you, they will definitely listen if you have any concerns.

4. Do not be too serious

Sex is an intimate and engaging activity. Crack a joke once in a while so as to make the session lively. Too much silence is not recommended. You do not have to talk about formal stuff. Talk about anything, even the minute things that happened during the day. You can talk about your favorite TV shows or interesting things that happened earlier on during the day. Having a serious face may make your partner uneasy or restless. You want the sex session to be incredible; drop the serious face.

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5. Avoid talking about your exes and past relationships

It is okay to initiate a conversation. Do not, however, bring up your past relationships and what you used to do with your exes. It may wreck your partner's ego or make them feel ignored. Just talk about the things you love if you have to talk about your past. No one wants to hear about the nasty things you used to do with those you broke up with. It is also rude and impolite. The person you are sleeping with is in the present. Talk about the present.

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6. Do not be too hard on yourself

The pressure to perform your best may hover around you throughout the session. You may assume that your partner will rate you unfairly if you are mediocre. Do not stress on such small stuff. It is a new relationship and chances are they too are in the same state as you. Do not overthink about what you will do when in bed. Let everything flow naturally. Overthinking and being too hard on yourself may be the reason why you do not enjoy the sex, which will be unfortunate because sex is meant to be enjoyed.

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7. Have some water handy

Sex is kind of exhausting sometimes, so you and your partner may be thirsty during and after the act. So, before you two really get going, grab some water for yourself and your partner.

8. Do not be too speedy

Maintain your speed. There is no need to rush things. The session may be too short and you will not experience the pleasure you hoped to get. When having sex in a new relationship, try to control your speeds. That, however, does not mean that you turn into a snail. Slow speeds will diminish the excitement and physical sensation.

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9. Do not be afraid to laugh

Sometimes, sex is funny. When this is the case, it is okay to laugh. In fact, laughing with a partner during sex can make you feel closer to them. Plus, it sure beats awkward silence.

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10. Do not try new stuff

Experimenting with new styles and new fetishes may seem electrifying as you want to get new experiences. Trying new stuff is fun, but avoid doing this when the relationship is still fresh. Some things may backfire and it will make future sexual acts too tense to be enjoyed. You can try your new fantasies after you have learned your partner's love language and what tickles their fancy.

11. Foreplay is important

This may seem obvious but it is essential to mention it. Foreplay sets the perfect mood and it prepares the two of you both physically and mentally. It also sets you up for a steamy intimate act that you will love. Foreplay should never be ignored if you want to have a passionate session. Do not go straight to the action without perfectly setting the mood first.

12. Choose the right time

This is another important factor to consider. Engage in the act when both of you are sure about it. One party may want to rush into it while the other person thinks that they need more time. Ask if you must so you do not pressure the other person. Just like how you both consented to do the act, consent on the time too. Check your schedules and make sure that you are both on the same page.

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13. It is okay to be embarrassed

Being embarrassed is a normal thing. Do not blame yourself if things do not go the right way. It is a new relationship and things may not be perfect at the start. Both of you are still learning each other’s bodies and you may do stuff without knowing how it will be in the end. Smile along and proceed with your make-out session. Do not panic. Do not blame yourself or your lover either. You will forget the embarrassing moment with time.

14. Read their feelings

This is super important. You can get a hint of how they feel about the whole thing even without them talking. Read their face, watch how they respond to the things you do to them. Do they seem nervous? If so, try to calm them down. Are they happy about vigorous caressing? Do they love when you run your fingers up and down their thighs? Look at how they react to such things, you will know better what to drop and what to proceed with.

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15. Try to forget about your appearance

It might be hard to do this, but try not to focus on what you look like too much. This person is having sex with you, so you already know that they are attracted to you. Focusing too much on your looks takes away from your enjoyment.

16. Respect the other person if they ask for boundaries

You want to explore and get all wild with your new partner, but are they cool with this? You may have enjoyed doing some crazy things with your previous lovers, but does your new catch enjoy the same? Do not label them boring if they are not into the stuff you were into before. This is a new relationship with new experiences.

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17. Take breaks if need be

Sex is great, but it can be tiresome with all the activities involved. Take mini-breaks, talk a little, drink some water, and even grab some snacks. You can make a sandwich during your breaks then go back to enjoying each other's company. Drink something if you feel thirsty.

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18. Wear deodorant

Wear a little deodorant to smell nice. Some good scent makes one more attractive. Do not, however, apply deodorant and sprays in or around the vagina, scrotum, and other sensitive areas. The vagina has a natural smell which is okay. Adding deodorants with different flavors may cause irritations and even infections.

19. Talk dirty

Do not forget to talk dirty to spice things up. Naughty talk is such a fun thing to do. It is also a turn on when you say some nasty stuff in the middle of coitus. Whisper sweet nothings to their ear. Know how to limit your words. Too much profanity may not be ideal. Tell them how hard you want them to go.

20. Appreciate them/the sex

Compliments bring about a whole new and pleasant vibe. Both men and women love praises. Appreciate them, tell them how lovely they are. Mention how good their sex game is. Tell them you enjoy how they make you orgasm. It is the little things that make them feel great. Compliments boost one’s confidence and will improve things between the two of you.

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21. Be honest

Honesty is a great virtue. There is nothing wrong with being sincere about your feelings. Do not shy away from being truthful because you think that you may upset your partner. Being frank and direct will help them understand you. It will also make your future sexual activities easy and more refreshing.

22. Be gentle

Do not be too rough lest you bore them, or even worse, injure them in the process. The sex should be gentle at first until you are certain that they are okay with rough sex. Be tender and affectionate. Your lover wants to feel pampered and loved. Spooning never goes wrong. Cuddles are godsent; cuddle a little after the sex.

23. Ask them how they feel

This is a great thing to do. Ask simple questions without making them feel like they are being interrogated. Ask if they like how you make love to them, tell them to suggest anything else they would want to be done for/to them. Be open with them. Observe and ask for clarification if you feel that things are getting cringe-worthy. Asking goes a long way in ensuring both of you get what you want.

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24. Relax

Yes, it is a new relationship, do not go into a frenzy or get frightened since you are not used to them. Relax and set your mind for a good time. Sex is not a whole day’s work, do not make it dull by not being yourself. Feel comfortable in your skin and what you are offering. Forget about everything and just think about your lover if you have trouble relaxing.

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25. Be prepared for potential consequences

Getting into a new relationship can be exhilarating and overwhelming at the same time. Having not known your lover for a long time, it is important that you think of the consequences of your sexual acts. Ask the man to use protection. Your health is important, and you want to feel safe even in your intimacy. Use the appropriate contraceptives to avoid unwanted pregnancies. It is better to be safe than sorry.

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The sex tips above should help you as you try out new relationships. Sex is sacred. It is a beautiful thing, especially if the people engaging in the act are deeply in love. Be cautious and plan in advance for everything. Protect yourself too; self-love is attractive. All in all, have maximum pleasure as you get intimate with your partner.

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